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Samsung Evo Plus 128GB Micro SD Card $17.80 + Delivery ($0 eBay Plus) @ FFT eBay


Might be the lowest price for this micro SD card.

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  • Kicking myself a bit, i bought a 'silicon power' one from amazon last week for $22 as I needed it for the switch from black friday :P
    From a speed perspective, it seems the silicon power is right up there, but not sure I trust it as much as samsung or sandisk. I don't have ebay plus either, so ends up being a bit more expensive in comparison.

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    Just note that FFT has slow shipping…I'm still waiting on my order from 29th November…

    • my last order from them was on the 21st Nov and delivered on the 26th Nov

    • Same here. I am also waiting on my order from 29th.

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      Drop us a line on eBay and our customer support team will look into it. :)

      • Just arrived this afternoon.

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          wow they are fast

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    $15 for postage?

    • "Delivery ($0 eBay Plus)" as per heading

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        i.e. ebay plus is a scam allowing sellers to add a $15 postage charge. Should order one and see if they actually send it with $15 postage; I would expect to receive it the same day for that price.

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          Pretty sure it'll just come in a standard envelope as the package is so thin.

  • Price match in OW ?

  • I was just thinking about buying a new SD card for my tablet… Thanks for this!

  • What's the difference between category 3 and 1?

    Switch needs category 1 doesn't it?

    • U3 is faster than U1.

    • +3

      U3 is the newer of the two. The U1 and U3 designation signifies its guaranteed minimum transfer rate

      U1 means that it is guaranteed to transfer at a minimum of 10 MB/s whereas U3 it's guaranteed to transfer at a minimum of 30 MB/s.

      • U3 vs SanDisk Class 10?

        God this is confusing! I just want a good cheap card for my switch.

        • I wouldn't be too worried about the read write speed for the switch. It's more important for things like recording 4k footage in cameras and drones.

        • Class 10 is min 10MB/s. It's what they used before they came up with the U terminology.
          See the comparison table under https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SD_card#Class

        • +3

          U3 means minimum writing speed of 30MB/s, Class 10 means minimum writing speed of 10MB/s. As for your switch, I would recommend getting a U3 even if the switch cannot write at that speed.

          Reason: There is no harm in letting your switch be the limiting factor. MicroSD card will keep getting cheaper and this is dirt cheap. Why save $2-3 for a slower card when you can future proof yourself. If you one day get a drone, upgrade a device, you can re-purpose your MicroSD card for something else. Drone,GoPro,Phone,DSLR,Switch,3DS.

          Only reason to choose a slower speed is the price, but they are getting so cheap nowadays, there is little reason to get a slower speed card

  • will this work with a BLACKvue dr750s?. only asking cause i'm new to dashcams and will be getting one next week

    • This card will work but I strongly recommend getting the Samsung PRO Endurance card if you're using it in a dashcam. I've had a BlackVue for about four years and the standard cards would always die after about six months. Last thing you want is to need the footage and discover the camera didn't work. Mine didn't fail completely either, you'd just get gaps of a minute or two where there was either missing recordings or zero byte files. 128GB Samsung PRO Endurance is currently $57.17 at amazon.com.au

  • thanks. Pulled the trigger and signed up for the $39 ebay plus + $50 gift card so i could purchase 2 of these.

    • I signed up for the $39 ebay plus, but got billed $48.99. Did that happen to you?

  • This deal is back. Bump up the post. Coupon is not required.

  • Just saying from past FFT card sent - check the SD card sent for authenticity.

    • What are you saying, have you received fake cards from them before?

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