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Intel Core i7-9700K Processor $495.20 | Core i7-9700 Processor $439.20 | Core i9-9900KF $639.20 Delivered @ FTC Computers eBay


i7-9700K is back down to a cheaper price. i9-9900KF and i7-9700 also available at low prices compared to other sellers.

Also the cheapest current generation 8-Core i7 is also available for $423.40: i7-9700F but only 2 remaining. Keep in mind that this one does not come with the integrated intel graphics (needs dedicated graphics card)

Some people have had trouble with FTC computers over long delivery times so keep that in mind. I ordered a CPU last time from them and it arrived quickly though.

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    Yeah, their shipping varies.

    I got my CPU (9900K) 4 working days after order.

    My old man's (9900KF) only got picked up by courier 5 working days after purchase and now it's saying another 3-5 working days.

    I suspect they sell without having the stock sometimes.

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    Beware if you buy. Some bad experiences.

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    I asked this seller a question about a CPU a couple weeks ago. Never heard a response and others too. Be careful of after sales support.


    that is cheap for an i9. You wouldn't dream of prices like that a year ago.

    Funny what a little bit of competition does for you.

    Intel 10nm desktop CPUs to arrive early 2020 supposedly. Going to wait and see if it triggers further price wars.


    Do NOT buy from FTC computers. I ordered an MSI Gaming X Trio 2080 ti. It arrived 2 weeks late and when it did arrived, I opened the package to find an MSI Gaming X Trio 2080 super! Absolute idiots. I am furious, have put a claim through both eBay and Paypal. At this stage I just want my money back, will never deal with FTC again.


    So I have to wait till tomorrow to deposit cash into my bank before I can buy a cpu. So I've checked all day and the entire day the 9900kf has had 5 left, someone bought 2 and all of a sudden it's out of stock.

    No worries they have the more expensive 9900ks with more than 10 available, that listing simply disappeared.

    They have now put the 9700k back up for a higher price of $649 instead of the $619 that was in this deal.

    Idk wtf they are doing but they just lost a sale from me.

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