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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dashcam $279.96 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Apusexpress2 eBay


Cheapest so far I think, killer price for a real 4K dashcam. Best money for bucks from reviewers. Used their A119 series and more than happy with the result, perfect time to grab for Christmas.

Seen few reviews online which compared to top quality 4K blackvue dr900 and thinkware U1000, A129 pro turns out to be the best recording quality among them but lacks of cloud services and few other gimmicks. also u1000 can do rear 2k whereas A129’s rear does 1080p. Overall, if you considering value for money factor, A129 wins hand full.

Here is a brief comparison of them all:

A129 Pro Duo($279) : front 4K+Rear 1080p, dual band Wifi , Bluetooth, buffered parking mode, GPS, 2.0” screen, maximum 256GB memory card.

Blackvue DR900 ($800 range): front 4K+rear 1080p, dual band WiFi, buffered parking mode, Gps, no screen, cloud service (require incar hotspot wifi connection), maximum 256 memory card.

Thinkware U1000 ($800 range): front 4K+rear 2k, WiFi (not sure if dual band), buffered parking mode, GPS, no screen, cloud service (require incar hotspot wifi connection), maximum 128GB memory card, ADAS/LDWS/FCWS, thinkware connects(incar wifi hotspot required), thinkware camera alert.

Full reviews: blackboxmycar

Full review 2nd: lifehackster

Review 3rd: essential RC

Now, happy shopping

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    Nice post thanks for adding reviews, will peruse and consider.

    Has anyone had to claim warranty on a viofo unit and can share their experience?

    What would be the least invasive/safest method to "hardwire" for parking mode?


      Yep they are pretty good with warranty but you have to send the camera back to China so it costs about $20. Then wait for return. Usually 3-4 weeks for a replacement unit.

    • -5 votes

      Best method of hardwiring IMO is using this


      There are a few guides on doing it from a quick google search. But if you have had experience with crimping and wiring before, just cut the 12v cigarette socket off of the dash cams power cable, use the wire to connect to the fuse tap ive linked. Red to red, black to bare metal in the car somewhere (i found a bare metal bolt in my fuse box to connect it to, via crimping a circular connector to slip over the bolt.

      • +11 votes

        ust cut the 12v cigarette socket off of the dash cams power cable, use the wire to connect to the fuse tap ive linked

        Be careful, don't do that. Dashcams run off 5V. The 12V to 5V converter is in the cigarette plug. If you cut off the cigarette plug (or the USB plug) and connect that to the fuse tap you linked, you'll be sending 12V into the camera's 5V input and blow it.

        You need to insert a hard wire kit which contains a buck converter after the fuse tap you linked to step the 12V supply down to 5V. Alternatively you could take apart the 12V cigarette plug adaptor and hardwire the cables directly to the PCB.


          100% true Eug, I see read so many odash cam owners blowing up their devices doing it this cheap hack way.

        • +2 votes

          To add, there's an official hardwire kit made by viofo if you want to ensure compatibility


            @djprima: Unless they've fixed it those hardwire kits are useless. They appear to work but they don't deliver consistent enough current so the thing will reboot itself every 30 seconds or so (prefaced by some graphical glitches making the image appear wavy/staticky). When I was installing my A119 I thought it was just my dodgy wiring job but there's a ton of stuff online to confirm it.

            I investigated better solutions but in the end I just bought a $5 cigarette-usb plug off ebay which I pulled apart and hardwired into the car. Then I plugged the cam into that and it worked a treat. Cheaper than the hardwire kit too!


          With the hardwire kits, I am reading that they need to plugged in directly to the dashcam and not into the GPS unit.
          Does this make the GPS unit unusable?

    • +1 vote

      My faults with the Viofo were usually fixed by a software update.

  • +1 vote

    Very well written post.


    How does the rear cam wire up?

    • +4 votes

      Unless they've changed it for the 4k model, it comes with a super long usb type b mini that goes from the front cam to the back cam.

      You can't plug them in separately even if you have a power source in the back as it needs access to the storage (micro sd) on the front unit.


    Damn , what sort of Micro SD you have to put for 4K…..loool…probably 512GB will have to record 15mins only and loop again!!!

  • +3 votes

    I have one of these. Beautiful low light performance, but mine has failed I think due to heat. Just not suited to a car parked in the sun in Brissy.


    Can’t fault my A129 Duo. Currently hardwired into the fuse box and works perfectly with the voltage cutoff switch. I would highly recommend this way as it’s neat and works flawless when turning the car off and putting into Park.

  • +1 vote

    I installed a A129 Duo a few months ago. After reading a few forum posts I also used the Viofo hardwire kit and it's relatively painless with a few handtools.

    I know 4K is the bees knees nowadays but is it really necessary? How big a memory card would you need for a few days of footage?


    Anyone got a deal for the hardwire kit?

  • +1 vote

    i have two 1080p version in separate cars , they work perfectly fine. Were to buy Blackvue but glad i didn't pay extra for not much difference.
    Usually software updates from Viofo fixes minor bugs.


    What's the best microSD card for this?

    I got the regular 1080 duo A129 - bought a Sandisk 128gb - lots of problems. Switched it to a Samsung 64gb - no issues. (both formatted to FAT32).


      Samsung Pro Endurance every time.

      Sandisk are hopeless in dashcams, even if you manage to get a genuine one they're just not made for constant rewriting.
      Apparently the new Sandisk A1 cards do ok but given it's just a few extra $ for Samsung Pro Endurance, seems like a no-brainer.


    Thanks got one. As mentioned previously what’s the best deal for hardwire kit and sd card for this?

    • +1 vote

      Opposite of all blah blah about endurance card…etc….I'm using normal 64GB Sandisk in both my cars with loop recording for past 10 months with Absolutely no issues. I test the recorded videos every week too.

      Regarding the install, I did hardwire cameras for both my cars in same place in Melbourne(Northern Suburbs). I can pass you the detail if you are in Melbourne.


        If you could let me know the details (cost and contact number) of the installer I'd appreciate it SamyKn.
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  • -1 vote

    I think you can buy similar from AliExpress and that too much cheaper.

    Does this one support 4K quality in both cameras while it is on or just one at time?


    Bought one, thanks OP! I'm still running a Vicovation Marcus 4 since 2015 and it's been running strong. Time to upgrade it and have a rear camera too!

    Also got a 128GB SanDisk High Ensurance microSD card to go with this: $32.76 shipped from the same seller


    Does anyone have experience or thoughts on using one of these as an action cam for car/kart racing?
    Wondering if it would be a good upgrade from an older 360 camera.

    • +1 vote

      Low framerate, not much point for the res, and you'll fill up the 256gb card pretty quick. Honestly, just get a GoPro or the like.

  • +4 votes

    btw, isn't it too heavy to fit on the windscreen?

    Product weight: 190 kg
    Package weight: 800 kg


    Does anyone else have issues with this camera turning off in parking mode when parked in direct sunlight?

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