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Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Mixed Reality Headset w/ 2 Wireless Controllers $374.82 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Remember to use Shopback's 12% cashback to bring it to $329.84 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/504986

3K anti-sde AMOLED display (2880x1600) with wide 110O field of view

Easy setup process, leveraging inside-out tracking (no additional tracking equipment necessary)

Access to Windows mr store and steamer libraries for thousands of games & experiences

Premium, built-in AKG headphones w/360O spatial Sound and Mic

Adjustable headband, now 10% lighter with improved comfortable materials

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  • Good value.

  • Any OzBargainer personal reviews?

    Thinking of getting this for beat saber

    • Find $300 more and get the Oculus Quest. You'll thank me for it.

      • Oculus quest is worth it?

        Its almost double the price

        • +31 votes

          I own the old Odyssey and the Quest. The Odyssey has many better features when comparing:
          + Resolution on PC VR titles
          + FOV
          + More comfortable for long play sessions
          + Extremely easy to use as Windows 10 has it's integration built in.
          + Sim racing and flying games, this is the best hands down.

          The Quest is a beast though:
          + Mobility with no wires (Cannot stress enough, it's another level going wireless)
          + Tracking and tracking volume is much better than Odyssey (more cameras and dedicated processor onboard)
          + Recent addition of PC VR support (works unbelievably well but res is definitely lower when directly comparing)
          + Future updates (maybe wireless PC VR, hand tracking etc)
          + Cross buy with Oculus Rift games (not all but quite a few) along with SteamVR etc

          The above is a quick comparison but if you can afford it, the Quest is the better choice for value and future extensibility. If you cant afford the extra, the Odyssey is a fantastic entry into the market. If you're a sim person, Odyssey is the hands down winner though.

          • @RJ021: Always wanted to know the latency

            • @Bargain4Days: Latency is there but is greatly reduced thanks to oculus processing on both ends. It’s to the point where on link even down to as low as a 1050Ti I don’t notice it on beat Saber. This is using a USB 3.0 link cable from Kmart.

          • @RJ021: Great summary. I was just lazy

          • @RJ021: The lenses on the Oddysee are garbage compared to Rift, what is the point of blurry higher res? It's a bad product IMO.

            • @Diji1: I’m not sure what you’re referring to. If it’s the SDE reduction in the lenses on the plus model then I can’t comment. My original Odyssey is crystal clear when the IPD and headset fit is properly adjusted. There is a sweet spot on these lenses that has to be spot on.

          • @RJ021: Another downside for the Oculus Quest and Rift (for some people - others might not care):

            if Logged Into Facebook, Oculus VR Data Will Now Be Used For Ads


            Now people will be be prompted to use the Facebook account for “existing social features like joining parties, adding friends, and visiting other people’s Homes” and Facebook accounts are now tied to services listed below through Oculus VR headsets:

            “Chats, so you can message your Oculus friends in or out of the headset with quick responses to hop into games together”
            “Join your friends in VR directly from any device with links that open to where your friends are within an app, and see the most popular destinations where people are playing in VR”
            “User-created Events, so you can organize meetups or multiplayer games with friends”
            “Share photos, videos, and livestreaming to Facebook, allowing you to share your favorite moments to Facebook Groups from VR”
            “Parties that any of your Oculus friends can join (previously parties were only invite-only)”
            “Messenger friends can easily join you in VR when you send them links to join you where you’re playing”

            Source: https://uploadvr.com/facebook-ads-vr/

        • Quest is worth it. Even better now with Oculus Link. Can be Untethered or Tethered if you have a gaming pc, or just a peace of mind and play anywhere you like without cords.

          • @Jackkkkkk: Absolutely it's worth it, but even tethered, it can't stack up to the Rift (so I'm told).

            Say, for sim racing, you're definitely better off with the Rift. That's the trade-off.

            It all depends on what you want out of it, but a tethered Quest is not equal to a Rift or CV1.

            • @imurgod: Can't really tell the difference tbh

            • @imurgod: unless you're nickpicking with graphics, you're better off with index in that case. Having the option of pc gaming is a great plus

              • @Jackkkkkk: Of course it is, but it's not nitpicking. Most proper vr games don't work on quest. It's more the casual stuff. Try assetto corsa competizione or project cars 2 and you'll see what I mean.

                The indec is great but much, much more expensive. Just about every review says the rift s is the sweet spot.

                Different styles for different folks. Depends on what you need.

                I'm deep in sim racing and nobody uses quest at all. It can't do the job.

      • Strongly disagree. That's a huge price difference if you don't know you'll use VR often, and this is still better for sims / sit down games

      • 72 fps VR, low resolution screen… $300 more.

        Why would you?

        • for the untethered experience

        • The ability to actually move around untethered is incomparable. Even when I was in China playing VR with the special setup that has a cable hanging from a battle station above you, you get 10x more freedom with the Quest. Being able to duck and swoop around in the living room, then being able to pack it up and play elsewhere within minutes. This experience is something you can share anywhere and you don’t need to buy a $1k+ VR capable computer. That is why there is the $300 difference is completely justifiable.

          • @ATangk: There's no doubt I would prefer the untethered experience. But I think I will wait for the 2nd revision or a product from a competitor because there's a lot of room for improvement in the specs.

            It's weight distribution is very front heavy, battery life is not great, CPU is 2 years old, and the refresh rate is only 72hz. I think they can knock it out of the park with a 2.0 or 3.0 but right now it isn't at the level I would want it. And if you're going to end up upgrading again later, may as well save $600 and skip one revision.

            What I would really like is a successor to the Gear VR but with all the tech of the Quest. Instead of paying for an obsolete mobile CPU, let me use the CPU from my phone (we don't have to use the phone's screen, it should have its own built in screen still) so then when I upgrade my phone every 2 years, I will have an upgraded VR experience instead of needing to buy a new headset with another irremovable CPU in it which will become obsolete again. This would save me a lot of money because everyone upgrades their phone every few years, but no one wants to buy a new Quest every few years. If it can borrow the processing of your phone, you won't have to pay double for the processing and upgrades will not come at additional cost.

          • @ATangk: I'd rather not vomit and then have that vomit uploaded to Zuckerberg

        • The quest has a higher resolution than this? Lol. It also has a slightly higher res than the rift s. 2 x 1440 x 1600.

          Custom ipd is worth it's weight in gold.

      • LOL tethered, PC powered VR is much, much better. You can't run anything serious on a Quest, but the stuff you can run on it, is great too.

      • save an extra 3k and get a valve index and a 2080ti

    • For anyone looking to get into VR, you cant beat the Odyssey+ at this price point. I think this is the only WMR headset with custom IPD (distance between your pupils) too.

      You can also get 2 months free on Viveport (superscription VR games service).

    • I have WMR and got heaaaaps of value out of Beat Saber. Get some way of managing your cable (mic boom stand or something similar) maybe but don't worry about that until you try it. Seems like a dumb thing to say but just in case you have not make sure your computer is VR capable

    • Had the original, don't get it, lenses are awful and WMR is a poor substiute for oculus or Steam. Rift is same price and much better.

    • Its blurry with a gtx970 .. now i have to upgrade to up the supersampling /resolution

  • I already have a HTC Vive (original). This should be a decent upgrade for the headset only right? You can still use the lighthouses for tracking?

    • pretty sure the odyssey+ can use lighthouses

      • The Odyssey+ itself doesn't use Lighthouses, but some people have reported success with playing games with an Odyssey+ while using Vive Controllers tracked by lighthouses. Honestly you don't really need them. It can still achieve 6 degrees of freedom with positional tracking etc, using inside-out tracking. It isn't as accurate as using lighthouses, but it works pretty well

    • I don't find it that much of an improvement but yeah you can

  • I've seen this get thrown around as suggestions for Sim Racing, anyone used it for that purpose?

  • How does this compare to PSVR? I've got a PSVR + PS4 Pro but am thinking of trying out PC VR

  • I didn't think these windows mixed reality headsets were still going. I presume they are less demanding on hardware compared to the top models?

    • It greatly depends on what games you play. Headset runs at 90hz natively so you just need a modern GPU that can push out enough pixels to match.

      Beat Saber can run on potato PC's with even just a dual core processor and 8GB of RAM (an old Dell Optiplex with a cheap 1050 could run it), but many upcoming VR games require a high end system to run smoothly.

      HL: Alyx for e.g demands a middle of the road GPU with at least 6GB VRAM, but 16GB system RAM is recommended.

      • Thanks, had originally received an initial HP model or something years ago but have always experienced nausea in different circumstances so always was skeptical to give them a proper go.

        • It takes time to get used to VR. I bought a Lenovo WMR headset from JB HIFI and it stayed in storage for months, before I gathered the courage to try it out. I could only handle playing it for 20 minutes at a time before I got really sick.

          5-6 months later I can handle playing VR without any 'comfort' handicaps like teleporting or vignetting for hours at a time, so there's definitely a break-in period for everyone.

  • Paid about $600 for this a year ago and can recommend. Using it with a Razer Core X housing an RTX2080 hooked up to a Dell 9560 via the TB port. Immersive!

  • When possible, go wireless. Perhaps go the extra for the Quest.

    • Personally I would opt for resolution / clarity over wireless every time.

      • You obviously haven’t tried wireless VR then. The immersiveness of going wireless way way outweighs that of slightly better FPS and better resolution.

        The whole premise of VR is that you feel ‘in the moment’ but with a cord always dangling around your body, it just isn’t the same.

        • slightly better FPS and better resolution
          This is completely off, the graphics on the Quest used wirelessly are a massive downgrade for many titles compared to a PC headset

          • @Merlict: If you have the funds for a vive with wireless adaptor then that'd be my recommendation. I can't imagine the visual improvements of the index would make me want to go back to a wired experience.

            The wireless adaptor was easily my favourite purchase this year.

        • The graphics contribute to immersion too.

          How well do you think a Snapdragon 835 can power two 1440 × 1600 screens at 72 hz? There will be a huge downgrade in visual fidelity in order to accommodate this.

          • @lostn: How well? I own a Quest and absolutely prefer it over the wired VR systems. Graphics is something you cannot compare if you haven't got a wired VR headset side by side to compare, since you get so lost within the actual gameplay.

            • @ATangk: Youtube VR enthusiasts who have both have compared them and say the same game looks far worse on Quest than on a PC VR system. I don't have to see it for myself. I take it from them.

              If some day VR games (which already have simpler graphics than non VR games) were to become more realistic in graphics like say a Doom or Red Dead, the disparity between mobile SoC and GTX/RTX + i7 would be even more massive.

              I'm happy that you prefer it. I will wait for at least one upgrade in specs before I jump into wireless VR.

              • @lostn: If winning the game hardware of the year isnt enough to convince you over some random people you watch online for entertainment, then it just seems you'll be missing out. But there is no need to claim the SD835 is 2 years old and thus automatically makes it a poor investment. Utilising an older SoC means that they have had time to optimise it for the hardware and software alike. Power isn't everything, especially when you look at 3-4 year old iphones that are still running smoothly.

                • @ATangk: That's cause iPhones raw performance has always been far ahead of Snapdragon chipsets. The quest is good for where it's at but it's a different experience.

              • @lostn: Oh it does look worse. but the quest can plug into the PC and look the same. I still prefer to play quite a few games with quest graphics over having the cable.

                The PC vr experience is also just in general more buggy and finicky.

        • I started off with a Go and moved up to a Dell WMR headset and even though its tethered, is a considerably better experience. Your play spaces are often limited and with the WMR, there are literally only 2 cables (tied together) to plug in. Once you pay ~$20 for extension cables, the tethering doesn't bother you anymore.

          • @sheepdog: Well… With the quest I don't only have to play in the bedroom or whereever the computer is. I can play in the living room. And my friends living room. In the garage, or even outdoors. Some games benefit from having a huge 5 x 5 playspace.

            • @ATangk: I use mine with a gaming laptop, so I too can take it where ever. I agree that it makes it a lot more a social experience and since WMR takes about 10 seconds to setup, I pretty often take it with me. Managed to put the laptop, controllers and laptop in a single backpack and take it with me on a weekend away with mates when we found out it was going to be terrible weather.

      • Have you tried the Vive with the wireless adapter. I've been very happy with my Vive since release, and I bought the wireless adaptor this year, and it's an absolute game changer.

        I wouldn't buy a wired VR headset again.

  • I own the non + model and it's brilliant. Have tried this and it's even better. Great for race Sims.

  • can it run the same games as Rift, Index and Vive, or does it have its own specific games written for it as a platform?

    • There is a Microsoft VR store that is rubbbish and has nothing on it, 99% of games on Steam will work.

      There are some issues like it showing the wrong controllers in VR but nothing game breaking.

      • is the VR store (and its games) a metro app? The only metro app I allow myself to run is Edge browser.

        • What you see on the desktop is what you will get on Mixed Reality. The Store app appears as a stand alone floating window and you can download, install or uninstall any app from within it.

        • You will 100% only be buying steam games. If the game works for Vive, it generally works with WMR with very few exceptions. Often the only issue is that the instructions on screen or the visual models you see in VR will be those of the Vive.

  • Is this AUD or USD?

  • Thanks OP, glad I waited a while for a deal.

  • I was about to buy but then free delivery doesn’t happen to mid Jan and I’m away then. Pity. Not paying $50 for expedited shipping.

    • Dude just buy prime for like $7, then cancel auto renew and Expedited shipping is $0. I actually was gonna paid $35 for standard ship but then realized "just buy prime dude" LOL. There is going to be tons of XMAS deals on Amazon soon anyway. Get Prime.

  • Nevermind I am tired, it is AUD.
    I bought one. I was waiting for a deal on Oculus Rift S but… this was too good to pass on. It was on sale even lower but when Half Life Alyx was revealed, it sold out really fast. Thanks for the deal submission OP.

  • I want to buy this to play VR games for the first time ever, just wondering if my PC is good enough?
    I mostly want to play Boneworks, porbably HL: Alyx, Superhot and some other first person games, and VRChat on the side too.
    My specs are:

    CPU: i7-7700HQ
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

    Should I not even bother with VR games or is my laptop good enough to enjoy most of VR at acceptable graphics quality and FPS?

    • I have struggled with VRChat on a GTX 1060 3GB due to hitting VRAM limit.

      Superhot and Beat Saber should be fine.
      Your GPU might struggle with HL: Alyx and Boneworks.

      • Is there any way to reduce the display resolution to get more FPS, or is the resolution always locked down to the headset's resolution?

    • I think GTX 1060 above required.

      • Will the games straight out refuse to start or will they just run slower compared to 1060?

        • Just too slow.

        • @Blue Cat Consider buying a RX 580 8gb. It will surely be much better / enough for VR. RX 580 is the minimum card needed and in general much better than a GTX 1050 Ti 3GB. Just make sure your Power Supply supports enough Wattage and has the proper needed 6 or 8 pin connector.
          Wait until Xmas Tech deals, you'll be able to get a good brand RX 580 8gb card for like $200-230 AUD I reckon, maybe lower (normally costs around $260-300 aud)

      • Yeah my 1060 3gb is really struggling, don't think you'd have a great experience with less