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Bonus $20 JB Hi-Fi eGift Card When You Purchase Norton Mobile Security for $16 from JB Hi-Fi


You're basically getting $4 for free

Purchase Norton Mobile Security (3 Devices - 12 Month) from JB Hi-Fi for $16 and get a bonus $20 JB gift card. All digital downloads so you don't even need to visit a store.

T&Cs / Redemption via Norton

Only 1 per person!

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    • (1) rebate claim per person, and three (3) per household or registered business address.
  • In order to redeem your offer, please ensure you:

    have installed and activated an eligible product. If you need help confirming this, please see FAQ
    have your 25-digit product key from your newly purchased product. If you’re having trouble finding this, please see FAQ
    live in Australia
    are not an employee of Norton and their immediate families, retailers of Norton products including retailer staff, agencies or anyone connected with the administration of this promotion
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      Edit oh no way, yea you have to install it. No way I'm doing that.

      The Offer is claimable via online redemption to NortonLifeLock™ via the www.norton.com/au/JBNMS website. No postal claim option is available. Multiple claims cannot be made for a single valid purchase. The Offer is not transferable or exchangeable.

      To claim the Offer online from NortonLifeLock™, the claimant must first install and activate their purchased Norton product with Symantec after 6:30am AET on November 25, 2019 and before 11:59pm AWST December 31, 2019 to enable automatic validation of their claim. Claims after December 31, 2019 will be deemed waived by claimants. The claimant must then visit the www.norton.com/au/JBNMS site, and follow the instructions to enter a claim via the NortonLifeLock™ Online Redemption Centre. Online claims will be accepted until 11:59pm AWST on December 31, 2019. If Claimant wants to bridge existing subscription and new subscription, the Claimant must still install and activate their purchased Norton product, claim the Offer, and then contact Norton Support to assist to bridge the two subscriptions.

      • Why no way?

        • +10

          You would have to factory reset your computer to fully remove it. They are basically just wanting your data, probably installing spyware of a certain kind.

          • @onlinepred: Thanks, I'll probably pass on it then.

            EDIT: Yeah, its on Mobile not PC which makes it worse

          • +1

            @onlinepred: This is for smart phones not PC.

          • +11

            @onlinepred: Naa you install it on a virtual machine/Windows sandbox, activate then trash it haha. Simples!

            But is all that worth it for $4?

            • @incipient: Yeah, not worth the $4 tbh.

              If you didn't have to install it and just redeem then I'd bother

          • +2

            @onlinepred: Baseless accusations.

            • @Diji1: Based on previous experience, I can't say for this version. One of the initial versions installed a call to home service that constantly reported phone stats back to Norton. I removed the app, and found the service remained. Their PC software is even worse. I have no idea if they fixed the android version. After that I would never consider another Norton application.

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            @onlinepred: Just install it in a VM, then delete VM after :)

  • +59

    This deal confirms you couldn't even pay me to install this bloatware on my device.

    • Whats wrong with it?

      • +19

        Norton. Enough said.

      • +5

        When norton used to be on every computer… it legitimately ran 50% slower just by being on. I turned it off and that was over 10 years ago.

        • +1

          It really bogs down the system fkn straight to the trash can

      • absolutely Norting…. Haha… :(

    • +2

      Yeah. I have a number of spare mobiles in a drawer I could put this on and then wipe, but for $4? The ozbargainer in me is saying why not, but nah.

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    You don't need this.

    1) As long as you don't download and install apps from other sources, you're safe.
    2) Android also has anti theft (google find my device or even Samsung's own)
    3) Clearing out ram does nothing but lower your battery life
    4) This thing is always running in the background so this is draining battery
    5) Browser protection can be enabled via Private DNS setting in the settings (you can use adguard or quad9)
    6) You're probably sharing your info with Norton so there goes some of your privacy.

    • But Google/Samsung won't give me $4.

      • I forgot. Yeh buy all 3 and install on you xiaomi/sharp phone. Ez Pz 12 bucks

    • -1

      1) As long as you don't download and install apps from other sources, you're safe.

      No you aren't although that removes an attack vector and is good advice.

      • -1

        See my comment on the other person

    • So news just days ago of Google removing infected apps that had already been installed million of times means those millions of people are safe?

      • -3

        I can see where your argument is heading, it's pointless. Have a good one

  • +7

    I have used Norton 20 years ago and learnt my lesson. Never more.

    • -3

      Windows ME was terrible 20 years ago too, but things have changed. Norton has been one of the better security suites for a long time on PC.

      • +3


      • Maybe, I will never know.

        • +1

          Then your comment based off 20 year old tech is as irrelevant as it gets.

          • -2

            @LowRange: Who gives a shit? Enjoy your Norton good luck

            • +1

              @Laziofogna: You do since you are finding comments i posted weeks ago and writing "Not relevant" on all of them. Haha sad…

      • +1

        Antivirus are really good at slowing your device down and completely ruining the user experience. Unnecessary these days imo

        • +1

          Yeah but so are viruses :P

    • +1

      Same goes with McAfee. They seem to be in some sort of competition between each other to see who can bloat a PC or phone the most.

    • Which alternative did you decide to go with? Thinking of picking another antivirus software

  • +2

    Could you use BrowserStack so you don’t have to install on your own device?

    • You could probably use Nox

  • +2

    only use windows defender

    • +3

      For your phone?

    • +4

      Nice, I use Common Sense.

      • +1

        Is it free or on sale? Link please.

        • +8

          If you don't have Common Sense installed yet then you need to blame your developers. Many people blame the patch releases that come over the years but the problem lies with the original root.

        • It is very hard to find the genuine article these days. Many vendors claim to have it but it turns out to be cheap dodgy rubbish. If they end a sentence with "…it's just Common Sense" you should avoid buying what they're selling.

  • +1

    I would not even bother if it was $20 cashback. Not worth my time.

  • +2

    Anti virus for your phone…
    Can I get it for my car and my toaster too?

  • +1

    Jb gift card is not cash. What are you going to buy with just a $20 card ? Movies ? Games ? Amazon has completely killed them in those area.

  • +5

    20 bucks to infect my phone with AIDS. No thanks

  • +2

    Norton..! I have fond memories of wiping the hard drive, reinstalling windows multiple times just to get rid of beloved Norton antivirus. Never again, No thanks.

    • A (profanity) up here says we are crazy and not relevant in avoid Norton

  • I'd pay $20 not to use this garbage

    • +1

      Happy to help. I accept cash or PayPal.

  • +4

    The world: You'd literally have to pay me to use Norton

    Norton: Ok then.

  • +6

    As a person who works in I.T, its odd seeing Norton still getting a bad rap from 15 yrs ago, i too hated norton in the 90's and early 2000's, but i gave it another shot for PC in about 2012 and its surprisingly good. I honestly haven't noticed any system impact on resources and it doesnt really disturb me. If i want to un-install it, it goes away, etc.


    Win10 Main page:


    just my 2c.

  • Renews Automatically each year

    A gift that keeps on giving.

    I might have put it on an old phone that I don't use any more but they're not Android or iOS.

  • +2

    I Think you can get 5% off(80cents) with code 92VQBC4L93Y74S

  • Norton software was good but went progressively downhill after Symantec acquired the company in 1990, and was probably at its worst around the 1998 to 2000 period. Norton AV has recovered in the last 5 or so years to be a stable/lightweight AV solution.

  • I didn’t think it was possible but this app literally crashed my iPhone every night. Every morning I had the message “iPhone has restarted”. Problem went away after I uninstalled the app.

  • Anyone received the gift card?

    I couldn't return it to JB, as per them it does not come in 28 day policy because it is digital product. I end up in installing it today in an old iphone.