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Expires: Dec 9, 2019, 11:59:00 PM
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    Price in title?


    Username of the OP checks out, please "Fix my" OP


    I heard this is not working in China.


    Please do not use NordVPN. There has been a security breach on NordVPN servers which hackers were able to expose usernames and passwords in clear text.


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      That's not true. No usernames and passwords were exposed at all, not sure where you got that from.

      I work in IT (specifically web development). Nord really wasn't 'hacked'. They had a server breach in a single server in Finland, where no unencrypted user data could be accessed. The most a competent hacker could have done with this vulnerability is that they could have potentially performed a man-in-the-middle attack if they also had access to the user's requesting network - very, very unlikely.

      Nord are a large provider and so will have a large target on them. If we rejected all providers with any security issues whatsoever we'd be left with providers with only very small network or providers that don't report security issues. The only security issue of concern here is the time-frame that the breach was reported. It's pretty normal to not report it straight away - you want to be sure that the problem is fixed before you let everyone know about it. But it did take several months, maybe too long.

      There's a fairly unbiased run-down here: https://restoreprivacy.com/nordvpn-hack/

      I'm not suggesting that nord is better or worse than any other providers, but this 'hack' is really not the security issue that many seem to think it is. And for completeness, that article you posted is from techcrunch - owned by Version, who have their own VPN provider - a direct competitor to nord.


    Any CR rep here, how come it's expired well before 11:59pm? Was keen.


    Same deal on now through Quidco