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Caperlan Stainless Eyed Fishing Hooks $1 (20 Pack) (Was $11) @ Decathlon (Free C&C or +Delivery)


Perfect for the summer holidays. Packet of 20.

Product information-
STAINLESS EYED HOOK single sea fishing hook. These hooks are designed for fishing at sea with natural bait.

STAINLESS HOOKS are perfectly suited to sea shore fishing.
Their long stem and strong iron composition make them particularly ideal for targeting big fish.

Breaking resistance
Strong durable hook won't straighten when playing fish.

Long shank hook for better hooking.

Resistance to salt water
The stainless steel of the hook increases the durability of the assembly.

Several sizes available at time of posting.

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    They were $11 each?
    Edit: you might need to add, pack of 20


    Read title a Captain Birdseye hooks.

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    Please don't use stainless hooks. They do not rust so if you lose the hook or if you have to cut the line, the fish will die.


      So normal iron hooks rust off so fish don’t die? I’m confused.

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        The normal hardened steel hooks do not have to rust off, they just need the barbed end to rust sufficiently and the fish's movement would throw the hook off.

        Some fish will still die but they have a reasonable chance to live with a non-stainless hook. With a stainless hook, it is a sure death.


      Rust is toxic to fish which will also kill them and if a stainless steel hook doesn't affect feeding which is shouldn't it if hooked properly won't kill them but takes longer to go away. If you really care about the fish, you'll fish like a marine biologist which use stainless NON BARBED hooks (most of the time).


        Yes, guthooked and some foulhooked fish will still die.

        Lip hooked fish like when a toothy shark is released via cut line will be okay.

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          "Yes, guthooked and some foulhooked fish will still die."
          Just like they would with any other hook.


            @npiet1: For those unfortunate cases, yes.

            Not all hook ups are gut hooks and foulhook.

            (Probably jinxed myself).


              @tshow: So… way the fish is hooked matters if the fish lives or dies. Type of hook doesn’t from what I can gather.


                @wei2009: From my source (a fishing buddy who is a marine biologist), it matters. In fact, they are pushing for SS hooks to be removed from sale.

                SS hooks stay there for life. Some fish may be able to form scar tissues around it but it is far better to have a barbed hook become a non barbed hook through corrosion.

                (SS hooks are almost pointless in a first world country anyway. We hardly re-use small hooks.)


                  @tshow: But toxic rust is fine lol? If they really cared they would be pushing for only SS non barbed hooks.


                    @npiet1: It is toxic but not lethal amounts.

                    They are pushing for barbless also but that's more for lures. Practically impossible to bottom fish barbless.

                    (I lure fish barbless and never use trebles)


        Is this a new “theory”? All the marine biologists I’ve worked with over 20 years either say to use hardened steel with the barb removed or complain about banning fishing.
        The old theory being WHEN a snag occurs the stainless hooks last for years on the seabed and pose a risk to various species, the hardened steel breakdown within weeks.

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    hook won't straighten when playing fish

    Remind me to never play with you.

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    A reel-y good deal thanks!


    Are these gangable ?

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