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Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Red, Blue or Brown Switch) $39 Delivered @ Kogan


Greetings everyone, this deal is back again :)

Previously shipping with $5.99 or above, the free shipping brings this back to a great deal.

All Switch types are $39 this time around, which is awesome and all are in stock ready to ship in 1-2 days.


  • Game and code like a professional without the heavy price tag thanks to the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, helping you win every battle with style and ease.
  • 104 backlit keys
  • Outemu Red or Brown switch
  • Aluminium top keyboard
  • Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
  • 13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 Colour Options
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
  • 5 Onboard customisable profiles
  • The Kogan RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a must-have for both amateur and serious gamers, giving you match-winning fully responsive mechanical keys without hurting the wallet.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +5 votes

    Mmm, floating switch to better remove potato chip dust.


    whuch switches are best, coming from Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014?

    • +6 votes

      It's a personal preference thing but gamers typically prefer red (linear) switches, typists sometimes prefer brown ("bump" when actuated) or blue (click). These are not hard rules to follow though.


        For reference, I tried the Aldi/medion blues and own the Hyper X RGB Elite (Cherry Reds). Key brands are obviously different but should yield a similar feel as far as colour goes.

        I had the privilege of comparing blues and reds back to back and although I liked the feel and click of the blues, the reds are a nicer feel overall. Easier to actuate (traditionally less pressure required) and the extra sound damping is welcome overall.

        You could easily get away with the reds in an office environment, not so much the blues.

        I game with mine and the reds are definitely better for it. You can still notice the key press and the difference in pressure required to actuate the key. Reds tick more boxes for sure and for me, bridge the gap between what you'd be used to and going full click madness with blues. They're very comfortable to use.
        Blues WILL be noticed if you're a gamer.

        In saying that, if you're coming from a regular old $20 microsoft/logitech jobby, then pretty much anything mechanical will feel miles ahead.

        Hope that helps.


          You could easily get away with the reds in an office environment, not so much the blues.

          In open plan offices, you can get away with blues too. I do.


            @RSmith: I suppose it all depends how violent you get when (pretending to be) working. Haha

            I'm lucky that it's not a concern I need to worry about (sparky) but I could see how office folk would be annoyed, they can be a precious bunch.


              @db87: Open plan offices are not conducive to working if it requires you to think/focus. The constant noise and interruptions makes it hard to concentrate, especially in a job like software development.

              I have been using my mechanical keyboard with blue keys in the office for at least two years and no one has complained about it even once.


      My suggestion would be try as many different switches as you can in store or at your friends places to learn what you prefer

  • +3 votes

    Damn, wish they'd bring back the one with an inbuilt USB port, perfect when using a wired mouse. Guess I'll just keep using the old one as it's been bullet proof so far (touch wood). Then again, that one was also nearly double the price of this so can't have everything!

  • +2 votes

    Recently went back to using mine at home now that I don't work from home in the bedroom early in the morning. Loud as buggery, but feels very nice when you get used to it.

  • +1 vote

    Do I want a second one….Yes….Yes I do


    I bought one of these(brown) earlier in the year. It's alright but my "e" key only works half the time now, unresponsive usually when I'm typing fast.

    I've yet to make a ticket. Has anyone had experience with returns to kogan?

  • -1 vote

    How do these compare to cherries?

    • +19 votes

      Much chewier and not as sweet.


      They’re acceptable clones.

      You’ll find a million different opinions about “feel”, but my two Outemu keyboards are working fine after one and two years of abuse respectively.

  • +1 vote

    Why is the TKL version $79 :( :(

  • +1 vote

    And now I've bought my first mechanical keyboard :)

    Thanks OP.

  • +1 vote

    Spilled a bourbon on my keyboard this past weekend. This is a good cheap replacement. Thanks OP


    Is it possible to change the keycaps on these keyboards?

  • +2 votes

    Got one last time they were on sale ,would recommend. My first mechanical keyboard and i couldnt go back to a regular one now, just feels satisfying.

    • +2 votes

      If you want to be really satisfied, get a buckling spring keyboard.

      It’s especially good for rage-typing when someone’s wrong on the internet. I keep one around just for that.


        Bucking spring boards are both excessively loud and unreasonably expensive.. fun for the novelty factor though

        • +2 votes

          My Unicomp keyboard came bundled with my “IBM Compatible” PC circa-1988.

          It’s still going strong, although it’s a bit yellower than when it was new. I do, however, have to connect it via an AT DIN to PS/2 adapter, then through an active PS/2 to USB adapter to get it working on a USB port.

          But it’s worth it so I can wake the neighbours when responding to online nonsense.

  • +3 votes

    Got one of these, have to admit it feels very cheap compared to my Logitech mechanical keyboard. But also a third of the price so I guess that’s expected.

  • +2 votes

    It just goes to show the varied experiences with keyboard brands, and it's just not consistent. Here is what I've owned, and what happened to them

    1 - Kogan Mechanical Brown Switch - Still working, around two years old now. Can find on devices that don't give full power to the USB port, it might disconnect from time to time. That being said, has been my son's gaming keyboard after retiring it from my work desk (developer at the time).

    2- Logitech G413 - 5 of the keycaps popped off for no reason, and they have portions of the keycaps left in the socket (not replaceable). Google searches revealed similar issues on this board, but the cheap connection between the keycap and the socket meant that its practically useless now (thought technically working).

    3- CMStorm Quckfire Cherry Red - "O" key died after a year, no warranty support. Throw away :(

    4 -SteelSeries Apex M500 (current board) - Working just fine, no issues.

    That being said, would I purchase a $39 mechanical keyboard over the alternative $39 board that is not mechanical. Not even a question, what is remotely as good as this board for this price?

    Edit: The Logitech G413 was my least favourite experience, but I've always had excellent experiences with other Logitech products (used to use the old G15, along with various non-mechanical keyboards and webcams).


      This Kogan keyboards seems to have some issues with power when the LEDs are on, like it’s leaking power back into the USB port or something.

      With my previous USB hub, I had issue with disconnects, and, most bizarrely, my Kensington trackball would have a high-pitched whine, like capacitor noise, when plugged into the same hub.

      I upgraded to a better-quality USB hub (rather than my previous no-name one), specifically with power isolation between ports, and it’s been solid ever since. And the other peripherals have stopped whining about sharing the same hub.


        Are you plugging it into a USB3 slot? If not, that's why. Every RGB mechanical keyboard I've used has needed the extra power delivery.


          They’re USB 3.0 ports.

          It works fine when plugged directly into the USB ports on the PC, or via a quality (unpowered) hub.

          It’s only when using a cheap no-name hub that it has issues.


    Does anyone else's brown switch keyboard have squeeky noises? I got used to it, but I'm not sure if it's a faulty model.

    • +1 vote

      Does it sound like a spring recoiling? If so, yes. I performed the rubber grommet modification and the keyboard is still really loud (even by mechanical keyboard standards).

      Still though, it's hard to complain at $39 delivered. I've purchased 3 (2 blue, 1 brown) on separate occasions, and the total cost has been approximately half of what a single Ducky One cost me several years ago (worth it though).


        Yeah. Even the next cheapest decent product I know was the irock that msy sold at 70 bucks 2 years ago, and out of three of those that my social circle, 1 broke in a year.

        So hey, 40 bucks in exchange for it to sound like a bed spring getting rusty is definitely worth it.


    How is the backlight switched on/off for this keyboard?

    Currently have a "gaming" one (Cooler Master Devastator 2) that uses the Scroll Lock button which is absolute cr@p if trying to use Excel in less than bright light.


    Anyone tried to swap out the switches on these?

    I've got several hundred Gateron Browns (with RGB LED holes) laying around from a 3D printed ergonomic keyboard I never finished building.


    is there a way to switch off the keyboard when the PC is locked? Its lighting up my whole room at night.


    Are you the postman?

  • +1 vote

    They have changed the designs/manufacture of these keyboards, the one i received from this deal does not feel or sound as nice as the one I got from previous deal. Both are blue switches.

    Also has some other negatives like protruding screws, cheaper braided cable, different font on keys that looks worse and less information on some keys.


    Received a brown switch one today. Coming from a blackwidow ultimate 2016 green switch. I much prefer the brown switches on this, a lot quieter and less actuation force. Also looks a lot prettier with the RGB lights (increases gaming skills +20%). Very happy for $36 with the FESTIVE coupon.