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[PS4, XB1] Jedi: Fallen Order $55, [PS4] Death Stranding $59, Marvel's Spider-Man $19 @ BIG W

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Price drops for a few recently released games + great price for a game only a year old.

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  • Great deal, wish I could get a digital copy for this price

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      wish I could get a digital copy

      Just right click on the thumbnail and select "Save image as…"

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        Jokes from jv; 50% of the time they work every time.

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          Quotes from theknight27; 60% of the time they misquote every time.

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        Hahahaha give a man to this Oscar!

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      No point tho, unless they make them so you can keep them and use them on ps5. Your really just really renting it

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        Ahhh I never thought of that, whether PS4 digital games will be able to be downloaded and played on PS5. I just kinda expected they would be, not that it bothers me much as most of my games are physical copies anyways. Would be a bit of a dog move if they didn't let you download them to PS5, I mean there's no hardware limitations like PS3 to PS4.

        Edit: they will work on PS5;

        Sony has confirmed that PS4 games will work on the PS5, meaning that the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with the PS4. This means that you’ll be able to download games that you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store on PS4 and play them on the PS5. You’ll also be able to insert physical PS4 discs into the PS5 and play them on the next-gen console.….

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          Most of my ps3 digital ones don't transfer to ps4 they re-released a few of them as ps4 like super stardust ultra that is still 1080p like the super stardust HD on ps3

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            @asa79: Yeh that was what I meant by hardware limitations. The PS3 system architecture was nothing like PS4. PS4 is basically the same as a PC now and Xbox. PS5 will be the same. So porting games between platforms/consoles is not that difficult. Porting a PS3 game to PS4 was not so simple.

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              @Shaun Prawn: ps3 is like a pc, it is yellowdog linux

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                @asa79: And what games could someone play on a 'PC' with yellow dog Linux?

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                  @Shaun Prawn: Well your comment was that the new one is more like a pc compared to the previous one

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                    @asa79: As in a PC that can play games. Since we were discussing gaming related stuff in a gaming related post.

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                      @Shaun Prawn: Ps4 is freebsd…. Maybe you need to read up and understand it by the sounds. It's not like they are going to install Windows or Android tablet on the ps5

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                        @asa79: What are you on about? I'm not talking about operating systems, it's not relevant, I'm talking about the x86-64 processor architecture of the PS4/PS5/xbox's which is the same as modern day PC's that can run windows and play games, and can't run yellow dog Linux. PS3 was a completely different processor architecture and software has to be coded accordingly hence why your PS3 games could not be played on the PS4 with the exception of those that were rebuilt from the ground up to run on PS4. Your comments are only demonstrating that you should do some research. I'm no expert on this stuff but you haven't got a clue.

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                @asa79: You have no idea what you're talking about.

                PS3 was nothing like a PC. It used a custom-designed Cell architecture which requires specially-compiled binaries so it was never going to be compatible with x86 architecture without running via emulation.

                Just because the PS3 could run Linux, does not mean it was the same architecture or code base as a PC. Linux can run on any number of processor types, not just x86 so your comparison is completely irrelevant.

                • -3

                  @trankillity: If it can run Linux it can be used as a pc or server so I think it's you who doesn't know what your on about. Unless your idea of computer is Microsoft Windows and if that is all you know about computers you are very behind

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        Ps5 will be fully backwards compatible. I'm pretty sure they've even announced that quietly somewhere. The only reason the PS3 wasn't backwards compatible with the ps4 was because of how radically and drastically different the hardware is between them. PS4 to 5 is effectively the same architecture just much newer chips.

        I'd bet money on it

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          I doubt it as xbox only did it was to try and get more sales sony doesn't need to

          • @asa79: Microsoft announced a while back their new console will br backwards compatible, Sony know that is popular along with the Ultimate Pass, if their subscription service doesn't transfer along with the games tbey are announcing loyalty doesn't matter. No, they'll do it.

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          Sony have already confirmed a few times that PS5 is fully backwards compatible. You'll be able to use any digital or physical game purchases on the new console.

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            @Agret: That is great news, hopefully they stick with it

    • yeh, give it a month or two… digital price will come down.

      i go mostly digital, but if it cheap enough and not really online dependant, ill get the physical… jedi fallen order and spiderman are worthy of that. death stranding id wait tho.

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    Any notable Switch deals there?

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      Doesn't look like it.

    • Switch were on a different page but no worthwhile deals

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    Many of these titles are much cheaper on Amazon.

    • +1

      Great price for Jedi fallen order though

    • No they're not. But they will be when Amazon price matches.

      • No they're not

        The new Plants vs Zombies game is $10 cheaper at Amazon on both platforms…

        • +3

          That’s weird. I am not seeing Plants vs Zombies being posted as a deal.

          • @therealoptimus: It's one of the games in the link.

            • @jv: Yet still isn’t posted as a deal by the OP.

              • +2

                @therealoptimus: read the description

                • +1

                  @jv: Ahh. Thanks for the clarification. I now see Plants vs Zombies explicitly mentioned. Thanks.

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                    Ahh. Thanks for the clarification.

                    You're welcome.

  • -2


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      in 3 days as above.

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        Just tell her that you are taken already.

      • I didn't see that when I originally commented, but I see it now. : )

  • Nice enough find. Upvoted.

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    $55 not bad for Jedi Fallen Order

    I noticed GTA 5 is still up there on weekly catalog, it's surviving after all these years!!

    • GTA5 still #25 on Steams Top Selling list, expect it to jump up again with the Christmas sale.

    • it has become like a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

    • Sony post the top 10 selling games on PS Store every week on Facebook. Pretty much every single week, GTA5 is still in there. I really don't know how this is possible - I can only assume that people are creating new accounts so that they can buy it again :P

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    Race with Ryan doesn't get a mention?

    • +3

      GOTY right there

    • +1

      And it's positioned as the premium Kart racer price-wise over CTR and Sonic.

      Where it belongs

  • +2

    Anyone know some good specials on good Nintendo games somewhere?

    • Gumtree.

      • -1


    • depends on the games.

      Gamesmen had a good price on the new pokemon game the other day when i looked.

  • +2

    Dope. Picked up a copy of Jedi for the missus for Christmas, but the cheapest price at the time was 69, guess who's returning and price matching at EB in a couple days.

  • sweet just in time for DS… Been playing octopath for far too long xD

  • Is Death Stranding any good?

    • +3

      This story is interesting, but the gameplay is pretty much a walking simulator. You delievering packages to different places. There are action parts, but not that many. I would suggest watching some videos before buying. Or to save you money if you want, you don't have to. You can just watch all the cutscenes as one movie.

      • +2

        Cheers. I saw some videos and they looked really repetitive.

    • +4

      I'm personally addicted to it. It's one of those games where you will either hate it or love it, imo.

    • +3

      I've enjoyed it but would also recommend watching some gameplay to know what you're getting yourself into. It scratches an itch I didn't know I had.

    • +4

      It's an incredibly rewarding and immersive experience if you have the patience for it. It's like a AAA game version of Twin Peaks season 3

    • +4

      This is a great review of it

      • Great review. Surprisingly the game looks far worse than I expected, and I was expecting bad….

      • Ok yeah nah, keeping my money after watching that. Super funny though

      • That was so funny. Thanks for posting it.

      • This was my experience:

    • I'd say it's a very good game that isn't for everyone.

      I absolutely love it. It's a patient game, different to a lot of stuff that I've played before.

      If you're looking for a goofy, fun, action-heavy game, or a 'new Metal Gear', Death Stranding definitely isn't it. But if you're in the mood for a somewhat-relaxing, thoughtful experience with an incredibly strong sense of progression, it's worth trying.

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    $49 for Crash Trilogy is a bit odd, it's almost 2.5 years old (or I guess 1.5 for Xbox and Switch) at this point and it launched at that price at a fair few stores on all three platforms (I got my PS4 and Switch copies both on their respective Day One for that price)

    • +1

      CTR Nitro Fueled is cheaper($45) and it is a more recent release than the trilogy

    • +1

      $38 at target still

  • +7

    Wreckfest is great fun, worth a buy if you like arcade racing!

    • just really miss the days of splitscreen arcade racers, woulda bought it in that case

    • Dropped $10 from the Black Friday deals also. Wonder if I should pick it up now or wait for another price drop?

    • +1

      Very much a try hard for 10 laps, then on last lap random accident, so you restart race kinda game. I didn't mind it but it got frustrating very quickly.

  • No console deals? I missed the black friday one, not sure when I'm gonna get a new deal.

    • +1

      Boxing day sales, maybe? Although questionable whether the deals then will be better than the black friday ones.

    • Here are the console pricing in this catalog

      Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Download $429
      Nintendo Switch Lite $298

      XBOX One S 1TB + Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order $319
      XBOX One S 1TB (Gimped all digital version, no disc drive!) + Sea of Thieves + Minecraft Starter Collection + Fortnite DLC $269

  • +2

    spiderman deluxe was just on sale in psn store for like $30… includes all the dlc, which is like $15 or so on its own..

    death stranding deluxe digital was just on sale for $84

    id bet money most of these will be heavily discounted digitally by christmas or early jan…

  • -1

    Can anyone post a picture of the front of this catalogue? Nowhere on the deal image dooes it actually have the dates.

    • +1

      The post says, "In 2 days".
      Also the deal details has "12–24 Dec".

      • -4

        Yes, but none of these things are verified via the image that was supplied. I could say that this deal is valid in 12741 days and you'd have no way to know I wasn't lying.

        • +2

          Why would someone lie? They have the catalogue.

          • @theguyrules: Sorry - not so much concerned about the lying, more just not wanting to go into Big W tomorrow and it not actually being on sale. And likewise, proof needed for price matching.

    • Here's the whole catalog scanned…

      If you go through to the next page (53) it says that Playstation Hits titles will be $17 too which is great

  • +2

    Its already tomorrow now. When do these 'tomorrow' deals start working?
    My mistake, I forgot here in SA we permanently live in yesterday.

    • As per the post details the catalog runs 12-24 Dec

      12–24 Dec Tomorrow

      I'm surprised the post hasn't been updated with a better quality photo though.…

      Here is the page from the catalog, if you go through to the next page (53) it says that Playstation Hits titles will be $17 too which is great

  • And people say pc games are cheaper. You gotta laugh

  • paired it with buy $70 get $10 off. fallen order and spider for $65, fair deal i guess.

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