Coles/Shell Stupidity from worker

Doing a job tomorrow I need fuel for small engines like generator and other stuff. Pull up in my ute at the servo filling 20 litre petrol containers. Get to 1 ltr the pump stops this idiots waving his arms around in the servo he wont come out he's just throwing all this sign language at me.
Turns out their policy is you must put the full can on the concrete before filling according WHS.
So if I sent a small framed person, pregnant or Dwarfism to do the job that couldn't possibly return the container back to the tray can I sue Coles for discrimination wasting my time paying competent people and possibly humiliating them.
Had a crack at this idiot and he handed me a can we serve you better form from coles didn't seem to care.

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    Never happened to me before
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    Coles are always helping in your best interest
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    he's snorting up all the ULP98
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    woolworst decoy
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    He hates everyone

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    • Lol?
      More like face palm.

    • Okay I get why you're laughing, and I agree OP is in the wrong here. And even if OP was in the right, which they weren't, it doesn't justify being abusive to someone who is just trying to do their job.

      But in OP's defence, all the warning stickers we see in everyday life are hard to take seriously sometimes. Sometimes it's hard to know which signs to take seriously. Case in point: Right next to the "grounded container" warning, is the "no mobile phones" warning, which has been repeatedly debunked as a myth, yet petrol stations continue to display the mobile phone warning and in some jurisdictions it's even a criminal offense to use a mobile phone at a petrol station.

      • +25 votes

        Considering that petrol stations are high risk areas with severe consequences, coupled with the fact that it is private property, if owners want to take extra Whs precautions (within reason) , guest should respect those rules.

      • The no mobile phone use rule isn't because it's going to ignite the fuel. It's because when people use mobile phones they're distracted and don't pay attention to what's going on around them, which in turn increases the risk of an accident in an area where people are both interacting with a flammable substance and present in the vicinity of moving vehicles.

        • Nope. I've been told off for being on the phone while my wife is filling the car. I wasn't walking around in a daze. I was leaning against the car. At least some staff definitely think it's going to trigger a fire/explosion.

          • @syousef: If you were talking on the phone, your full attention is not on filling up your car which increases the risk of an accident.

          • @syousef: It is easier and safer though to have a simple rule, rather than a more complex one which is harder to quickly understand, as well as harder to enforce.

            • @trapper: Paradoxically, no it's actually not. Because when it doesn't make sense to people they will ignore it. And once the rule is ignored it will also be ignored when it is unsafe to do so.

              Also, if the real motivation is distraction, mobile phones aren't the only thing that can distract you. So the campaign and rules should be about paying attention not some myth that mobile phones will make the pump explode.

              • @syousef: You say it's not, but that is the reality. No mobile phone is the rule, they don't complicate it further than that.

                • @trapper: That wasn't a counter-argument. Undermining one's authority by making overly-broad nonsensical rules that people will break is a serious problem.

                  • @syousef: Can you imagine how nonsensical a normal person would consider a 6 page rule defining when and where mobile phone use was permitted including calculations based on distance from various pieces of equipment, fuel type, ambient temperature, phone type etc.

                    It would be an impractical nightmare so instead we have the simple rule 'no mobile phones'

                    • @trapper: That is a straw man. No one said anything about 6 page rules defining when a mobile can be used.

                      "No using the phone WHILE filling" would be sufficient instead of no using phones anywhere near the bowser.

                      Better yet. "While filling, please refrain from distracting activities such as mobile phone use, reading etc.". That gives an explanation of the core reason for the rule and tackles the exact problem. It doesn't imply the bowser is going to explode.

                      I'm getting very tired of arguing points I never made with random strangers.

                      I'd bet the reality is this rule was made when people were afraid the bowsers might explode and it has nothing to do with distraction.

                  • @syousef: Its not a problem for them, its a problem for the guy that can't get fuel.

                    • @LlamaOfDoom: When the rule that they made isn't clear and people violate it causing problems how is that not a problem for them.

                      and… sigh If you can't make an actual argument, downvote. The Ozbargain way.

                      • @syousef: Their problem is people spilling petrol/diesel or walking in front of traffic while not concentrating on phone, closing servo isles and irritating customers.
                        Turn off peoples pumps once or twice and they get the rule.
                        You get it now. You'll probably stay in the car to talk on the phone next time.
                        No downvote from me, I save them for vegans.

                        • @LlamaOfDoom: Then make a rule against the behaviour you want to stop, not mobile phones. Because when you make a rule about mobile phones people complain about a "Nanny State" and break the rule. When you make a rule that makes sense it's harder to do that and come across as rational to yourself and others. The rule as it stands doesn't just apply to people actually filling and perpetuates a silly myth that petrol stations tend to go boom.

        • I have been told off by staff for walking through a fueling area whilst on my phone. Didn’t even arrive there in a car, I walked there. Had them calling out to me over the PA as I walked past the pump on my phone. Go figure.

      • Is your mobile phone rated for use in explosive atmospheres?

        The whole mobile phone use at servos is basic risk management. Rare/Unlikely Likelihood, Major/Critical Consequence. How do you minimise the risk? Remove the cause = no mobile phone use at the servo. Simple, easy, 100% safe (presuming people follow the instructions…).

        Remind me not to be at the servo when you're there on your phone.

  • +16 votes

    Mmm I wouldn't want to compromise on safety. It's like those exit seats in flight, if you are not an able bodied person, then you can't sit there, that's not discrimination;that's safety.

    • You have to be and able bodied person AND pay extra for them now. As a very tall person THAT is discrimination.

      • +2 votes

        I don't think that's discrimination. If you couldn't sit there, then yeah that's discrimination. But anyone can pay to get that seat.

        Someone who's short and can't reach the top of the shelf, can't sue for discrimination.

        That's just pros/cons of being short or tall.

        • Yeah I was kinda being facetious, but they used to just take one look at me and just give me the exit row, now they stick their hand out for more money as well, that's if there is a seat available. At the moment it's just a first come first serve basis so the exit row is filled with 5'5" tall women.
          But I do think if you're taller you should get priority for more leg room.
          They don't design every plane seat to fit someone over 6'4" because that would cost them too much money. Fair enough I'm not expecting that.
          I get excruciating pain if I have to sit cramped in the one position for too long. There's a reason 'stress positions' is a method of torture at Guantanamo Bay.

          • @CitizenCane: As a very independent wheelchair user who wasn’t allowed to fly without a carer on Jetstar or Virgin (despite doing so on QANTAS many times), I think there are bigger issues to worry about.

            • @ChocolateTown: I wonder what their justification for this is. I assume it may be related to the additional risk of injury to staff that is associated with manual handling.

              There is an inherent risk to moving people with reduced mobility and healthcare professionals are required to study it and have their competency rated prior to being able to practice.

              In saying that, I definitely think something needs to be done with regard to independent travel. It is not financially feasible to travel with an additional person, not to mention an insult to your self-efficacy.

            • @ChocolateTown: r/gatekeeping
              Just because I have arthritis and get pain from being cramped in the one position for too long in no way diminishes your plight. They should take care of everyone better. This kind of "If cant have X then you don't deserve Y" attitude holds us all back as a society.

  • Pretty sure I've seen that written on the bowsers.

  • +110 votes

    "Had a crack at this idiot "

    So not only did you abuse this worker looking out in your best interest and following the rules - there are usually signs/stickers up telling you to fill up on the ground.

    You complained to coles who also found worker did no wrong .

    So now you come to ozbargain - where as of posting the majority of the votes also agree with coles/shell in this scenario .

  • Title should read - Stupidity of a semi-challenged customer.

  • +40 votes

    The poor guy was just doing his job and following the rules.

    If you have a problem with the rules take it up with the people that make them in a civilised way

    You are the idiot

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    If you really want the fuel hose to be the earth to your jerry can, can you please do it at your own private servo?

  • Wow…..

  • It can create static electric sparks by filling a tank that isn’t grounded. You should know sparks and petrol don’t go well together except inside the engine.

    You have to put the can on the ground. I had to get mower fuel once after a surgery and had a 5kg lift limit. asked the person behind me to help out lifting it back in, no problems. The staff should be able to help if you ask first.

    A depot I worked at had a big earth strap at the bowsers so the guys could fill their ride on mowers without having to take them off each time. Drive up, connect the strap to the mower and fill - all safe.

    Also had a staff member cut my pump once when I started filling my motorbike while sitting on it. Was better to hold it upright, rather than lean it on the stand so I could get more fuel in. He came out, explained it was against policy, then helped me hold the bike upright to fill - no problems.

    • The main issue is spill risk.

      If you're filling in the back of your car and the nozzle slips out of the can, or you overflow the can, then the spilled fuel goes god knows where, soaking into other things in your boot or ute tray, dripping down deeper into the vehicle structure etc . Now you have a significant fire risk that can't be easily cleaned up.

      Similar for filling a motorbike while sitting on it, you spill and now your clothes could be soaked in fuel.

  • Skip to 1:00 for the fun part

    • haha you found a video of the op filling up ;)

    • There are many more videos. Yes static charges ignite petrol. Dry weather and some woollen stuff rubbed a bit can throw huge sparks.
      Diesel is very hard to ignite but more and more truck station have grounding wires, this is very much standard in the aviation industry.

      I found many European and US bowsers have the hold in pins present they have few issues with that but on dry winter days they are vigilant and I have also witnessed staff running out and serving poshy people with fur coats that could be a high risk. Filling a jerry in a tray is by all standards a high risk and the attendant did the right thing as Coles runs many station virtually single handed which is crazy of course even them workers only get 4 hr shifts.

      Personally I love Coles groceries but never buy fuel from them no matter how cheap it is as quality has a meaning for me. There is a reason BP gets away charging so much more.

  • When you create a post to roast someone else but it backfires and you end up being
    the one getting roasted.

  • Congrats, you and SlavOz can join the "arrogant and self-centred" group

  • Everyone on here also having a crack at this idiot right now lol.

  • Even the said small frame/pregnant/dwarf person would have been able to read the safety signs and have the intelligence to ask the next available able customer if they wouldn't mind giving a hand to lift the containers. I would never refused to help a fellow citizen out.

  • +15 votes

    You are unhappy they were waving their arms? I guess you think they were overreacting?

    Overreacting in the same way as chucking a tanty on a forum post about an inane topic?

  • There are multiple videos of fires starting at service stations on youtube, just type in static electricty and gas station and have a look.

    Not saying it happens often, but why risk it?

  • Coles/Shell put up with Stupidity from Semi Challenged hawkeye Worker

    There, fixed your title for you.

  • You know what, I think that the attendant SHOULD NOT have been waving his arms idiotically at OP, it achieve nothing practical. Next time the attendant should get on the PA system they have and announce, "Can the idiot on pump X please put the container on the ground before filling up, so that you don't try and kill us all."

  • +7 votes

    Happy to say that I'm proud of Coles for hiring the right person who can do their job, considering OP got away like this for years.

  • Do us all a favour, tell us which servos you have been using that haven’t policed this, there the ones we should be avoiding as they have semi challenged staff.

    I regularly fill my 20l container and take it out of the car before filling. If I get semi challenged physically in the future I’ll get two 10 litre containers I can lift.

  • 20 litre petrol containers.

    Perhaps Ronin should start hitting the gym.

  • +4 votes

    Now that you have our views, it would be nice to apologise to the Coles attendant, or send an official positive feedback for being vigilant and doing their job.

  • The attendant may have saved your life.

  • You have to remember sometimes these places use mystery shoppers to make sure procedures are being followed. If the attendant or another staff member has been caught out with something like that, it could be the reason they're such a stickler for the rules.

  • If I was the attendant I would have shut off the pumps to make my point.

  • +5 votes

    Need to refill my popcorn…

  • It's to do with static electricity from improper grounding. The fluid/fuel moving through the filler tube creates it's own static charge. They have to be filled on the ground. It's been that way from year dot.

    If you've been filling containers in the back of your ute, enjoy the fireball.

  • You need to go back, you owe the employee an apology.

    • Can't wait for the OP response to this.
      Should be something along the lines of "well I'm not in Victoria so these pesky rules don't apply because the laws of physics are different where I am"