This was posted 1 year 11 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Epic - Free - Into the breach (rated at 93% positive on Steam) - Epic Store


It has started - today is the first day of the "12 days of freebies" Christmas 2019, kindly provided by Epic.

Original Deal Post

These games are free for ONE DAY ONLY - so don't delay adding the game to your account!

Today's freebie is: Into the breach

Steam page (for info ONLY):

From the website:

Control powerful mechs from the future to defeat an alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game from the makers of FTL.


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    There's also a $10 coupon for purchases $14.99 and above.

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      About to post it.

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    People just be aware that in past Epic offered free games for 1 week at a times, sometimes more…but the time period that they were available for was 1 week. These freebies are for ~1 day so be quick otherwise you will miss them.

    • Added a note to make people aware.

      • Into The Breach
        Free Now - Dec 21 at 03:00 AM

  • Note the deals as a result of the $10 off coupon as mentioned by Mibo:

  • Great game

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    This is the first Epic freebie I'm super excited about. I loved FTL and have been keeping an eye on this in steam. Thanks!

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      Own this on Switch

      Great game, short with lots of replayability like FTL

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      Same! I absolutely love FTL and looking forward to this!

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    This is an excellent well-made tactics game. It's very satisfying to play, though I reckon FTL is still better by the fact it's more open.

    Glad more people can play it now, and hope the creators of the game got a good deal!

  • Very good game, kind of like a mech take on chess.

  • Holy crap good find. I've wanted this for ages, kept hoping it would come to console but it never did. Guess I'll settle for a free PC copy! :D

  • Great game, purchased full price on switch, still playing till this day. Totally worth it

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    Have more games on epic than any platform thanks to these freebies. Havent spent a cent

  • Free to redeem one day only? Or free to play for one dah

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      Just one day to add it to your account to keep forever.

  • Winner!
    Very keen but hard to use a pc these days due to kids. Need a discount on the switch version to make sure i play it.

    • +3

      Kids make PCs hard to use?

      Do they keep hitting the “Turbo” button and slowing your frame rate down?

      • Lol. Trying to not expose them to screen time. Then the little buggers go to bed late. Leaves dad no gaming time.

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    This game is so so good

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    Yet another freebie from my steam wishlist.

    If Epic thinks they can just buy their way into my good graces by giving me great free games all year long… they may be correct.

  • Looks like you can bookmark this page to check on daily:

  • Is anyone else's Epic Store broken?

    Whenever I go to 'buy' a free game, the dashboard just hangs on a loading screen forever.

    I dunno if I've even claimed the last 5-6 games as I can't get beyond the loading screen.
    Anyone else with this issue?

    Also this game is awesome, played it for hours on my Switch.

    • The site doesn't work for me on Firefox on desktop, I can't buy the free games.
      Works on Chrome though.

    • Might be something to do with your ad blocker or pi-hole if you have one.

      It was doing this to me sometimes, however when I access the store through a VPN it works fine.

      • I'm accessing it through the launcher, Not a browser though.

        Very weird

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    Looks like tomorrow is TowerFall if someone wants to post

    • Can't. Info not certain or reliable enough apparently.

  • I paid top dollar for this game on day one because this game is top dollar. For you moochers to get it for free a year after release is a crazy good deal. This is basically the best PC game of 2018.

  • Hadn't used epic games launcher before. added it. thought I was done. closed my laptop. opened it today and it said "complete order". Clicked it and deal had expired. I'd been waiting for this game for so long. lesson learned.

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