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Hi Everyone.

I am looking for a super fund that is ethical and offers great returns. I don't want my money to be supporting arms so this rules out any company including banks which own stocks in arms companies. I really don't want to be invested in supporting wars anywhere.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  • Which banks own stocks in arms companies?

  • I would like to find out. I'm doing research right now. This one doesn't own them.

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    If I could find a fund that deals with blood diamonds and arms sales I would sign up.

    I just want them to make money, I don't really care how.

    • Mexican drug cartels would also be quite lucrative

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        High volatility and competition risks, as well as compliance costs make them less attractive.

        I guess if you had an index with all the major cartels, or structured your investments to mimic that kind of mix, you'd be able to hedge some of that risk.

  • Which Vanguard index fund does this please?

    • VESG

      Sorry, brain not engaged. It's an ETF but I'd think there would be a way into it via a fund.

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    "I really don't want to be invested in supporting wars anywhere."

    Better stop paying taxes then. If you figure out how let us all know will ya? :)

    • Good question.

    • Thanks. Any idea how long this has been around? What kind of returns are on offer?

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        I don't know specifics (I'm not with them but if I was looking for a fund they'd be the first place I check) - but I know of them at least around 10 years, and plenty of my friends / acquaintances say they're happy with them.

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    Invest with my superfund. tshowSUPER

    Our mission is to make your money solve ethical dilemmas.

    Whilst other superannuation funds promise and may even deliver good returns, we go to work. We work hard to ensure you know your money is in hands, not arms.

    If you're thinking, "wait, this sounds too good to be true", we think your thoughts are valuable. We listen because listening is what makes us more than a fund. It makes us super.

    tshowSUPER. The super choice.

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      shut up and take my moneeeeeyyyyyy tshow

  • Australian Ethical Australian share fund has outperformed over both short (1-3yr) and long periods (10yrs)

    • Is there a super fund I can get this through?

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        Looks like they have a super fund you can sign up with directly.
        And the performance of their 7 investment options are here.

        Also, the Wikipedia article on them has this mention:

        The MySuper product, the Balanced option, has outperformed its performance objectives for five years and returned as at 30 June 2019; 7.9% p.a. over 5 years and 6.8% p.a. over 10 years.

        When I looked into MySuper, there is an Ethical investment option (presumably invested with them).

        So, alternatively, you could just get into MySuper and select the Ethical option.

  • I really don't want to be invested in supporting wars anywhere.

    It isn't war if it is done in self defence.

    • It isn't self defence if there is no - literally no - aggressor. When they positively identify "Terror" - whoever that is - maybe then they can start calling it self defence.

      • Hook, line and sinker

  • Check out Nucleus wealth . They have a few ethical choices and good returns .

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    I don't want my money to be supporting arms … I really don't want to be invested in supporting wars anywhere.

    Forget worrying about where to invest your money & start worrying about your incredible naivety.

    Your naivety will make you a potential victim of psychopaths, because psychopathic people search for victims who they know will not fight back.

    You need to open your eyes to the world, and understand that there are some very nasty people out there, and you must absolutely learn to understand the danger they pose to you & learn to be able to fight back if you come face-to-face with one of them.

    • Actually it's more I don't like weapons to be sold to repressive regimes, psychopaths, etc.

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    First State Super's Ethically Conscious investment option does well and the fees are reasonable (but still more than the growth option) and FSS is moving away from other "questionable" investments in their other investment options.

    If you have an SMSF then you could buy vanguard VESG through that.

    Finder, Canstar, etc all have lists of the ethical funds.

    I've found the purely ethical funds are too niche and lack the size to keep the fees low but the returns before fees are generally on par with the Growth Option.

  • Unisuper has two or three ethical streams from memory. When I last did the sums the middle of the road and aggressive options were both performing better than equivalents elsewhere, and fees lower than the niche ethical places.

    Obviously go and run your own due dilligence and look at the latest performance info.


    There was also a write up last week about this topic which had quite in depth reporting. I just can't find a link at the moment

  • You can choose any fund you like, and elect Cash investment only… if you want 0.3%.
    Or you go Global, particularly Asian, and get that underground bunker much much faster.

  • Nucleus Wealth is a bit different, rather than excluding everything, you go through and choose which sectors/industries you want to exclude.

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      It sounds like a scam.

  • Is investing in pokie machine manufacturer considered socially responsible investment?

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