OzBargain 2019 Christmas Donations - $32,670 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 18 Dec 2019

Poll has finished and we have 767 unique commenters in the comment section of this post. That means an extra $7,670 going to the donation — making the total $32,670. I will be distributing this to the top 6 charities voted by the community ($5,445 each), which would be

  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council
  • RSPCA Australia
  • Salvation Army
  • Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia

2019 Xmas Charities

I'll try to all that organised before Christmas. Thanks to all who have voted and commented!

Hi everyone! It's something that we have been doing for almost 8 years. Every June and December OzBargain will donate to charities that our community members suggested and voted for. We've donated more than $260,000 to charities around Australia over the years, and for this Christmas I have set aside $25,000 to the top 5 charities. Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10!

Update: We have reached 50 suggestions so we won't take any more. However you can still vote and comment.

The workflow will be similar to last year's:

  1. Check whether your favourite charity has already been suggested (they should be alphabetically sorted under Poll Options). If it has, vote it up! Otherwise you can suggest it by posting a top-level comment (i.e. not replying existing comments)

    Suggest a poll option

    If you are suggesting a charity, please provide a link & 1 or 2 sentence telling us what the charity does. It would greatly help other OzBargainers making decisions.

  2. Even if your preferred charity has been suggested, leave a comment and let us know! Remember every unique commenter on this thread will add an extra $10 to the donation.

  3. The poll will run for 7 days. After the poll expires, votes will be revealed and the top 5 charities will be sharing the pool of donation of AUD $25,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. For example if 500 OzBargainers commented in this thread, we will evenly distribute $30,000 to the chosen charities.

    I am also putting a cap of maximum 1,000 commenters, making the cap of the donation at $35,000. If we can reach that level the donation will be shared with top 7 charities from the poll (still at $5,000 each).

Which charity should I suggest?

  • It must be a registered charity eligible for DGR (deductible gift recipient). That would unfortunately make NPOs like Wikipedia & Sea Shepherd ineligible.

  • As we are OzBargain, it would be great if the charity is Australia based or benefits Australians.

  • There are many worthy charities. However as it's for Christmas this year, let's prioritise on charities working on social welfare.

  • I will also close the suggestion feature after we have reached 50 charities.

To get started, I have included top 10 most voted charities from last year's poll. Suggestion & commenting starts today (11 Dec) and will close at 12PM on Tuesday 18 Dec. I will then work out the total amount of donation we will send to the charities, and hopefully get all the donations made by Christmas 2019.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions seem to get asked every year…

Q: Can we get a detailed information about each charity, i.e. the percentage of the donation that actually gets to the cause?

A: See this comment by toniyellow, ChangePath lists out charities with how they score in Transparency, Financial Sustainability and Privacy. Thanks also to psyren89. You can search on ACNC on how charities distribute their funding.

Q: I made a suggestion in my comment but it did not show up in the poll?!

A: All new suggestions have to be manually approved by the moderators, and depending on the time of the day there might be some delay.

Poll Options expired


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    Poll has finished and we have 767 unique commenters in the comment section of this post. That means an extra $7,670 going to the donation — making the total $32,670. I will be distributing this to the top 6 charities voted by the community ($5,445 each), which would be

    • NSW Rural Fire Service
    • beyondblue
    • Cancer Council
    • RSPCA Australia
    • Salvation Army
    • Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia

    I'll try to all that organised before Christmas. Thanks to all who have voted and commented!

    • I suggested the NSW RFS in 2016 "https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/282403?page=2#comment-4277970" but there wasn't much support back then.

      Amazing what a few more days of smoke in the air does to raise the profile of these hard workers (often volunteers).

      Well done and Merry Christmas to all.

  • +12

    To get started, these are the top 10 mosted voted charities from last year.

    I won't paste in the descriptions here. Worthwhile to click through to find out.

    • +5

      That's actually top 11, but no biggie. :-)

      • +11

        Pssst. Now everyone knows I can't count.

      • +5

        Given scotty's background in computing, I think he starts counting from 0.

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    • Insert miscellaneous $10 comment here

    • Can I tax deduct $10 for making the donation through OzB?

      Just kidding. +10.

    • I think that it is great to have the top 10 or 11 uploaded to the site. However, lets give the smaller organisation a boost this year, they are also worthy of receiving some money. It would be good to spread the money/votes around to other organisations that are not so large. For example some of the smaller animal rescue orgs.
      Just sayin'.

    • Please don't support the Salvation Army.

  • +3


    Lol at the neg, how about reading this point:

    Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10!

    • commenting for extra $10!

      • I support this comment… lol

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          I support this supporting comment.

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            @fratzhaus: I support this supporting comment supporting another comment

            • @Songy: I'm confused about this comment, but feel I should participate.

              • @Fysh: I not sure but I am here to support previous comments.

    • Me too get me that extra $10

    • +$10

    • yep

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    • +$10!

    • Yes to another $10!

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    • 10bux

    • Woohoo!

    • Add another $10!

    • Unsure why you're getting negged, but I'm here for the extra $10 donation!

    • Commenting for +10 :)

  • +91
    Suggested NSW Rural Fire Service

    Link here: https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/volunteer/support-your-local-brig...

    Tax deductible over $2.

    For obvious reasons that they're risking themselves to stop NSW from completely burning to a crisp and for the most part are volunteers too.

    • +13

      +1 for this because so many people don't realise how much they rely on the community. Having had a bushfire <30m from my home (different state) and previously volunteering with the fire service years ago food and accommodation from the community was essential.

      • +1

        anyone see this post:

        Whilst the volunteers obviously do not get paid. The RFS is funded quite well through insurance levies, council rates and both the state and federal governments.

        There are plenty of organisations involved in the emergency situation who get no funding.

        I say this with a lot of inside knowledge as a volunteer for 20 years and salaried officer of the RFS for 15.

        • +1

          I was speaking from my experience outside of NSW in places where there is less funding. Still there is a lot more that could be done for the RFS.

        • +1

          I used to work in a call centre fund raising for the RSFA. They often totalled the highest donations out of the few campaigns we worked. I believe it was the Nsw RSFA though. So like Clear said, the other ones might be underfunded. I wonder if the money went to the volunteers to help out with compensation for days they took off work etc.

    • +1

      Got my Vote!

    • The only one that matters for now and I wish it will get the majority of donations, as the fires pose a huge risk to people's lives right at this moment!

      • +2

        And flora and fauna ! ( Plants and animals )

    • +2

      While it angers me so greatly that they've received funding cuts, I feel we need to do this for their efforts.

      • Perhaps a sizable donation from OzBargain will get the government's attention?

    • This one gets my pick too

    • Amen. I heard some of these volunteers aren't even equipped with proper masks despite being at the frontline.

      • +1

        And SCOMO does not want to spend any of "his" precious money, because he is so adamant of having a budget surplus.
        If he would renounce to his Sunday Roast, which by looking at him must be quite sumptuous, there would be plenty of money for some much needed equipment.
        That backstabber absolutely disgusts me.

    • +1

    • Great suggestion. Although technically should be government funded.

    • +2

      +1 from me. A real shame that private citizens need to fund remediation for government incompetence.

    • Yep I agree!

    • You got my vote.

    • some context sourced from here,

      The NSW RFS was created as a direct result of the 1994 bushfires. It should be noted that a predecessor to the RFS did exist back in 1994 - the NSW Bush Fire Service; however the RFS is a more centralised and better co-ordinated organisation compared to the old NSW BFS, due to those lessons learned in 1994.

    • Yes!

    • +1

    • It's great to see Scotty/OzBargain do this every year.

      With the recent events, my vote is for the RFS and the unsung volunteer heroes.

    • +1

    • +1 and +$10 - Thank you to all service men and women

    • +1 for this

    • My vote and +$10

    • Great suggestion. They've worked tirelessly to ensure that we are safe.

    • Agreed!

  • +6
    Suggested Yellow Ladybugs

    This one is actually suggested by Admiral Ackbar who PM'ed me 2 weeks ago after my AMA. Here's the website, and from the Admiral's PM:

    YLB is a volunteer parent-led charity which organise events for young girls and women on the Autism spectrum. A lot them, due to their condition are shunned and not invited to birthdays, parties etc, and this leads these girls further to isolation, depression, anxiety and sometimes suicide. The events we organise help these girls connect with like-minded girls, increase confidence and make feel that they are important and part of a 'tribe'.

    YLB also release publications to raise awareness about Autism in girls/women, as a lot of these girls are never diagnosed and never receive the early intervention they sorely require.

    • Scotty, I put ACF in the Suggestion spot and commented, it's not showing as a suggestion (unless I'm mistaken). Just FYI

      Okay it shows now

      • +2

        The suggestions need to be approved by moderators, which are manually done.

        • +1

          Yep sorry - I jumped the gun

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  • +16

    I think the RFS and volunteer fire services need a good helping hand this year

    • Cant agree more.

  • +9

    I voted for the NSW Rural Fire Service, but acknowledge that other fire services from other states have been assisting, and that Queensland has also been affected.
    It is a real shame that we have to even consider donating to support these volunteers.

    • Agreed. State funding shouldnt be supplemented by donations. Who cuts funding with this kind of warning?

  • +5
    Suggested Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

    The ACF are an extremely important conservation organisation that work against pollution and destruction of the Australian environment. They are responsible for amazing accomplishments such as:

    • Obtaining a World Heritage Listing status for the Great Barrier Reef.
    • Obtaining a World Heritage Listing status for Kakadu National Park.
    • They are responsible for the banning of mining on Antarctica.

    A very important organisation - I donate monthly to them.

  • +3
    Suggested The Butterfly Foundation


    Did you know eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness? Without treatment, 20% of people with serious eating disorders die. The Butterfly Foundation provides help to sufferers, their families and campaigns for increased community awareness and government support.

  • +8
    Suggested Australian Red Cross


    A good 'one stop shop' to support the fire-affected states, not just NSW in particular

    There's a few others mentioned here also

  • +2

    These are all great charities, but this year I'm supporting the RFS

  • +2

    So many deserving charities; I love this initiative.

  • Great cause!

  • I have no suggestions but here is $10.

  • $10!

  • +1
    Suggested Make-A-Wish Australia


    Make-A-Wish partners with sick kids, their families and medical teams to grant wishes as unique as the children who imagine them.

    Hope I've done this correctly for my suggestion to be considered.

    Thanks again for this initiative. This is the part of OzBargain I look forward to every year.

    • am i evil for laughing at the people who rather donate to cats and dogs, than to sick children? (┬┬﹏┬┬)

      • Maybe one of the children will create a cure for cancer. Despite being statistically unlikely. I'd still rather donate to cats and dogs over children any day.

        • Don't care if they cure cancer or not I just want them to live their lives and have the choice to walk the path they choose. Not strapped to a hospital bed with a tube thru their nose.

          Why would you animals first? Let me know

          Saving someone's child would make a greater impact imo

  • Great work!

  • $10

  • Thanks for your generosity Scotty!

  • Thanks Scotty!

  • Thanks Scotty and team!

  • +10

    Merry Christmas Ozb :)

  • +3

    30 seconds of my time for $10 to charity works out at $1200/hour.
    Totally worth it.
    Salvos everyday.

  • yay

  • Suggested Rare Voices Australia

    Thanks Scotty, great effort from the team!

  • yay

  • good work

  • Great initiative as always. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • omg that time of year again

  • +2

    Lots of great charities but my vote goes to Fred Hollows Foundation. There are people out there living blind because they can't afford the $25 it costs to restore their vision or don't have access to the treatment. This really puts into perspective how much you can positively impact someones life with only a small amount of money (to us).

  • Very generous.

  • +1

    Nice work Scotty ..