Am I The Only One That Wants More Plastic Packaging for My Fruit and Veges?

Seriously , I would like to buy a tomato, some grapes or a apple or whatever that hasn't had the hands of disgusting people who have to pick up every single apple on the pile before they make their choice or sneeze all over it. I have even seen Woolworths staff at the end of the day throw the dirty floor mats directly on top of the fruit and veg for the night so they can mop the floors.
And as for the people who think they are green who probably burnt the equivalent of 500 plastic bags worth of oil driving to the supermarket in their SUV, while smugly thinking they are saving the planet for buying a carrot with no packaging . I hope that salmonella its rolling around in from the raw chicken juice on the check out line conveyor belt makes you sick. because you make me sick.

lets face It. All the oil in the world is eventually going one of two ways.
It is either going to be turned in to plastic and buried back in the ground where it came from. Or its going to be burned into the atmosphere as petrol, which includes those smugs in their SUV'S thinking they are saving the planet eating their plastic free salmonella carrot.

You can all go to hell.
I want my carrot wrapped up in plastic.


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    R U Ok?

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    Perhaps you could take some inspiration from The Bubble Boy

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    You don't wanna know what farmer Joe does with those carrots before they leave the farm

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      Leaving jokes aside, there are actually a lot of infections linked to farm hands not washing their hands properly after going to the toilet, and then, the end consumers not washing the fruit & veggies properly before eating them.

      For example, there was this recent E.Coli outbreak in the US caused by Romaine Lettuce from California

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        This article does not mention that farmers not washing their hands is the cause of outbreak. Did you actually read it?

        These infections are not really that common when you compare to deaths from cancer. We still don't know exactly how plastic chemicals affect our bodies.

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      I once bought a carrot that was covered in dirt, disgusting!

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    "You can all go to hell"
    Is that really you Folau?

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    Just bring some Glad Wrap with you to the store.

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      You can buy it at the store and save transport costs, or just use the free bags that are in the fruit and veg section.

      Most radical idea, wash your fruit and veg at home.

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    Condoms for carrots anyone? OOPs that's already been done I think LOL

    OP go here

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    I have to agree, some people are filthy, I’ve seen a man spit into some grapes before. Another guy coughing up his phlegm into a fruit bag and then leaving on shelf. If that’s what they do in public…

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    This probably isn't that horrible of an idea. When I was in Japan, everything was wrapped neatly and cleanly. If you bought something, it's probably wrapped in plastic, then wrapped in another layer of plastic and then sold in a plastic bag.

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      Japan has almost zero litter, about 5 different types of bins outside every 7-11, and a populace that actually recycles

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        They also respect their elderly, are capable of being quiet in public spaces and are terribly ashamed to take any handouts.

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          They're also quite xenophobic (that means 'racist', Pauline), have a high rate of suicide, cover-up mistakes rather than fix them, and under-report murders to appear better than reality. Sweet tentacle porn though (why does "the great wave off Kanagawa" get all the prints instead of "the dream of the fisherman's wife"?)

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        They burn a lot of it.
        I’m not sure what’s worse though, on one hand, if you just bury everything like we do, what happens when you run out of space?
        But then you have the emissions from burning everything.

        They have their shit together when it comes to recycling. My girlfriend was surprised when she saw we only have two bins.
        Even more so when I told her sometimes all this stuff just goes to the same place (according to the news)


        Japan also pays a fortune for their fruit. You get what you pay for.


        I've heard this too, though I wonder if they're wasteful of food. The fruit on shelves is always picture perfect in Japan, no mutated looking strawberries like those in Australia. I'm assuming they just bin these. But could be wrong. Perhaps they're going to business who use them in other ways.

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    I would agree if we had a proper way to efficiently produce and dispose/recycle/reuse single-use plastics, but unfortunately there's no money in it and we don't. The plastic epidemic around the world is seriously catastrophically bad.

    We can't afford to keep going at the same rate we are. Also, fruit and veg food wash exists.

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      I've been given a few bottles of those things and have been struggling to find any evidence that it does anything whatsoever.


        I was advised to use ACV & grapefruit seed extract when we lived o/s and still use both now.



          That's a lab test taking confirmed contaminated surface and then testing the effects of the chemicals.

          I do not doubt that the chemicals work but does it actually reduce the risk of exposure when used in a home environment.

          Ie. Can you actually chemical wash the surfaces to the same standard and would one have fallen I'll if one just consumed regularly washed vegetables in the first place.


            @tshow: We had a few expat friends/colleagues felled by bouts of food poisoning which is what led me to use natural ingredients such as ACV & GSE - we never got sick from stomach bugs.


              @kajke: Yeah. Overseas is a different story entirely.

              In SEA, I would irradiate my food if I could.


                @tshow: I know what you mean!

                I've continued washing fruit & vegetables this way since returning to Aus - it's just part of the routine now.

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    Buy organic, mostly covered in plastic.


      Not necessarily clean though, also probably more likely affected by pathogens in animal waste than "conventionally grown."


        you got modded down but you are actually correct. organic is generally not safer, just it isn't using chemical pesticides or fertilisers, however many of the natural ones often have to be used in far higher quantities to achieve the same affect and you need to absolutely ensure you are thoroughly washing organic stuff (though you should be washing all fruit and veg)

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    Karen, is that you?

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    rants of a germophobe. better not touch that shopping trolley …

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      Trust me. That's not the rant of a germophobe.

      A true germophobe is very well aware that germs can exist behind a plastic barrier and thrive given the protective barrier.

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      Or the door handle, or your car door handle, or your shoes, or your light switch, or your phone, or… pretty much everything.

      Seriously! Should we unnecessarily destroy the environment just because the OP doesn't understand basic hygiene and how to wash vegetables

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    Wash your vegetables ya noob. Killing the planet because you're a germaphobe is on you.

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      Yeah OP, and take some Vitamin B to ease your anxiety levels. Plenty of vitamins in fruit and vegetables.


      Careful, your logical statement might force OP to retreat to a safe space, where opinions and counter arguments are forbidden.

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    *epic rant*
    You can all go to hell.

    Username checks out… :D

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    You'll have to grow your own vegetables at home to ensure people don't contaminate them

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    In Europe vegie shops supply disposable gloves to customers to wear before touching product.

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    You can pollute all you want, as long as you are willing to pay for it. Not just paying the cost of production, but also the cost of recycling, clean-up of the microplastics, instead of having the next generations bear your costs.

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      That's a different level of usefulness though.

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        Doesn’t matter, there are alternative long lasting products to all of the above on the market.
        I don’t think someone has the right to complain about one plastic toy being given away at the shops, when they’re throwing 5 nappies in the bin every day for a few years. Or 20 pads/ tampons per month for 30 odd years.
        I will keep the plastic woolies toys for a very long time, because I love Disney and enjoy looking at them.
        I will keep a pad for about 4 hours, then you guessed it, landfill. I only use disposables if they’re free samples.
        Not an eco warrior - gave that up after I watched a bunch of reno shows and watched them destroy perfectly good houses and throw out skiploads of rubbish. I thought, why am I bothering to save this paperclip when they just threw out a perfectly functioning kitchen just because it was “dated”? I bet the people whining about plastic toys do this exact thing without a second thought.

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        Seems just like they're willing to inconvenience everyone else but themselves.

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    you can wash it then wrap it in gladwrap at home to make yourself feel better

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    You can buy many fruit and vegetables in tin or frozen in plastic bags.

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    I'm detecting quite a lot of emotion from the OP regarding this subject.


      It's that time of the year the song says: "Tis the season to be agro, whiny-whiny troll, fa-la, la la"

      Srsly though the number of people I have on 'ignore' on other forums ATM is reaching epic levels. I'm all for a good robust 'chat' but when the conversation descends to 'childish abuse' levels then it's time for action. I've noticed this phenomena happens every time this year…for whatever reason.


        My favourite song. Plz sing more.

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          Buy me toys from Nerf and Hasbro, fa-la-lalala, la la la la.
          Tis the season to be agro, whiny whiny troll fa la la la.
          Stuck in traffic, fighting shoppers, honk honk honk, bitch bitch bitch, spend spend spend.
          Tis the season to be crabby, fa la la la la,la la who…caaaarreesss!


        To be honest I can't blame people too much for losing their marbles around Xmas time. Drives me nuts too.

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    Did you watch "Drowning in Plastic" on SBS last night? If not, catch it on SBS on Demand. If you do, I'm sure you'll have a change of heart in wanting "more" plastic…

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      Just another scare campaign.

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        Well, less plastic is a good thing - however their reasons/claims are nonsense.

        I visited a council dump a few years ago where garbage was moving along a conveyor belt, and employees were ripping bags open to release the contents to pick (something) out of it before composting. Now FFWD to today… when we don't have shopping bags any longer, and deluded 'green' folks are crowing about less plastic in circulation. But there's a side effect of that - many people are now using their empty frozen food, etc. bags as rubbish bags instead.

        So instead of staff ripping open easily-torn shopping bags, they now have to rip apart much more robust bags - and more of them - which means it takes more time and/or gets less work done - which requires more staff employed - which means more petrol burned, more electricity for the conveyor, and to heat their showers after work, etc.

        Like most whacky 'green' delusions, it was a foolish and naive non-solution. They should have found a way to make the same bags from a different material that dissolves/breaks down - and then used THAT for ALL bags including the ones we're all now using for garbage instead. The USA for example has one-use plastic bags made of cornflour. The reason they didn't do this instead of just banning is, that it was never really about 'being green' or 'less plastic'. It was about control: making the lives of everyone else a little more miserable because they're miserable people.


        ridiculous comment. The proof is there in plain sight. This issue is up there with climate change. In some countries people are consuming about a credit card of plastic a week, which will have devastating effects on their bodies. Fish and birds are being wiped out. We need to get our act together and fast.


          Well if life has become so bad why then people live longer and longer? Literally in my lifetime 30+ went from being middle age to young.
          As to the species being wiped out it’s just natural selection where the most adapted will survive.


            @srr: A little thing called penicillin, modern medical advances, white collar working environments, a lot less World Wars, etc.
            If 'natural selection' is your argument that I'm pulling stumps now.

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