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Buy Two Masterfoods Spices, Get One Free Spices at Coles


Coles has a deal on all spices except Saffron. Buy three and get the cheapest spice free.

Great for those who use cinnamon and other spices for Christmas or other dishes. You essentially receive 1/3 off the price of spices if you buy in lots of three.

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    Good deal. Recommend checking Aldi, too. Their range is smaller, but they are larger size (54g) and cheaper. ($2ea) I picked up ground Cinnamon, Ginger and Cumin last visit.


    +1 for Coles, smarter than the average OzBargainer…

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      The owners of Coles are thrifty lot themselves. Almost managed to get away with stealing money they said was going toward drought relief.

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    Do spices ever get much more than 33% off? I can't remember seeing them at 50%

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      If you want discount spices don't buy them at Coles. Your local Asian/medeteranian grocer will likely have much larger qty's at a portion of the price.

      I get mine from Basfoods in Brunswick West although I'm sure there would be even cheaper options…

      From memory I paid about $4 for 250gm of smoked paprika. At Coles it's around that price for 50gm


      Amazon has some "catering" size spices and flavours from Masterfoods fair bit cheaper.

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      It depends on the spices you want.

      I buy the harrissa masterfoods blend. There is no other alternative as far as dried harissa blends go. Harissa is normally in a paste but the paste doesn’t last in terms of retaining flavor once you have opened the tube. The dried harissa spice blend will keep its flavors well.

      There are a few masterfoods blends that are unique to the brand and save time. You could do it yourself however by the time you buy all the separate spices and spend time mixing the right amounts it is just easier to buy the blend. Especially if you are time short .

      You can find the blends here


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    Masterfoods Shaker Fries Charcoal Chicken Flavour Seasoning


    What’s so special about Saffron that it gets excluded? Extra expensive?


    Just curious though if anyone grow spices at home. does the bushfire affect the growing?


    I’m getting 100 points as well, for this deal.


    Seasoning all purpose is the best. I put that sh in everything. Goulash, Bolognese, Schnitzel.

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    IGA have large plastic containers with a green lid GFresh Brand. 80g Cassia Cinnamon (which is not the "real" cinnamon) $3.29 or 0.39c per 10g. They have other large containers of common spices too.

    Coles Homebrand Cinnamon 36g $1.90 or 53c/10g
    Coles Masterfoods Cinnamon 28g $2.60 or 93c/10g

    *real cinnamon is more expensive, lighter in colour, more fragrant, less bitter and sweeter. You'll need to go hunting to find it but there are a few sellers on eBay. Ceylon or Sri Lanka are major growers of this variety.

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      My local Asian store has cinnamon (Cassia) flakes 200g for $3.99 or 20c/10g. If you buy spices from a supermarket chain you're doing it wrong.

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      I've been buying Aldi's ground Cinnamon recently. It seems to be the best value for real Cinnamon from any of the majors.

      54g per jar, product of Sri Lanka, packed in South Africa.

      Can't remember the price but I remeber it was cheaper per gram than any of the options from coles or woolies.

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    Maosterfoods, Imported from china


    if you're a big user, go to any indian etc shop and just buy the spice in bulk- cheaper than this deal.

    bit like buying panadol at woolies vs the cheap stuff.


    spicy deal.


    So is Masterfoods cinnamon real cinnamon? Their site just lists the ingredient as cinnamon.

    I had to buy more of cinnamon quills and bought cassia from the Asian grocer, but that listed the ingredients as cinnamon cassia. So would the Masterfoods one be real cinnamon?

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