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Lian Vietnamese Pho Rice Noodle Beef 70g $1.25 Half Price @ Woolworths


Bought some to try out. It’s no AN @ Bankstown but does the trick. The veggie one is also half price

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    Thanks OP. Not bhed for $1.25. I find that a little fresh chilli and good squeeze of lemon helps out a lot.

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    Do you happen to know the ingredients? Any MSG (621) or other flavour enhancers? I can’t seem to find a listing and I’ve never tried them before. Thanks, Matt

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      I’d be surprised if msg wasn’t around. Threw pack in bin. Sorry there’s just no way I’m putting my hands in there (I know what’s hiding in there). Can confirm very tasty tho.

      • Is cool, thanks, just thought I’d ask, cheers!

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      MSG isn't a bad thing. Unless you're allergic of course.

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        Which I am..

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          That sucks.

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      Msg is a naturally occurring substance. Nothing wrong with it.

      • So is sugar unless you’re a diabetic, so is milk, unless you’re intolerant. People can still be allergic to naturally occurring substances..

      • Is botox safe?

        • Yes it is.

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          Is there Botox in the noodles?

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    Msg is great food enhancer. Some shop will add it in to enhance the flavour. AN at Bankstown does for sure I reckon. Need a bucket loads of water after eating. Be surprised if this doesn't have it

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      The could tell me they add arsenic, I’d still go. That’s how good it is

    • Hmm why just Bankstown? Almost all food businesses do it. It may not always be added in as a white powder form but MSG is added to almost every takeaway food of any kind.

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        AN is a famous Pho place in Bankstown. Which what the op was referring too. Just stating they are probably using it. Well made pho doesn't need msg. Msg is a good short cut if your short on time to get a similar sort of taste.

    • Cheers..

  • Parents always say the stock so tasty that it has opium in it.

    • its true thats how they hook you in for more

      • Is that how they got you with the crack?

        • true that . once you snort you cant abort

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            @crackhead: i heard rumours they put a lil Mary Jane in there as well, just enough to get you to order another bowl or 2

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    The ill effects of MSG were a '90s misconception. It's fine.

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      You may have become aware of it in the 90's, but was a prevalent myth long before that, especially in the USA. Dates from 1960's! Some connect the popularity of the myth to racist ideas…

      Isolated as a compound in Japan in 1907. But found in foods like tomatoes.

      Umami or savory taste is one of the five basic tastes. MSG is used as a flavor enhancer with an umami taste that intensifies the meaty, savory flavor of food, as naturally occurring glutamate does in foods such as stews and meat soups.

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        Some people have sensitivities to glutamates though, so msg is a big no no to them, but they know who they are.

      • Yes, even eating tomatoes can cause issues..hence why I avoid added MSG and flavour enhancers where possible.

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      It isn’t if you’re allergic to it, or are sensitive to flavour enhancers..regardless natural or not,

      • OK we get it, you're allergic. Stop repeating yourself

  • Can't go wrong with noodles

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    I think you may find your packet of chips has a higher ratio of msg compared to some other foods

    • If you eat packet chips containing MSG, perhaps..allergy and sensitivity to MSG is the concern, not whether chips contain it. I don’t eat flavoured chips if I did eat packet chips, always plain, I don’t think potatoes contain MSG or oil they are cooked in?

  • Nunuz

  • This is decent, but they really need to discount Hart and Soul Pho (Konjac soup pouch). Currently at $4 and they used to discount it to $3 every other week, except it hasn't been on sale for 2 months.

  • Will try it. Thanks for post.

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    [Pho]nomenal deal

  • MSG is fine for those who have no allergy to flavour enhancers, but for those with allergies to it which I do, then it is an issue..Sugar isn’t a problem, unless you’re a diabetic, milk isn’t a problem, unless you’re intolerant, same scenario..

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      People can have allergies to anything… why would you bother with msg? I know people who are allergic to bananas… they know not to eat them..

      • That’s why I asked if anyone knew if the noodles contained MSG or not? What’s your point? If I were allergic to bananas, I’d ask if it contained bananas..

  • Cheap MSG only 1.25

  • Ok, who OzBargained these on the online store

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      Well, you will post this great deal, which was reposted elsewhere😉

      Depends on location.
      Several stores near me are showing available.

      Picked up 1 in store to try - liked it👍 Now I want more!

      But stock on shelf days ago was about 4 of each, possibly more out back. So once those are sold, most likely will be unavailable online.

      Stock for Online orders may not be available at time of packing, if you can place order.

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      Rang local store in Brisbane showing available online - system showed 7 available, but may be less. So they checked other stores.

      Another store showing online - only 3 available. So ordering more than that would be disappointing.

      Rang nearby store & they held the 12 that came in last night at service desk. (They have reordered.) Great service👍 Grabbed a few veggie ones to try (plenty in stock).

      Seems stores restock 12 at a time, although some may restock more.

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        I picked up 20 in total yesterday at 3 different stores

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          I was after 10 so am happy with 12 at 1 store, plus the veggie ones. Can pick up another 12 tomorrow at same store, but think I've got enough.

          Helped towards the $50 spend for 3000pts (already got 8000pts on 2 x $50 spends this week) & paid by discount egift cards👍

  • Keysy S dingley

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    Taste nothing like Pho. Glad I didn't buy in bulk

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      It's only $1.25!
      You don't expect real fresh Pho at that price?

      • For a snack, need 2 for meal.

        70g of the noodles and soup base isn't much for $1.25

        You don't expect real fresh Pho at that price

        No, but if its marketed as "Pho" then I would expect the soup base at least to taste like Pho.

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          Nicer than the usual packet noodles I've tried at this price. But, if you've got access to good fresh Pho @$1.25, you wouldn't eat these.

          Bought 1, expecting these would be crap, so was surprised they were good. Bought more, for occasional use. My tongue & stomach don't read the label😉

          I wouldn't eat this just by itself. Can add other ingredients. Had tiny amount of left over roast chicken scraps, & fresh greens. Added to 1 pack in bowl in microwave. Enough for quite reasonable tasty lunch today.
          I've found it's a handy way to prepare a quick meal while travelling.

          • @the INFIDEL: I'm obviously comparing to other ready to eat type of noodles. This is nothing special when it's slightly more expensive or same price as others. I'm baffled at why you would think one would compare to a fresh Pho.

            If you buy a $1 cheeseburger, you expect it to taste like a cheeseburger, not a regular sandwich.

            • @Ughhh: I'm baffled at why you would think one would compare to a fresh Pho.

              You are the one comparing… Taste nothing like Pho. Only fresh Pho can really taste like Pho. And that flavour & experience varies!

              You are setting other packaged Pho as your guide to the taste of Pho??

              I've only eaten fresh Pho until now, at restaurants & Vietnamese neighbours. Deals here for restaurant Pho also bring out varied opinions.

              As I said, we wouldn't eat these if you have cheap fresh Pho available. I rarely eat packaged noodles, but gave these a try🍜

              But didn't expect an authentic experience from a packaged noodle. That would be expecting the impossible. That's why I add fresh ingredients, using this as a quick base.

              I don't eat crappy cheeseburgers, so would always prefer a good fresh sandwich. It would be a nice surprise😉

              Please suggest better tasting packaged Pho, (especially if around this price). Certainly willing to try.

              • @the INFIDEL: I'm baffled at your comprehension and standards.

                If you bought something, you expect it to taste like that it markets as.

                • @Ughhh: Then you must be constantly disappointed😞

                  Your standards for the taste of Pho is packaged Pho! You must complain that restaurant Pho doesn't taste like package Pho!!

                  • @the INFIDEL:

                    Then you must be constantly disappointed

                    In this convo, yes.

                    Your standards for the taste of Pho is packaged Pho!

                    I dont recall adding drugs to the big mac I dropped…

                    • @Ughhh: I dont recall adding drugs to the big mac I dropped…
                      You know it's mean not to share - the drugs you've had😉

                      • @the INFIDEL: …. Nothing I stated indicated I have drugs in my possession. Again, disappointed.

                        If anything, it indicates you just had drugs BTW.

    • -1

      This is OzBargain not OzEntitled

      • I just dropped a big mac on the floor, how about I sell it to you for $1. You sound like you would buy and eat for the bargain.

        • Nasty!
          Says more about you than the OP😉

          And why keep discussing bought burgers in a Deal for packaged noodles?

          • @the INFIDEL: I'm offering you a bargain, isn't that all you care about?

            • @Ughhh: Asked above for your suggestions on good packaged Pho at a reasonable price…

              But you seemed to have locked the drugs off it, so not a bargain😉

              • @the INFIDEL: Get the seasoning and soup base formula right. Simple.

                • @Ughhh: Rather pop next door for real Pho for nothing - with fresh ingredients & home made stock.
                  Can smell it now😉

                • @Ughhh: Still waiting for the brands of packaged Pho you said were better… Like to try.
                  I'm obviously comparing to other ready to eat type of noodles. This is nothing special…

                  • @the INFIDEL: 🤦‍♂️

                    If youre going to quote me, you should at least double check what I wrote and understand it

                    I dont need another packaged brand to compare with to make a judgement on whether it taste like Pho or not….

                    • @Ughhh: You certainly make no sense…

                      Comparing the taste to other packaged Pho, then saying you're not comparing to other packaged brand!

                      Now understand where your Username comes from😣

                      • @the INFIDEL:

                        I'm obviously comparing to other ready to eat type of noodles. This is nothing special…

                        Did I say Pho there, or did I say other types of noodles?

                        • @Ughhh: This is a discussion you started about the taste of this packaged Pho. So you are now saying your argument never was about Pho!

                          Living up to your user name.
                          A pointless discussion. Had it marked off-topic.

                          • @the INFIDEL: Right… When I'm saying that it doesn't taste like Pho, I'm actually talking about something else. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

                            No point in continuing discussion if there s a communication barrier.

                            • @Ughhh: Thought as much!
                              A pointless discussion.
                              Nothing to offer, just useless cheeseburger analogies & drug references.

                              • -1

                                @the INFIDEL: I'll let things side since I assume English isn't your first language.

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                    @the INFIDEL: Let me ask you one question.

                    Does this taste like Pho that you know? Would you be able to tell its Pho if you were blind?

                    Yes or no?

        • -1

          I want it to taste like $16 Pho for $1.25. Get over yourself. Your real name isn’t Karen by any chance?

        • Marked off-topic

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    i know this is a bit late

    but my wife loves these pho because obviously no wheat inside

    i can tell you if they are out of stock as if they have any normally when they go on sale they have a few boxes of each out back

    we tried to raincheck these another time for $1.25 and the service desk just asked the man to go get more from the back and replace the boxes on the shelve

    picked up 4 of each flavour last time

    they are not my type of noodles just hers… i like the hot mealz maggi ones … that curry flavour is possibly the best bowl noodle iv ever tried

    • I'm not a lover of wheat either.

      None left out the back at stores I tried. All were on the shelf. Seemed some stores restocked more regularly than others. Best to check early in morning after shelves are restocked.

      But always ask! They can check their & other Woolies stock levels.

      Rang a store on Sunday just after opened - they set aside 12 for me, that had arrived the night before.

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    So I finally got some of these (not as good deal but 2 for $4 at Coles)

    Tried the beef bought about 75gramms of silverside from the deli and threw it I. When I added hot water pretty impressed; no real additional salt or anything required; might try with a few bean sprouts next time .

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      I find the beef tastier

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      That's what I do when travelling overseas, with other noodle products, for a quick cheap meal. I throw in green leafy veggies, sprouts, & fresh herbs like coriander when I can. An egg also cooks well.

      As you say - works well with this product👍

      In Japan I can get an Udon pack from the Super(market) with fresh noodles, stock, some meat, egg, sprouts, etc for around $2. Still add other ingredients for a cheap tasty meal.