OzBargain 2019 Christmas Donations - $32,670 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 18 Dec 2019

Poll has finished and we have 767 unique commenters in the comment section of this post. That means an extra $7,670 going to the donation — making the total $32,670. I will be distributing this to the top 6 charities voted by the community ($5,445 each), which would be

  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council
  • RSPCA Australia
  • Salvation Army
  • Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia

2019 Xmas Charities

I'll try to all that organised before Christmas. Thanks to all who have voted and commented!

Hi everyone! It's something that we have been doing for almost 8 years. Every June and December OzBargain will donate to charities that our community members suggested and voted for. We've donated more than $260,000 to charities around Australia over the years, and for this Christmas I have set aside $25,000 to the top 5 charities. Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10!

Update: We have reached 50 suggestions so we won't take any more. However you can still vote and comment.

The workflow will be similar to last year's:

  1. Check whether your favourite charity has already been suggested (they should be alphabetically sorted under Poll Options). If it has, vote it up! Otherwise you can suggest it by posting a top-level comment (i.e. not replying existing comments)

    Suggest a poll option

    If you are suggesting a charity, please provide a link & 1 or 2 sentence telling us what the charity does. It would greatly help other OzBargainers making decisions.

  2. Even if your preferred charity has been suggested, leave a comment and let us know! Remember every unique commenter on this thread will add an extra $10 to the donation.

  3. The poll will run for 7 days. After the poll expires, votes will be revealed and the top 5 charities will be sharing the pool of donation of AUD $25,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. For example if 500 OzBargainers commented in this thread, we will evenly distribute $30,000 to the chosen charities.

    I am also putting a cap of maximum 1,000 commenters, making the cap of the donation at $35,000. If we can reach that level the donation will be shared with top 7 charities from the poll (still at $5,000 each).

Which charity should I suggest?

  • It must be a registered charity eligible for DGR (deductible gift recipient). That would unfortunately make NPOs like Wikipedia & Sea Shepherd ineligible.

  • As we are OzBargain, it would be great if the charity is Australia based or benefits Australians.

  • There are many worthy charities. However as it's for Christmas this year, let's prioritise on charities working on social welfare.

  • I will also close the suggestion feature after we have reached 50 charities.

To get started, I have included top 10 most voted charities from last year's poll. Suggestion & commenting starts today (11 Dec) and will close at 12PM on Tuesday 18 Dec. I will then work out the total amount of donation we will send to the charities, and hopefully get all the donations made by Christmas 2019.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions seem to get asked every year…

Q: Can we get a detailed information about each charity, i.e. the percentage of the donation that actually gets to the cause?

A: See this comment by toniyellow, ChangePath lists out charities with how they score in Transparency, Financial Sustainability and Privacy. Thanks also to psyren89. You can search on ACNC on how charities distribute their funding.

Q: I made a suggestion in my comment but it did not show up in the poll?!

A: All new suggestions have to be manually approved by the moderators, and depending on the time of the day there might be some delay.

Poll Options expired


  • Voted Yellow Ladybugs as we enjoyed Love on the Spectrum.

  • Good stuff ozb

  • Thanks to Scotty and the team at Ozbargain.

  • Thanks Scotty

  • Thanks Ozbargain.

    I chose the Prostate Cancer Foundation, but all are great causes.

  • Really great initiative!

  • 10

  • All are such great causes - well done Scotty and Ozbargain.

  • Can I suggest Happy Tails Animal Rescue, they rescue and rehome at risk and neglected animals and also provide a safe place for animals while their owners are fleeing domestic violence. They are registered and have DGR status.

  • Hope the money will go to the right hand, or left hand…

  • Thanks for everything :)

  • Merry Christmas Everyone

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  • What a great cause. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks OzBargain

  • Great work, and well done!

  • Yes please to support NSW Rural Fire Services, they are doing an amazing job, thank you

  • Great Work

  • Really great initiative!

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  • Good cause

  • +$10 Thanks OZB/Scotty

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  • Press F to Pay Respects

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    If enough of us comment is there a chance we can bankrupt OzBargain????? (thanks for the +10$)

  • Thanks OzBargain, some great causes there, was hard to choose one.

  • Another $10 :-)

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  • R U OK

  • Thanks OzBargain. Glad my membership of this site does some good in the world.

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    Thanks scotty/mod team/OzBargain for doing this again!

  • Another vote for Red Frogs Australia. Legends.

  • :)

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    Weather it is better to vote for a cause in the bush
    Or alas poor Yorick I know not,
    Is it nobler to watch the 3 witches on Netflix

  • Merry Xmas

  • Good work OzB!

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  • It’s Christmas
    Everyone needs dinner

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  • Yay Pets Of The Homeless!

  • Chipping in another $10 to the donation kitty

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  • Royal flying doctors! As some one who
    Ives and works over 1000kms from a hospital in any direction they earn every cent!

  • A great cause, and glad that even a simple comment can help!

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  • Thanks for doing this, and for involving us in it as well. Helps keep things in perspective!

  • The quick brown (or otherwise) Ozbargainer jumped all over the lazy deal.

  • great stuff Scotty, thank you!

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  • I was looking forward to this post all year!

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  • The lost dogs home - look after our four legged frienfs

  • Thank you for your generosity scotty and the OzBargain team!

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  • I had no idea this has been going on for 8 years. Good work guys!

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    I just wanted to come by and say thank you OzB for donating for charity :D

  • Happy to see Kids with Cancer Australia in there. Thanks OzB for donating. Great initiative.

  • Thank you Scotty & OzB! Love you guys!! A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all of you!!

  • Legends

  • +$10 for charity!!!

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  • Just doing my 2 cents for another $10 for the kiddies (matching with my own donation).

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  • $10, throw it in the pot!

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Some great charities in here :) Glad to see this comment will help support them.

  • Thank you, Merry Christmas

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