Joining Fee of $55 Waived (Roadside Assistance from $9.99/Month for 12 Months) @ NRMA


$55 Membership joining fee for roadside assistance currently being waived. Nationwide, new Members only via the linked URL.

Offer valid until 30 June 2020.

Join NRMA roadside assistance and save $55 for a limited time. No joining fee. 12 month term. Min cost $119.88 when paying in monthly payments or $113 if paying annual sum upfront.

Please note that NRMA roadside assistance only services NSW and ACT, however our partnerships mean you'll be covered across Australia.

More info on the levels of cover can found here

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    Any deals for existing customers? I’m up for renewal but there’s not really been anything to keep me with NRMA really.

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    I feel like $120 is a lot for roadside assistance. Isn't the base level racq like $90?

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    Waving a fee to pay money what a noval idea. It's like the gyms joining fee, it only there so they can waive it to look like they are giving you a good deal.

    I stand of this $120 "deal" you can try this $49 (or under $40 when on sale and with cash back)


      Thanks. Just bought Groupon voucher. Far cheaper than NRMA.

      I had good and bad experiences wit NRMA. Changed battery twice. First time no issues. Second time, the person scratched the headlight by dropping screw driver and did not connect the turbo air pipe after changing battery.

      Got a check engine light while about to start a trip to Tasmania from Sydney. This caused stress until I could find a mechanic who was willing to check it on Friday before last years Christmas.

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    Love how they charge you a tax to spend money on their service.

    It's like having a shop, but the customers have to walk over broken glass to get to the register to buy your products. Then on occasion it's like "this weekend only were covering the broken glass with a rug!"