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Save 8c/L (On First Use, then 4c/L) at Shell Coles Express if You Have a Car + Odometer Listed in Carsales App (Excludes WA)


So I got an app notification to save 8cents off fuel by adding my car make and mode and odomètre reading into the app. Barcode and voucher was generated straight away. It says one use per day, which implies it may not be unique and can be reused

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    Pretty sure it says 8 c once, then 4c thereafter


    8c first use
    4c from then on
    AND this has been posted before

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    So 8c CarSales + 10c Flybuys + 12c Shell Racing + 10c $20 Spend + 4c Coles Docket = 44c per Litre. Lowest current price in Shell melbourne is around 134c, so 90c per litre not bad and pay with discounted Gift Cards or Flybuys dollars to maximise


      It would be great if you can link to the other deals :)

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      Shell Racing cant be stacked with this
      FlyBuys cant be stacked with this

      this offer cannot be stacked with any other offer offered to you in whole or part by Viva Energy. If you present any other Viva Energy funded fuel discount offer for redemption from any other party e.g. flybuys, Shell Racing Team app (in addition to the fuel discount offer from carsales), only the highest cents per litre fuel discount barcode will be redeemable. If all the Viva Energy funded fuel discount offers have the same cents per litre discount value, then only the first fuel discount offer presented will be redeemed.

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      Not bhad brother


      What is 12ct shell racing?

      Is it still going?

      I know about the 8ct from shell app before when they win a race. Is that the same?

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    What do they do with this data? (legit question, I'm really curious)

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      Email you randomly to suggest selling your car
      "did you know your XXX with XXX Kms could be worth $XX,XXX.00

      Send you insurance offers
      Send you finance offers (Stratton finance is owned by Carsales)

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    Get yourself a bargain simply by not going to Coles Express. They will hike the prices a week earlier than all and will not drop it a week after the fall. Coles Express is driving the fuel prices crazy. How come the trend has changed to 170cents a litre and then drop to 120 cents a litre. This is a huge gap. The pattern has gone as well so no one can predict when the prices will be low ao to fill tank full of fuel when it's cheap. It used to be every Tuesday of week when the prices were lowest enabling buyers to refill and save, not anymore. And if you are a flybuys member, the timing of offer you receive to save 20 cents a litre will mostly be between the period when prices are spiked by this scumbag mop.


      Coles Express is such a mixed bag.
      In 15kms I have (for 91) 132.9, 146.9 and 172.9

      Where as 7/11 and Metro are almost all 131.9 locally.


      such price fluctations are highly localised, whats happening in your neighbourhood is not happening elsewhere.



    French Cars only?


    Thanks didn’t notice this offer … next time I fill. :)


    This does work for WA as well.

    Once per day only.

    If you have a second car, use Linkt

    Need to pay $1.5 to setup a Sydney account, and works in WA.

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    Just be aware that this information get solved everyone from marketers to insurance companies

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    Can't use 8c intro discount on diesel. You need to get someone else to use it on petrol to access the 4c ongoing discount.


      I can't work out why they would exclude diesel.

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        This was their response when I asked…

        Thanks for getting in contact with us!

        Yes, that is correct that diesel is excluded from the initial 8c offer, however once the initial offer is used, diesel is then included in the following 4c offer. This was a decision made by Viva who supplies the offer itself, which means that we unfortunately are unable to change it on our end.

        Sorry for the inconvenience!


    Nice, just worked at my local in Perth for 8c off.


    for info: need to generate a new code each use.

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    Stopped working for me now. The barcode hasn’t changed since I last used it and it now comes up as “already used” at the coles servo