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[eBay Plus] Huawei Mate 30 Pro (8+256GB) with Bonus FreeBuds 3 $1214.65 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


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Best Huawei Mate 30 Pro deal so far. No Google Mobile Services as usual.

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    Why no Google services?

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    They are dreaming people will buy at that price. Soon they will panic due to overstock, inventory keeping cost etc and slash the price. We just need to stand together and refuse to buy.

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      Exactly. I wouldn't even bite at $800 and I really actually like this phone.

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      I doubt it. There's very limited stock in this country. They have sold a crazy amou T of them in China and are on track to become the world's biggest mobile seller next year. I'm also guessing they'll get their licence back in early new year.

      I won't buy one until then though.

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        They can keep selling in China.. I doubt it's sold at this price in China though.


          It actually is and it sells like hotcakes at this price


            @xsacha: Guess some crazy movies do have basis in reality - "Crazy Rich Asians"


              @bigbadboogieman: Well I feel like the only thing letting it down in Australia is that it doesn't come with preinstalled Google.
              In China, Google is banned so this isn't an issue at all.

              Otherwise, the phone has the best modem in the business (4G and 5G) - Huawei are leaders in this.
              Best camera on a phone (quite far ahead right now on this as well, including night vision).
              Still the only phone with Bluetooth 5.1 (?), which allows the crazy battery life and dual syncing of the given 'freebuds'.

              Has all the mod-cons like wireless charging, giant battery, giant oled screen, etc. As well as some flashes from the past like infrared to control air cons/tvs/…

              Everything else is pretty standard these days and the software is fairly generic Android. Yet, there are worse phones that cost more than this.

              Personally if I were to get one, I'd want the 5G version but I can't find it anywhere :P


    I don’t know why people keep posting this as a deal, there’s no google service and people can be trapped for not knowing it. I am sure it will be less than $1000 within one month.

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      Sometimes people are just seeking to get validation of their own purchase from the OzB community. Usually it backfires..

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    Fully enjoying my Mate 30 Pro. Google services are easy to install. And I have my Fossil Gen5, so Google pay is not a problem to me. No Netflix? No problem! I use TV for Netflix.
    Yes, it's not suitable to people who can't be bother to do extra work. But for who willing to, it's a good phone.


    Please provide the link for Freebuds 3, and is there any discount code I have to use to get the deal of $1214?