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[PS4, XB1] Terminator: Resistance - $46.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


A pretty big drop for Terminator: Resistance, which has been hovering at around $75 - 90 since it's release just a month ago. Current price at JB is $89.

Link for XBOX ONE: https://www.amazon.com.au/Reef-Entertainment-Terminator-Resi...

I've been real curious to play this game, since I like movie tie-ins and junk games, but I think I'm gonna wait for it to get closer to $20 - 30, which I figure is a real certainty. Still, it's somewhat tempting at this price…

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  • 'since I like movie tie-ins and junk games'

    That's a plus 1 for me.

  • "A pretty big drop"

    Seems to be what most of the reviews say also.

  • "Strong violence AND SEX"

  • from the makers of the rambo game, comes another movies tie-in that break more boundaries on how bad you can make a movie tie in game.

    • I actually liked that game. It's dumb garbage but somehow it hits all the right notes for me…

      And if anyone's interested, I ended up buying the Terminator game just now. Amazon is giving some customers $10-off when they order on the app and I figure $36 for this game is a price I'm semi-OK with. Maybe I'll regret this decision later though, if the price drops further.

      Anyhow, here's the details for the Amazon coupon, if people missed it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/507490

  • I expect this to be $10 in a month.

  • I feel sorry for the kid that will have this game under the Christmas tree on the 25th

  • This game was terribad. I completed it and then JB let me return it.

    Seriously, $10 max for this.

    Oh and I generally love B grade mediocre games too. Usually. But this was no good.

  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was one of the first PS2 games I got. I enjoyed it but never finished it until a few months ago via emulation and save states, game was hard.

    Went into Terminator Salvation on PS3 expecting a challenge, got a flawed at best game and a full ass platinum trophy in about 6 hours of game time. Returned it.

    Somehow, these games seem to keep becoming more and more of a letdown. I've had this on my shelf for like a month now and still not touched it, gonna end up returning it on Jan 10 to EB genuinely unplayed at this rate, for a change.

    • sadly a lot of the early terminator games were amazing.

      Yes there were a slew of reasonable platformers that were great for their time but we had quite a few expanded universe terminator licensed games that were insanely good and groundbreaking made by bethesda.

      Part of the reason i'm not a fan of halo and a few other mainstream fps's is a lot of things they are hailed for as innovating actually came long before it in a game called terminator futureshock, and a lot of the multiplayer awesomeness came from it's followup terminator skynet.

      Skynet even featured full motion video with actors, and these games were some of the first truly 3d first person shooters.

      Bethesda then went on to make daggerfall and the rest of the elderscrolls games and there have not been that many reasonable terminator games since.

      I'm looking forward to play this, but i'm expecting it to not be great.