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Nuglass Tempered Glass Protector for Samsung - 5 for $15 + Del ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay

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  • So these don't work with the fingerprint scanner?

    • Yep. I had this brand on my old iPhone no worries. On the new note 10 fingerprint sensor doesn't work and not very good on the curved screen

      • I got a different brand that was supposed to work on note 10+ but not so good. Have you found one that works @Gonltruck ?

        • Whitestone Dome is the only hard/glass one that is certified to work with the S10 ranges fingerprint reader, but they're pretty pricy.

          I ended up going with a non-glass one and it's been fine with the scanner. Not as nice a feel to it though.

          • @noisymime: Yeah the plastic factory on the wasn't the greatest…. might have to shell out for one of those domes

          • @noisymime: Even the Whitestone Dome (perfectly installed) with the same finger print entered four times is terrible. It can take me 10+ attempts to recognise my fingerprint.

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    Delivery is 14.95 without Ebay Plus

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    Unfortunately most of these curved screen protector don't last long. They are either very thin or just edge adhension.

    Your best bet would be to find UV cured screen protector if you have a curved edge phones (especially for Samsung Devices). Imo, Whitestone Dome Glass is the best UV Cured Screen Protector, but you'll also be paying ~$50+ for it. They do make cheaper UV Cured Screen Protector on eBay/AliExpress for <$10.

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      Got a link handy?

      I'm still using my factory fitted protector on my s10+

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        I usually get mine done instore, so I don't screw it up myself.

        As for the cheaper option, just search 'uv screen protector' on eBay/Aliexpress.

        • I screwed my UV and had to bin it. Was so pissed. Is the UV working with fingerprint scanner?

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            @R3XNebular: I have an older Samsung with the fingerprint scanner on the back so can't test myself. But my friends has the S10+ and Note10+ with Whitestone Dome Glass, and their screen fingerprint scanner works fine.

    • I put one of these on my phone a couple of weeks ago. Just dropped my headphones on it and cracked the screen protector…

      • By 'these' I mean the nuglass ones.
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        That's why we put on screen protectors. Could have been your phone's glass and/or LCD. Good investment.

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    Thx OP great deal bought some stuff.

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    3 bucks each for a good usb c cable? Sure, I'll get five. Ta.

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    Thanks OP 4 usb c and 1 lightning cables are ordered.

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    Thanks OP!!

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    Amazing prices!

    I got:

    20KG Arm Muscle Trainer Power Rod Exerciser Chest Body Twister Fitness Workout
    30"-50" Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Gym Bar Rod Chest Arm Trainer
    Portable Tempered Glass Digital Body Weight Scale - Blue
    40KG Arm Muscle Trainer Heavy Duty Power Twister Rod Fitness Equipment Chest
    60CM Stability Ball for Yoga Aerobic Fitness Exerciser Gym Fit Balance

    $16.95 (^_^)

    And I had a $12 voucher, so that means I just paid about $5 for all.

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    Nuglass S10E screen protectors shave off around 1-2mm on each side off the usable screen, just a heads up.

    • I've struggled with this issue from other generic screen protectors too.
      Do you know any that fit well?
      Would appreciate any pointers or suggestions in this regard

  • Anyone with an S10 with nuglass? Want to know if re adding fingerprints will allow the fingerprint scanner to work…

    • I'd be keen to know as well

      • Purchased one to try. If anything I'll return… Doesnt mention anything about issues with fingerprints on their listings where other listings do?

        • So. Did it work? :)

          • @evolution-flip: Yes and no. Takes 4 attempts roughly before it registers my fingerprints. I also reprogrammed my prints as per instructions. Many times I am exceeding the five attempt limit to unlock which is frustrating. There is also a circle where the fingerprint sensor is. I assume a more thinner tempered glass and looks like sticky residue underneath to ensure contact. The sticky band that holds the screen protector is visible on the screen. I have ordered some hydrogel to replace these.

  • I went with Finger Skateboard Skatepark Set - Pipe Bank & Ramp I expect that my finger will be in the ED at some stage very soon.

  • Only USB2 data speed, 480Mbps. Should I look for USB-C to USB-C for 5-10Gbps?

    • usb c to usb c is mainly used for pd charging, unless if you have a usb c ports only like a macbook, if you want 3.0 speeds get a normal usb to usb c cable

  • Last month I had to return Nuglass for Sam s7 (not edge) as it didn't cover whole screen. Just be mindful.

  • Does Samsung screen protector have glue coverage across the whole screen ("aka full screen glue") or only around edges?

  • Damn out of stock already for S10e

    • It’s been more than nine hours. “Already” on OzBargain is seconds. Lol

      • Only had 52 upvotes so I thought there may be a chance :/

        • Thats true but on a brand new mainstream phone it is likely to sell out fairly quickly.

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    Thanks bought 5 usb c charge cables. They disappear like socks in my household!

  • Bought the deal yesterday, got a cancellation message from eBay today. Waste of time, avoid.

    • Hi
      If you can PM me with the order details, I might be able to help. cheers

  • Sent me the wrong iPhone pro max screen protectors. The S10+ screen protectors have an annoying cut out for the fingerprint and the screen is hit and miss for the fingerprint sensor. Message on eBay no resolution yet.

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