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[VIC] Free Lunch for The Homeless and Needy on Christmas Day @ La Porchetta Werribee


What a fabulous gesture from this restaurateur.

Bookings essential - call (03) 9748 4888.

Hopefully it helps those in need of comfort and some Christmas love. Please don't abuse such an initiative.

On offer -

  • glass of house wine, beer or soft drink
  • starter: Bruschetta and meatballs
  • main: pizza, paster and lasagne
  • dessert: tirimisu

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  • Repentance!

    • i thought only a zoo was there you know Weribby Zu

      • +9

        you know Weribby Zu

        Have you been to the toilet there? The Zu Lu ?

        • No it's too dirty but I once went on a date there with Loosey Lu

  • +8

    Love this. Will surely make some people's christmases much more special.

      • +4

        That's not even close to sad.

        What's sad is Australia has hundreds of thousands of homeless people while the Australian Government spends billion of dollars on committing war crimes with the USA for corporate profit. The illegal wars have killed one million civilians according to the Pentagon while other estimates put the figure at 10 million innocent deaths.

        Australian's elected the war criminals. According to polling 85% of Australians were against the Iraq attack but they elected the war criminal John Howard in the very next election after the beginning of the war crimes spree. Since then we have attacked seven other countries illegally while politicians lie about there being no money to house people in one of the world's wealthiest countries.

        • Should the pentagon be paying to feed and shelter out homeless?

          • @AustriaBargain: If you genuinely believe anything in diji's comment says or suggests that, your comprehension is far beyond sad.

          • @AustriaBargain: no…but they shouldnt be taking money that can keep people alive to kill other people. Dunno…some people call me crazy.

        • +1

          Let's remember that the politicians cannot lie to the public without the help of the media.

        • -1

          No seconds for you.

        • Every thread you post this political rhetoric. Get over it.

          • @spiff: If you don't want to hear the truth, keep your head buried in the sand!

            • -1

              @Lv80: Your tin foil hat looks shiny today

              • @spiff: rather wear a shiny hat and see whats going on than wear no hat and eat dirt

  • main: pizza, paster and lasagne

    Do you pastor ???

  • What's their definition of needy I wonder?

    Could lead to abusing their kindness

    • +8

      You’d have to be needy to want to spend your Xmas day there just for free food. If you need people to hang out with because you have no one else, even if you have money, I bet they’d be fine with that. Most people have options for what to do Xmas day, I think this is for people who have nothing better to do.

      • +1

        Unless you worked with the homeless you don't understand the main thing they need is a bit of compassion for their situation and some company, it's the loneliness they battle each day.

        • -5

          It’s just a shame that apparently the only way they can get it is though mind shrinking Christian sects. Or through Jamie Oliver restaurants iirc. See I wouldn’t think Jamie Oliver staff would have any ulterior motive, except maybe to promote the Jamie Oliver brand as being charitable, but that’s not such a bad thing if you like charity.

          • +3

            @AustriaBargain: So while the "mind shrinking Christian sects" and "Jamie Oliver restaurants" are providing help to the homeless and needy, it's good to know you're offering your thoughts of "shame" instead…

    • +1

      It isn't their definition..it is yours. Anything that is genuinely needy appreciates this for what it is. Anyone that isn't is just scum for leeching on a person that is opening their business to help those in genuine need.

  • +2

    Very good gesture. Upvoted +1 for Christmas the spirit.

  • +28

    Hopefully posting this on a bargain website doesn't bring the wrong type of crowd to an event for people in need. Great work by La Porchetta, although bookings necessary for the homeless seems like a perplexing suggestion (understandable though)

    Having worked with homeless for a few years, it's not exactly a trait consistent with the type of people their providing for.

    • +1

      Great work by La Porchetta

      It looks like this is being done by that particular franchisee.

    • Maybe people who can book in advance tend to tithe more of their income, or have more income to tithe. Over time as their membership builds those churches will have more money to out on bigger events, meanwhile the churches putting on lunch only for the literally homeless don’t get much tithe back for their investment, so they can’t put on big events, or even afford insurance for smaller ones after a while. It’s natural selection for organizations. The more self interested churches will have more money to expand. 10% of someone’s income is no small thing.

  • +33

    if you dont want it abused why would you post it here?

    • +9

      Unfortunately for the right people to hear about this offer, the wrong people will hear about it too… It's not like there's an OzPoor website to post it on instead.

      • +8

        It's not like there's an OzPoor website to post it on

        poor phrasing, there are actually community pages through Facebook that I used to have clients visit frequently for news on food/clothing vans visiting the area. If you really want to find it, you certainly can if you wish to assist the needy.

      • +2

        (imo) I think people need a reality check if they think posting a freebie like this will do more good than harm on a site like OzBargain.

        There may not be an OzPoor, but you'll probably end up informing more scummy scammers than truly needy on a site like this.

      • +3

        exactly. I've passed this on to a friend that works with the needy in Werribee and she hadn't heard about it.

    • +6

      Because not everyone here is in the position to buy countless eneloops and micro SD cards.

      I believe in the goodness of people. Some choose to be suspicious of every little thing, including some prolific posters here.

      • -8

        Sure you do

        Or you wanted the upvotes

        • Haha got em

      • Any history book or Today Tonight exposé will tell you to be suspicious of religion. Science will tell you to be suspicious of supernatural claims. I think what we are all getting at is be wary of religion because they appear harmless and if you’re in a vulnerable position than the attention the churches give you could be disarming. Involving yourself with a church can be a life changing thing to do, and often not objectively for the better.

        • lol at the idea of quoting Today Tonight exposés. If you believe all those, I have a bridge to sell you. Or do you just selectively believe the ones that reinforce your own biases…

          • -1

            @papachris: Selling someone something that they can’t prove exists, sounds familiar? Like what a church might do.

    • +1

      Even if there are websites and pages specifically for the people in need, there will always be people who would go to them to take advantage of such events.

      • The times/places that after-hours charitable services visit weed out most willing to grab a freebie. The quality of life in most of oz is far too high to take advantage of most community services. How good is that?

    • +1

      Exactly that I was thinking. This is not really a deal or a bargain, it's charity. Most people on here are looking for deals, bargains and legitimate freebies, not this.

  • +9

    possibly a dumb question, but do most homeless people have phones to call to book?

    • +7

      but do most homeless people have phones to call to book?

      Or internet access to log into OzBargain.

      • +4

        Or even know about OzBargain.

      • You don't have to log in to ozbargain

        • +3

          You do if you want to vote.

    • +1

      Some do, plus there are telstra boxes still about

      • for how much per call?

    • +2

      yes, some homeless people do have cheap smartphones to reach critical services and be contacted by loved ones. We're a tad different to the states but still, the underlying issue of mental health inhibits some peoples ability to live a 'normal' life.

    • +2

      From many experiences I've read, yes they do. They won't have the latest Galaxy S10 or whatever but you can get a decent smartphone for <$200 these days. It's basically an invaluable tool and with the amount of free WiFi going around you can easily get access to a multitude of services you couldn't otherwise.

    • homeless, not phoneless - I hope!

      • most of the seriously homeless, the ones that sleep on the street would probably not have phones because they have nowhere to charge them and also they usually have a substance abuse issue so all their money goes on that.

  • +12

    Fabulous gesture indeed but posting it on ozbargain is probably not a good idea. The same page where people lose their marbles over a free drink or water bottle.

  • +1

    Sadly there's always freeloaders.

    Passing through the Friday night handouts in Brisbane City you always see overseas backpackers lining up.

    • +5

      Reminds me of the time 20 years ago when I did some travelling and ended up in Oxford, UK. One night I had to find the local charity place for a free meal. I had absolutely nothing at the time.

  • +35

    I think this is a great initiative, but after consideration I'm negging due to a) the potential for this to be abused and b) it's unlikely to be a bargain for the vast majority of people on OzBargain. It also comes close to the 'no charity' rule, though I appreciate there's no freebie in the mail. I'd move it to the forums, or suggest this is instead posted to groups targeted the homeless.

    • -3

      Agree… It would have been better to post it on Instagram…

      • +10

        Don't worry, I'm sure some 'influencers' will walk by, take a selfie and post how heartwarming it was to serve food to the poor.

        • +5

          In a bikini of course

          Or maybe they will use the homeless guys cardboard box as a back drop

      • Yeah, I'm sure they went "Well, it's posted to OzBargain, so now I can't post it to IG!" #CLUELESS

      • JV, you sure do love bolding your text so your statements make a big impact, dontcha?

    • It also comes close to the 'no charity' rule

      Doesn't it actually break the rule? This post is 100% charity.

  • +2

    How are they gonna get there?

    • It's clearly aimed at those that live in the area.

      • +3


        • Why? It should encourage more aorund Melbourne to do this. Each community looking after its own. It's what used to happen when people cared about those around them. Sadly we are all too busy and running our own rat race to stop look up and realise we are laps ahead of other people, thinking that WE are the ones struggling.

          sucks if you arent in the area…but have a look and ask around…there possibly could be something similar around you

    • +4

      Free public transport on the 25th.

  • +6

    Those cynical of ozbargaining freeloaders could always donate their time and labour to a community organisation servicing the homeless.

    A number of Christmases ago, mum and I volunteered at a local church mission, who used to run a winter breakfast and Christmas lunch. As a well-heeled person, the deal is you peel a heap of vegies, stir the gravy, mash the spuds, plate up the food and laterwards, do the dishes.

    As a reward for your selflessness, you get to enjoy Christmas with the downtrodden - who let's face it, are probably happier to see you and better company than your own flesh-and-blood family of weirdos that you make a habit of seeing as little as possible!

    • For the last 5+ xmases, these ideas build pressure in my head.
      I really dislike what Xmas has become, and want to reconnect with the core concepts. I'm a kind & helpful person. And I want to give to those most in need.

      But I never pass step 1. I don't want to be some blow-in expecting to get a job "just like that".

      And it's a fact, no matter how much I'm doing it for others, wanting nothing in return… It's not true. It'll make ME feel better, and I have a strange feeling of guilt from that. The very first step for me wanting to do it, is the negative feeling I get, so wanting to give. Very strange loop.

      • Is it wrong to feel better about doing something good?

  • +12

    Cant believe this guy is sacrificng his time with his family on the day and working for free and giving out free food and paying staff(assumption)

    What a legend

  • +2

    dont be so cheap

    • +2

      The deal is not for you and me, but for those in need.

      • +21

        You mean The Homeless and Needy sit in front of computer that using ozbargain website?

        • +4

          Are you saying that the homeless and needy don't use OzBargain?

        • +1

          It's plausible. They're homeless and needy, not deaf and blind ;)

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