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70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P GPS ADAS Cam Car DVR Voice Control 24H Parking Monitor 140FOV WiFi - $95 Delivered @ GShopper Amazon AU


5 Million Super HD Pixels: SONY's top-notch recorder image sensor, IMX335, 2um super pixel point, opens a new chapter of quality recording video.

24 Hour Parking Monitor: keep your car on all the time.You can continue recording in stop-mode with g-sensor support for latency and motion detection.

1944P Blockbuster Level Recording: equal to about 2.5 times of 1080P, the details are clearly presented, and the picture quality is always outstanding under cloudy and sunny days, and clear record the overhead tunnel changes and goes through.

Dofog Algorithm/Automatic Fog Removal: through dynamic change of image contrast and brightness, so as to achieve the effect of automatic fog removal, is more clear and transparent shooting painting.

Intelligent Voice Control: The switch screen can be controlled by powerful voice control when you want to take photos and record videos. Wonderful voice control can add to the fun of driving.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can the sound (i.e. startup and shutdown chime)on this be completely turned off?

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      Yes you can

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    It says no GPS in the customer review

    • That's for a different product. They have three variants listed and two for the pro.

      The review was for the other product listed with pro with an uppercase P and this one is the one with lowercase p. As these are different variants that review likely doesn't mean anything.

      The subject says GPS so you could argue for that module or return to Amazon.

      Colour: 70mai Pro
      No gps module, can’t connect with the app
      It came late than expected delivery and it doesn’t include the gps module in the package although it says gps module included on the add.

      • A “pro” model and a “Pro” model?? Clear as mud!

        • Once again for the people that cannot understand variations of products.

          There are three products listed on this page. Two pro units and another. The review taking about the GPS was for the other pro unit.

          This is common on many pages on Amazon where they gave multiple variations of products like memory cards etc. You have to look at the review and see which variation it was for.

          In this case the review was for the "Pro" not this one being sold with the label of "pro".

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    Questions and reviews state this does not include GPS

  • Amazon description doesn’t mention GPS module being included.
    Reviews clearly show that module not included, but some suppliers include.

  • thanks guys modified the desc.

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    Bought one last week! Wifi connection between iOS app and camera is totally HOPELESS - DOESN'T WORK!!!
    Unless you are happy take the microSD card out and plug into external device to view recording. If you do that then the recording do not show you GPS and speed at time of recording.
    I didn't read app review for iOS "70mai" prior purchase and this is my biggest mistake.

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      FWIW I use android and the app works fine. Default setting is for the wifi to be disabled on the the dashcam on startup - I've left it at that and just manually enable it when I want to suck a video off it. Yes, if you have the GPS module it only shows the speed and location info when playing via the dashcam or via the app, but apparently the option to save the info to the video is planned to come in a firmware update. Speaking of which, it's up to V1.07 now - mine came with V1.05 installed, and worth updating as can now toggle the logo off as well as increase the length of videos from 1 to 3 mins.

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    Bought this on the last deal for 99.99 came with GPS unit.

  • It's coming up as $95 when I click the link.

    • yes price went up to 95 now

    • i saw this yesterday at the last minute at $90 incl delivery… it seems bump up another $5 now.

  • Anyone know where I can buy the 'car charger and cable' that would work with these?
    Got 2 for my other car, got hit last night and when I tried to extract the footage, found out 1 of them hasn't been charging and battery was flat so no footage…
    Have tried multiple charger and cable this morning and none of them work with the dashcam

  • So it's with gps or not?

    • The first image of the unit says "GPS Module Included" in red. I would say it does and hold them to it.

  • I saw a youtube comment that the video only records 1-3 mins per file. not in 1 continuous file.

    • Correct. This is normal for dash cams. The issue was with the older firmware fixed to 1 minute. It now allows you to choose 1, 2 or 3 minute long files.

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