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Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS - $447 (+ $9.90 delivery) @ digiDIRECT


Great price for a handy little lens! If you just picked up a cheap Canon R or RP mirrorless body in one of the recent deals, this is a super little prime to have in your kit.

I've been watching prices on this model for a little while now and it doesn't often dip much below $600 that I've seen, so $447 is a great price - most places sell it between $700 and $800.

Canon recently upped their Australian warranty on most cameras and lenses to 5 years - that applies to this lens, too.

EDIT #1: If you're getting it shipped it's cheaper from Camera Warehouse @ $449 delivered

EDIT #2: If you have eBay Plus it's even cheaper from Ted's eBay Store @ $434.95 delivered when using PLAY100 promo code ($449.95 - $15)

EDIT #3: $420 delivered from Kogan!!!

Thanks to damfrog, unknown and khoavn1993 for searching more thoroughly than I did!

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