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New Smartmi Natural Wind Pedestal Fan 2S with MIJIA Control Lithium-Ion Battery US $99.99 (~ AU $145.55) Delivered @ AU Banggood


Ship from AU warehouse,GST free. The price is good and summer is coming,this is a good time to get it.

Main Features:

• Simulates Comfortable Natural Wind
• Quiet Operation less than 31.5dB
• Lightweight and Portable
• 100 Stepless Speeds
• Smart APP Controls
• 2800mAh Lithium-ion Battery, up to 20 hours of refreshing breezes
• European fan supports Amazon speakers and Google speakers

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  • +2 votes

    Ship from AU warehouse,GST free

    So they charge GST for stuff from China, where it shouldn't really be collected and don't charge it where it should be.

  • How would this compare to a $20 fan from bunnings? Would it blow 5 times more air?

    Edit : my bad, haven’t read carefully, it had a battery and is a ‘’smart’’ fan

    • Plus it is very quiet.

      • It'll probably last a lot longer than the Bunnings cheap shitter as well.

        • Probably not. The thing about cheap fans is they’re very simple so not much to go wrong. I’ve got a couple of $20 fans still blowing fine after 15yrs.

          • @watts: 15 years ago they were half reasonable. Fast forward to today, they're just down right dreadful. Thin metal in bases, thin and brittle plastic, and luck of the draw with one that actually runs at top speed when the highest setting is selected or barely turning over.

    • Is that smart and have a battery?

    • Its main benefit is that it's using a DC motor, which tends to run quieter, have more finite speed control, and use significantly less power. That final point is big when you're running it all through the summer.

      • +1 vote

        and use significantly less power. That final point is big when you're running it all through the summer.

        Pedestal fans use bugga-all power. They take about 20hr to use a kWh, which is about 25c

        So they consume ~1.2c/hr even if the dc version used about 0.2c/hr that still doesn't save you much. 10hrs/day is 10c/day

    • Same way that a brand new Mercedes is probably better then a second hand Hyundai excel. Sure they both get you from A to B but….

  • $149 at Kogan

  • DC fan?

  • How long is delivery normally from AU store?

  • Where does it go for warranty claims? I'm assuming it just comes in through a logistics centre and there isn't anywhere to send it back to in case of failure?

  • no remote no deal

    • Use the app on your phone/tablet. Or tell Miss Google to turn it on and off for you. Or integrate it into Home Assistant for full functionality.

    • Who needs remote when ok google or Alexa can do it for you

  • Thanks bought one.

  • +1 vote

    so to turn it on it is hey google give me a blow…….

  • I get "This coupon is not available for limited offer products" when trying to use the code. What is the code actually meant to do?

    • I'm guessing the code has expired as I got the same message too.
      It now appears to be going through a 'flash sale' phase for the same price (USD) so no code is needed.

    • Code is active again.

      • Code is active again.

        Thanks, just bought it after checking the review. Compare price with other good pedestal fan or tower fan, it is not bad.

  • Ordered on Sat received today.

    Having trouble connect it to Mi app.

    Scan couldn't find it, even disconnected my own WiFi connection first.

  • Code above listed is not working, shows: This coupon has expired

  • OP please update listing if deal is expired - BGY44255 "This coupon has expired"

  • Received fan
    Did not receive AU plug

    So far, very quiet.. the natural wind mode is just changing the speed from high to low during oscillation.
    Also can't stop oscillation.

    Overall my vornardo although much louder does a better cooling job.

    • the natural wind mode is just changing the speed from high to low during oscillation.

      Otherwise what else can they do? I found that natural wind mode more comfortable, normal mode blowing too hard on level 3.

      Also can't stop oscillation.

      What do you mean you can't stop it?

      Overall my vornardo although much louder does a better cooling job.

      Like 46c on Sat no fan can do a better cooling job, hot wind came out from the fan :-)

  • Got my unit today, assembled it, but not a AU plug on the figure 8 connector cable.
    For whatever reason I just cannot connect the APP to it via Wifi. It seems I need to have bluetooth also turned on with Location set and allowed in permissions and connected and logged in via wifi.

    Current Firmware up to date with v2.0.3.0008

    • but not a AU plug on the figure 8 connector cable.

      What figure 8?

      It seems I need to have bluetooth also turned on with Location set and allowed in permissions

      Yeah without the permissions it won't connect, I just allowed the permission and removed them after connected.

      • the figure 8 as in if you turn the number 8 sideways, that is what the connector into the fan looks like.

        Yep, once connected I turned off bluetooth and working the same.

        Although, when setting the device to Natural from Standard and turning it up to 4, there seems little impact or speed, yet if set the fan on 4 and turn it back to Standard you can hear the fan blowing loudly. A bit odd I thought.

    • Location is part of the permission set needed for Bluetooth (as Google decided technically Bluetooth could be used to determine location). Bluetooth is used for the initial setup to send the wifi details to the unit.

      I have updated to 2.0.5 firmware without any issues as yet (though probably don't need to unless you have the remote control)

      On natural mode the fan doesn't reach the top speed was it would in standard mode max speed but it does peak a little higher than lower speeds.

      In standard mode I've still found the 100 steps to be pointless, it seems it still only steps up the speed at certain levels, more than the 4 presets but not 100 levels.

      • I have updated to 2.0.5 firmware

        The latest I have is

        Wondering anyone also bought the remote? Seem can only buy from Aliexpress and some review said it didn't work with 2S.

        • May depend which server you use. I'm using mainland China but it may not offer the new one if connected to another.

          The remote will only work with 2.0.5 or newer.

          I intended to use mine with voice assistant mainly. On/off no problem. Unfortunately still need to use the app to change oscillation or natural/standard mode (or I haven't found the right command yet)
          Speed change works sometimes.
          Ask what speed the fan is, works every time. Ask to set fan speed to # (one of the 4 presets) and left banging your head half the time. This is with Google. Haven't tried with Alexa yet.

          Only other complaint is doesn't seem to be any way to check the battery level. My guess is that the fan doesn't know whether it's running on battery or AC, given there is only two pins from the base so I doubt will ever get that ability.

  • Hi folks! and @Store Rep

    When I tilt my fan downward to as far as it should go, when it turns it makes a slight clicking sound.

    I uploaded a file recorded on my phone to reference the sound, you might need to turn up the audio a bit.


    After a while of hearing it, this is starting to become annoying.

    Q? Is there anybody else experiencing this when you tilt your fan downward? Upward seems free of the noise.


      You need to check if the fan cover knob is tightened and if there is anything inside the fan assembly. If can not help,please PM me your order ID.

      • fan cover knob? You mean I should open the cover, unscrew the fan 7 wing fan blade then tighten up the last threaded piece which holds the rear fan cover to the fan?

        I will give it a try in a couple of hours, but why does this noise not happen when I align the fan position straight?

        Will report back later tonight.

      • The cover knob is just over hand tight, not over tight but enough confirming its tight.
        It still makes the noise regardless but only on 1 speed and only when set to a downward angle.

        As mentioned previously, I can get rid of the click type noise if I level it off straight or upward.
        But just pushing it down seems to make the noise come from what sounds like insight the plastic or motor.

        There is nothing inside the fan assembly. I have experimented a bit by not going as full downward and that reduces the click noise to just occasional click that randomly appear or may not appear. So it seems its just when full downward that induces it.

        If it appears or gets worst I will sound off and send you a PM, in the meantime while its warm, I can put up with it as one would expect.


      • Hi again mate,

        I have just discovered that this noise is even doing the same when there is no tilt and angle is level.

        I recorded this one with my phone right close to the plastic so you can even hear the motor and click.


        This link and the last one will only last for 14 days, but have a listen and tell me whats up here.

        I dont think I can go each and everyday listening to this annoying sound. Your thoughts?


          I have feedback your problem to the manufacturer.

          • @banggood: Thanks, because this can drive you nuts when set at level 1 setting which is quiet.

            If you get any updates please let me know. Cheers!

          • @banggood: Hi again, does this mean anything is going to happen with my Fan, or does this mean I am stuck with an Expensive SmartFan that makes noise?

            Not only that, the app seems to have logged me out, I forgot the password and have it resent to my email but it only gives me 60 seconds to reply to answer the reply to reset it, yet MIJ app times out as by the time the email gets to a yahoo account is 90 seconds, so I have to keep resending it, which now Sucks after 5 times trying I am over it.

            Buy a new fan, get stuck with clicks and tick noises and now cannot ever reset it. Very tired of this and think this purchase was a very expensive bad mistake.

            Can I send this back? As this noise is driving me nuts and its meant to be quiet.


              @zztrader: Our customer team will contact you.

              • @banggood: I look forward to hearing from them and will update you when I do.

                • @zztrader: set mine up and there is no clicking fan, I think yours is faulty.

                  • @impoze: Yeah I am beginning to think so too! But did you angle your fan downward?
                    I just sent Banggood a link to a video of click and a picture of the box with some audio files too.
                    Will await to see what they are going to do.

                    • @zztrader: Interested to see how you go as never got an answer to my question. Hope it works out for you.

                      • @bamzero: Thanks!
                        As for warranty, I dont have a clue what they do. I am waiting for a response about my fan from them about the noise but starting to think I have bought a dud, or at least one that has turned out as a faulty unit.

                        • @zztrader: Is it making the noise when stationary or oscillating?

                          I've noticed mine makes a slight clicky noise when it changes direction while oscillating. I don't remember noticing it when I first got it though but it's not that loud so could have easily missed it.

                          • @bamzero: That is what happened to me, I never realized until later the same night and thought it was a one off random thing and then it was every time the fan was turned on. Now its doing a double click or two separate clicks which to me now, is unacceptable.

                            • @zztrader: Stationary or oscillating?

                              • @bamzero: Oscillating! And it seems to double the click at 30 degrees and set at 20 stepless speed.

                                I dont seem to be getting any further answers from one of the support guys as they said they are asking the suppliers to check the issue.

                                Also said if by chance I fail to receive a response from Banggood to contact them again.

                                I think I am at the end of my tether with this. Its time to submit to a PayPal resolution ticket as I dont want to be dealing with this issue for another few weeks and trying to work things out seems to have been unsuccessful.

                                Very happy that people have got noiseless units and its worked out fine for them, so its a bit frustrating feeling like one of the "unlucky buyers" who got a dud.

                                Banggood have been good at communicating but just not resolving the issue and as they are only a shop I dont exactly blame them at all, yet I just hope they help in doing the right thing by those of us who are "unlucky" with our product.

    • I think I had this issue too. I fixed it but it required some unscrewing and then tightening of the swing headgear assembly.
      See https://www.xiaomitoday.com/xiaomi-mijia-dc-fan-dismantling/

      The specific part that I needed (two) screws tightened was in the gear that swings the head. The two screws in the white semi-teeth gear.

      See pic https://www.xiaomitoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Xiaom...

      Then I put it all back together (nice and tightly), then no more squeaky oscillation.

      It may void your warranty claim efforts, but may help if all else fails.

      • Richard, thanks for sharing the links and info!

        I have chosen to escalate my problem via PayPal now as I had not heard back from support so not sure if its due to holidays.
        (I did get a message from the PayPal email though, but then another Auto Email telling me about holidays)

        My noise issue was not a squeak but a Click sound. I too dont wish to void warranty so I wont disassemble it.

        Glad to hear you sorted your issue out though! I have faith in Banggood to do the right thing but time will tell.

        Cheers again.

        • It sounds more like a rattle when it engages movement (on mine anyway), I'm thinking there must be a bit of slack in the gearing so it's possible that it's the same problem.

          • @bamzero: My noise did sound like the file uploaded by zztrader. I realised it was the gear once I disassembled it to that point. I was manually pushing the gear from side to side and it and it had a creak at certain angles and when changing directions (sounded like a hard plastic on hard plastic creak). That lead me to believe it was slack in the gear. And it definitely was because as soon as I tightened the two screws (which were actually pretty loose to begin with), no more noise.

            It's such a pleasure now, I re-found my love for the fan again and can sleep again on these hot evenings with a very quiet oscillating fan.

            • @Richard Gimbal: Thanks for sounding off guys, it always helps to get all the various perspectives of this.

              Will update the outcome after my correspondence with paypal after these holidays.

              Cheers again!

  • Based on some of the comments already posted I'm guessing I already know the answer, but does anyone know if this fan REQUIRES an Internet connection for initial setup and operation? Can it be set up and used on a network with NO outside connection?

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