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[Back-Order] GoPro HERO8 Black (CHDHZX-801-RW) $436 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ok go easy. I hope I have calculated this correctly.

Amazon -
Price - $436
Cash Rewards (7% as it is in the Sporting category) ($436 / 1.1 * .07) - $27.75
Total from Amazon - 436 - 27.75 = $408.25

If you can claim TRS like me then it will be reduced further to $364.65

I just ordered so lets see how it goes. I hope its an ok upgrade from the 6 Black I have.

Merry Xmas

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Please remove comments about TRS. Not many people can claim TRS.

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      Someone did it for me.

      • -8

        You know that is NOT legal, right?

        • +1

          Yes it is legal as long as on your return you don’t go over your concession

        • Its legal. Do your research before commenting such. There is a limit of course. Per person 900 aud

          • @tyw4000:

            Its legal.

            If I'm reading OP's post right, no it isn't. He says someone did it for him, i.e. he bought the GoPro and got a friend who was going overseas to claim the GST back and give it to him.

            The ABF says that you, the travelling passenger, must have paid for the goods. His friend did not pay for the GoPro so the claim would technically not be allowed.

            Of course there's nothing to stop him from transferring the money to his friend, his friend buying it and claiming GST, then giving both the camera and GST refund back to him upon return. That'd be 100% legal.

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              @eug: Sorry, no I was saying someone edited the title for me. The post said take the TRS words out of the title and when I went and tried to do so it was already changed. That's why I said "Someone did it for me".

              • @oison: OK that makes sense now. :)

              • @oison: Biggest fkn misunderstanding in OzBargain history. Lol
                And where are your P plates??

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      Plenty of deals qualify for TRS (but you have to be travelling) so it's very specific and not applicable to most people.

      You should also not be bringing those same goods back to Australia if you've claimed TRS.

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        You can bring good backs up to $900 that you've claimed a TRS refund.

      • You should also not be bringing those same goods back to Australia if you've claimed TRS.

        You can absolutely bring those goods back. It's under the usual $900 duty free threshold so you don't have to declare it. If you're bringing back more than $900 worth of goods, then you have to declare all of them. The $900 limit per person can be pooled if you're traveling with family.

        • Can you post it back?

          • @DonIsGood: Sure, if it's cheap enough to be worth your time.

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    Thanks whoever updated the title

    • For future reference, please refer to our Title Guidelines on Price

      2. Price. May include discount or saving (e.g. “$2 off” or “half price) if space allows. However, the price should NOT include any referral discounts or cashback (commission refunds) - include that in the deal description instead

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        Thanks for that. Happy for you to delete the entire post if that makes it less of an issue.

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    Lol. 😂 TRS

    • Fixed :-)

  • Does Officework offer price match on this?

    • I think so, but isn't 7%~8% cashback better than 5% price beat?

      • I guess if you are traveling this weekend and yes wanna claim TRS, it’d be safer to pick up from store for now.

        • Or wait 3 months for cash back Mmm no I'll take the instant 5% off

    • Yes they do, had no issues for me.

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    Yes just didi it. 414.20

    • +1

      Is this price through office works.

    • +1

      Why not Ola it?

  • Shopback 8% on sporting goods?

  • How does your TRS calc work?

  • I'm still not convinced that for Cash Rewards/Shopback that it falls into the sporting category versus the electronics. Difference is 3.5%.
    Going to get mine with OW price beat to be safe and get my hands on it earlier.

    Possible this will be the lowest price. As the history for the 7 shows that Dec-18 hit lows and then the price increased till this December where its only just beaten those lows again.

    • The product page lists it as being in the "Sports, Fitness & Outdoors › Sports Technology › Action Cameras & Accessories" category.
      From what I understand that's the only way of knowing what category the product is under, so if it didn't track at 7 or 8% I'd be fighting it with Shopback/CR

    • +1

      Well you are correct. I got the email from CR and it says $13.55 back on the price of $387.27 so that is only 3.5%

      • +1

        You'll want to edit the original post :)

        On a price of $387.27 is odd, how did you get it for $426 ($387.27 + $38.73)?

        • -1

          somehow @olson seemed to have paid only $426

          cashrewards / shopback is based off the pre-gst price

          $436 includes a GST component of $39.64 (aka 436/11 = 39.63; original price without gst is 436/11*10 = $396.36)
          $396.36 * .035 = $13.86 cashback

          Whereas for @olson

          X * .035 = $13.55
          X = 13.55 / 0.035 = $387.142
          387.142 / 10 * 11 = $425.86

          426 / 11 * 10 *.035 = $13.554

          • @mshannon: Yes correct… I'm asking them how

        • +2

          I must of had a $10 credit in Amazon for some reason it got auto added to my sale at checkout. This is exactly what the info says on my invoice. I dont know how they work it out. I did not put in any Promo Code when I placed the order and it was Free delivery so I don't know what they did here…

          This is what it says on my Amazon account when I log in.

          Order Summary
          Item(s) Subtotal:$396.36
          Total Before GST:$401.81
          Promotion(s) Applied:-$15.99
          Grand Total:$426.00

          This is what it says on my Order Confirmation email:

          Item(s) Subtotal:$396.36
          Promotion(s) Applied:-$14.54
          Total Before GST:$387.27
          Order Total:$426.00

      • After a few back and forth emails from CR, I got the 7% cashback because the item was listed in the Sporting Goods category.

  • Or getting bundle better ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/506222

    • +2

      Hmmmm for $70 extra, U get shorty, headmount, extra batt and a 32gb SD card.

      Might be worth it if U do plan to buy shorty+headmount+extra batt regardless. Because even with 50% off gopro plus, the 3 items will set u back ~$65

      The 32gb SD card is too small which I think will be pretty useless but prob worth more than $5.

      • It seems buying without bundle is better

  • -3

    Guys, this is $388 from Amazon seller still backed by Amazon! Sold by:ixishiqujiyanzi

    • +4

      The seller just launched. You ain’t gonna receive that GoPro

      • Yes , I had same issue when I bought a drone. Luckily got refund

  • +1

    The 50% off accessories from gopro.com using the gopro plus thing is awesome.. just did the 1 month free trial. Free shipping when you spend over $90 with supposedly 2-3 day express service


  • Thanks OP - I had JB Hi-Fi price match this for me!

    • Can I ask what price jb did it for.

  • Is this worth the $30..? NEEWER 53-In-1 Action Camera Accessory - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01CSB2M2C/ref=ox_sc_ac...

    • I toyed with getting similar - then you read the horror review stories of the cheap accessories breaking and the gopro getting lost/destroyed/sinking to the bottom of the Pacific. I imagine official gopro accessories are just as likely to fail too though. With that gopro plus thing above, it costs a little bit more, but least you get exactly what you want. These all-in-one packs are probably perfect for less-active endeavours where there is very little risk of force/stress causing a part to fail.

      • I picked up for approximately ~100 the following five offical accessories from gopro.com direct using that 50% off thing ..

        The Handler (for flotation)
        (silcone) Sleeve + Lanyard
        Shorty (tripod)
        Chesty (chest mount)
        Vented Helmet Strap Mount

      • Does anybody know if the floaty case would work with having go pro 3 way on? I mean would it still float? Thanks

        • … wouldn't the floaty rust :)

  • +2

    Ordered it at the Officeworks for $414.20, great price!

  • 8% using ShopBack for that extra $4

    • I think it is only 3.5%…

      "Well you are correct. I got the email from CR and it says $13.55 back on the price of $387.27 so that is only 3.5%"

  • -1

    Boxing Day price is $399 , cheap cheap and stack ebay coupon 15/20% with and additional ebay Gift cards, TRS. I am biting at less than $300 after all savings like last year GG deal

    • +2

      how do you know the boxing day price is going to be $399??

  • I like the quality in proper light although low light noise is bad. Hypersmooth 2.0 is awesome https://youtu.be/6BsyFPpFkpk

  • Any S6 Deals???

  • -1

    The Osmo Action roasts this.

    • +2

      I looked at getting the Osmo Action until I started reading the reviews regarding water damage.

    • The Osmo Action roasts this.

      I was set on the Osmo Action till I watched DC Rainmaker's comparison footage. The GoPro 8 has better stabilisation and produces nicer-looking video straight off the card.

      • Yea was looking at DJI osmo vs GoPro as well. Personally I prefer the colours on the GoPro better without editing.

  • +1

    Not sure if anyone will see this. But i just price matched gopro.com for their accessories with gopro plus in officeworks.

    Thats on their range of 50% off some items promotion.

    Cheaper then half price!!

    • Nice - did you login to your phone/etc first with gopro plus account and show them the discounted prices?

      • Yes. I did that. And no questions asked. They just did it

    • But you need to buy Atleast $90 of accessories to be qualified for free delivery

      • I got about $144 worth of accessories. But she didnt really check. I just said the other guy said i can price match. And she punched it through

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