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PlayStation 4 Pro - $368.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Playstation PS4 PRO - 4K
Available in Cotsco, Ringwood
Cheaper price

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Costco Wholesale

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  • Price in title please

    • Sorry mate. Done.

      • No need to be sorry, we all forget things :) thanks for the deal

  • Price somewhere…

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      Sorry mate. Done.

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    P - Price
    S - In
    4 - Title

  • Price in title?
    And this is your 3rd post!

    • Sorry mate. Done.
      Using phone to upload the price

  • Without free games, is it worth the price?

    • +1

      This price is worth it for the warrenty that Costco has

      • what does Costco has differently regarding the warranty?

        • Return anytime, for any reason.

          • @mrctan: even after few years? :o

            • @blacknblue: Yes as long as you don't cancel your membership.

              • @mrctan: tempting to buy and then return for ps5 next year haha

                • @blacknblue: While the warranty sounds really good they do keep a record of items you return and how often and will in future start to refuse returns or even just refuse you membership if you blatantly just return items after years of use.

                  • @neferseki: The good thing is I have never returned anything haha. Well actually one or two items under $20 so… I think it should be alright

                    • @blacknblue: yeah its probably more of an algorithm of returned items/money spent in store as opposed to flat number of items returned. Its just a good idea to keep in mind that retailers aren't dumb and do protect themselves from abuse.

          • @mrctan: You have 30 days change of mind after that it has to be faulty or broken

            • @Dex38313: Just spoke to in store person, they say after 30 days change of mind then it’s up to manager’s discretion lol. So I guess they change?

      • I am thinking of buying one and do a trade-in for PS5 when the time comes.

        • thinking same haha. PS5 is next year

  • Do they have the Apple Watch series 5 there? Anyone know the price if so?

    • @Jaystea $619.99 Bought one on 27th Oct. Reg price was $650

      • Is it still there at this price?

  • Got it for $349.00 during Black Friday @ JB (price matched amazon)

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    At Target tomorrow for $369. No membership required

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong Target can get 5% discount card , Amazon around 3.5% cashback vs Costco 0 I'm aware of .
    Why bother with the thread at worst overall price ?

  • Can confirm the same price at Casula, NSW.