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Free Google Nest Mini for YouTube Premium / Google Play Music Subscribers (AUD Subscribers)


Opened up the YouTube app and was greeted with this offer. Available for YouTube premium and Google Play Music subscribers.

Try your luck with this old link. Several users have reported success. (Thanks to R3XNebular.)

Terms and conditions

Promotional code offer is provided by Google Australia Pty Ltd and subject to the following terms. Offer must be redeemed by 6.59 p.m. AEDT on 24 January 2020 or it will expire. Available only to users who are current paid members of individual plan, student plan or family plan, including head of household and dependants, of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music on 4 December 2019. User's membership must not be in a paused state. Each promotional code is valid for one redemption of a Google Nest Mini and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. Google reserves the right to modify these terms as needed.
To redeem your promotional code, visit Google Store URL and enter the promotional code during checkout to receive a discount in the amount of the retail price plus taxes, if applicable, on a single Google Nest Mini. Promotional code discount will be applied at checkout. If you access the Google Store by clicking on the redemption email or in-app notification that we send to you, the promotional code will be applied automatically during checkout. Promotional code must be redeemed by 6.59 p.m. AEDT on 24 January 2020 or it will expire. Promotional codes cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availability. Credit card entry may be required for redemption. Google Nest Mini can only be redeemed and delivered to Canada, Australia, Japan and parts of Europe. Delivery and handling costs are included. Google Store Promotion Code Terms and Conditions apply.

Update: Australian account required. Users paying in overseas currencies don't appear to be eligible.

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      don't see anything about this in the T&Cs

      Read again.

      Available only to users who are current paid members of individual plan, student plan or family plan, including head of household and dependants, of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music on 4 December 2019. User's membership must not be in a paused state.

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      Available only to users who are current paid members of individual plan, student plan and family plan head of household of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music on 12 September 2019.

  • Thanks. got one.
    I am the AU user with family subscription. This is actually the second free google mini from Google as I got one from Google One promotion inthe past

  • +2

    No love for g suite once again…

  • +2

    I am not a subscriber to either service but just followed the link in OP and checked out for $0

    • what the? Lucky B…

    • How? Mine just says "not eligible"? Which link did you use?

  • +1

    Damn it worked

  • Got one, Cheers!

  • Thanks. I didn't have any pop ups but I clicked the other link you provided and it worked. Cheers

  • Got one, cheers

  • Never got the email but was able to redeem from the link. Thanks!

  • Link worked, cheers 🙂

  • Thanks

  • never got email but i tried the link and it work for me thanks

  • awesome. worked with the link. Can't say no to free.

  • never got the email but got one! cheers

  • Wow thanks for that it worked

  • Thanks OP and R3XNebular. Worked!

  • Holy cr4p it worked. Thanks!

  • Worked for me. Thanks.

  • Thanks
    Linked showed up redemption code for me
    Still have one in a box from previous 'spotify' promo's overseas, but free is free

  • HELL Yeah - got one for me and 1 for my wife

    • on youtuev family!!

    • Do you and your wife use separate subscriptions? Or just the one shared family plan? Just wondering if you somehow bypassed the 1-per-family restriction.

  • Sweet, worked for me, thank you!

  • Link worked for me - thank you OP and R3XNebular!

  • Thanks, worked for me. Now I can compare it with the older mini.

  • +11


    • So just to confirm, you had just one family subscription, and it let each family member get the offer? What steps did you take exactly to get the offer? Just trying to figure out why it worked for you but not other family subscribers.

      • +3

        worked for at least 4 of the members of my family one
        each just went to that link while logged into their own google account
        job done

      • +2

        Everyone just went to the link on the main post and it worked.

        I'm not sure what we did different or whatever but everyone got orders through and everyone got order confirmation

  • Link worked ! Thanks OP! Also glad I saw the other comments and will be switching to the Indian subscription ASAP

  • +1

    What do people use these for? Is it an always on, always listening device? Don't think I like the sound of that.

    • +1

      I have similar concerns about these.
      This one has a Microphone switch at least…

      Even then, I'm likely to put it in the shed only as a smart speaker.
      I'm not too concerned about it hearing my cussing if the microphone switch is faulty!

    • +1

      What phone do you have?

  • Link worked for me. I got one, even though I have a few already sitting on the bench unopened!

  • link worked!

  • Thanks OP, that link worked for me. Second Google Home Mini claimed for free this year, haha.

  • +7

    I am proud to be an Indian subscriber the true OzBargain way. :)

  • Just got one now by clicking on link. still works

  • I was eligible! Yay! Thanks:)

  • +1

    Can I skip the one month trial so I can get on a paid subscription today?

  • +1

    Wow, every member of my family was eligible so far! Thanks for the link.

  • Thanks OP, the link above worked for me

  • Worked for me ! Ordered =]

  • Clicked the link and I wasn't eligible :(

    Wonder if me being on Gsuite makes any difference? I've been a subscriber (Australian account) for a long time. Alas!

    • Being on G-suite generally makes you ineligible for everything and incompatible with the entire rest of Google. We constantly get shafted by giving them money. It’s so strange.

      • Yeah, I'm still waiting for Calendar integration for the Assistant.

  • wow…wow…wow…

    Old link worked for me.
    Thanks OP. Christmas gift sorted

  • Didn't get a popup but clicked the link and was able to redeem.
    Free mini and free shipping is cool.

    Aus Google Play Music subscriber with a Google Home floating around

  • Cheers!

  • second link worked for me. Cheers!

    • second link? which one?

  • Awesome, I didn't get the deal in the YouTube app but I did get it through the link. Thanks team

  • Sweet! No notification but I was eligable for one. Long time YouTube subscriber though

  • +1

    Vanced works a treat

  • Awsome, worked cheers.

  • worked!! Thank you

  • Worked, cheers OP!

  • +4

    And now I feel bad for not being eligible for something I didn't even want in the first place anyway. :-/

  • +2

    i cant get this cos i screwed them on the india vpn. looks through comments to see if i can screw them again for a google home mini

    • Tried, no luck even through chat. Tried with a another google acc with a trial no luck either…

      • Lolz that's tha spirit. I screwed them too and now it's their turn.

  • Worked well. We got two on our family plan thanks heaps OP

  • +1

    Worked for me by pressing the blue button. Dont enter the code you get.

  • +3

    I now have more minis than eneloops

  • +2

    Thanks OP, super deal… All members in the family group got the offer!

  • Well this rules. Dunno what I'll use it for, but hey, I'll figure something out.

    Thanks op

    • +1

      Sell it on Gumtree or at the office

  • Got one, thanks op

  • Worked for me, thanks OP.

  • Not eligible :(

  • According to chat, the countries eligible are: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.
    not india or russia im afraid

  • +1

    Thanks, got one for every member of my family plan. Some even with a different address.

    • Edit: nm

  • +1

    This is great.

  • Thanks OP, worked like a charm!

  • Just Redeemed 5 of these from the 6 Family members under google subscriptions only one user was not eligible, So Excited to receive them.

    • wait, what? how?

      • just click on the link man if u r elibile it will apply the discount right at the checkout.

        • that's how i got my one, but you are saying you were able to get 5 for the family members?

          • @axel32: each of his 5 family members google accounts clicked the link also

            • @SBOB: Cheers, working so far!

    • I was able to redeem 2 out of 3 account.
      For the account that didn't work, it went to the final step but when I pressed "purchase" button, it was giving me an error.

    • Link in main post worked for all 6 family members.

      Teenagers were reluctant due to their concern about it being an unnecessary purchase that will damage the environment.

  • Worked via the link for me, thanks OP!

  • Thank you thank you thank you. Did not know about this and now have a free mini. Some lucky person is getting one for Xmas now.

  • +1

    As a non-Indian Indian subscriber living in Australia, the discrimination is real.

  • Link worked for me too. Thanks again

  • …adding to the many 'worked for me' responses :)

  • +3

    Has the link worked for any Indian subscribers? If not, I am baffled by how many people are actually paying the full price for this service.

    • I'm on $8.99 student plan which to me is great value

  • Worked, lets see if they end up shipping it :P
    Thanks for the great find!

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