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60% off + 6 Months Free Web Hosting on 3 Year Plan (Premium $154.80 / Business $300) @ MyWebhost


Use code "SAVE60" on checkout to receive 60% off and 6 months free hosting on either the Premium or Business Plan for a 3 year plan

Premium Hosting Plan
Normally $464.40 for 36 months
Discounted to $154.80 for 36 months (save $232.20)

Business Hosting Plan
Normally $900 for 36 months
Discounted to $300 for 36 months (save $450.00)

Server Details:

Free Auto-SSL with LetsEncrypt
Unlimited Bandwidth*
cPanel pre-installed
Shell access
Installatron pre-installed
Daily back-ups
Daily malware scans
PHP 5.3 - 7.3 available
Email hosting available
Migration Support (Contact customer service)
Back-up Restore (Contact customer service)
Malware cleaning service (contact customer service)
Worpress/Magento support (contact customer service)

If you have any questions please let me know - Our email is contact@mywebhost.com.au

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    Looks like this offers similar to hostinger, but for "$10" a month instead of 80c lol


      Hi Ryan,

      Our Premium plan is comparable to their Premium Shared Hosting, not their $0.80 plan

      Our plan works out to be $4.30 (AUD) a month and theirs $3.15 (AUD)

      The only issue, none of their servers are located in Australia, which are usually more expensive. Your load times are going to be incredibly slow and your support isn't local.

      As you can see MyWebhost.com.au loads in 1 second - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/mywebhost.com.au/B9mg1Y3v

      Their website loads in a whopping 4.3 seconds - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/hostinger.com/edLjDIha

      It's up to you if you want to support local business or a company overseas.

      If you have any more questions let me know



        As a website designer I personally love how you worded that to make it sound like you were much better.

        The initial response time for both tests using my own computer in Australia came up with ~50ms to connect to hostinger and 24ms to your server page. As for the gtmetrix data, yes hostinger don't have the best website so it takes longer to load.

        Please, for the sake of your integrity, don't try to compare server speeds and response time by using a gtmetrix complete load time as that is being greatly misinterpreted.


          Hi K1LL3R12,

          I was attempting to make a comparison based on server location in a way someone could interpret without any development knowledge.

          This is a trickling affect though, yes the TTFB may be 50ms and our server at least half of that, but for every request you're at least doubling your response time.

          If I was to request five files in a row, in order, each would take a specific time to then load the next as the first request needs to complete.

          In regards to your load, if we were to get technical - Ping ns1.hostinger.com and you'll see 223ms for initial response. Then ping ns1.mywebhost.com.au and you'll see 14ms.

          I understand your point and appreciate the feedback but once again, this is an Australian host and not an American host.

          Thank you

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