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GV Tools Water Hose Reel 20m $23 (60% off) @ Repco


I believe this is the cheapest i've ever seen it. Had this for a while, no issues whatsoever.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • Thanks, got one. Had been eyeing this for awhile

  • Bought one from Super heap for 15 bucks, I believe that was the cheapest. I haven't installed it yet so can't comment on the quality of that one, but for 23 bucks done know why anyone buys an expensive one

    • I meant cheapest for this specific model but yeah :)

    • but for 23 bucks done know why anyone buys an expensive one

      Because they want one that lasts more then a couple of years and works 100% of the time with a quality hose that doesn't link and decent fittings.

      • I have been using one for about a year from Aldi, no issues whatsoever, plenty of people on here with no issues, YMMV

  • I have had two for a few years and they are now having issue retracting. I will look at getting a different brand when i buy again

  • Bargain

  • If the add to cart button isn’t working choose alternative store.

  • +4 votes

    What's the quality of the hose like?

    It looks pretty crappy in one of the pics with kinks in it…

  • +4 votes

    I've had multiple brands of these over the years and I've currently got UK-made Hoselock hoses and they are the best - although not cheap.

  • actual hose does look pretty shonky..

  • I've got a couple of these I've had for quite a few years, no "reel" complaints, good for a cheapie..

    The spring for the stop valve in the fitting cant be stainless, probably chromed, when I turn the water on a little bit of rusty water comes out at the start…

    One is in full sun, no shelter, the plastic started to fade after a few years so I threw a $1 can of cheap spray paint over it to act as sunscreen so the plastic doesn't end up brittle..

    (just ordered another one, ty OP)

  • Bought one.
    Anyone tried the warranty for any faulty ones?

  • Gave + but the nearest store with stock near Brisbane is Caloundra (70 km away). :(

  • I've got this but never bolted it up. How easy is it to bolt up to a wall?

    • If you have to ask pay someone to do it especially if you can't Google it or find the numerous YouTube videos showing how.

      • Well it appears I'm missing some of the mounting hardware as well as the instructions. Hence why I asked.

        Even though the item is more helpful than you :)

    • Worth trying yourself. If you own a hammer drill (or your neighbour does) then that's your biggest hurdle covered. Bunnings reps will advise on the right fixings for your application.

  • I hated a 40 metre hose link. Expensive. Less than 2 1/2 years. Sun destroyed it.

    • 40m is rediculous unless you have a massive property and need for it. Even 30m is a pain in the ass. I have a 30m in storage and only used it once or twice. I think I use an 18m one which is perfect for most things. Doesn't quite reach the edge of my property but it never kinks and easy to manage.

      • Why is it ridiculous? You don't have to use the full length of the hose everytime you use it. A 30m out the back covers pretty much everywhere I want to use it but a 40m could also be handy when I'm working under the pool deck etc.

        I suppose you think having a 6 or 8 cylinder is ridiculous….

        • You'd want a top quality one though, something like hose link. This one looks destined to break before 12 months, even though it's not the 40m we're discussing.

          My first car was a 6
          The second had 8 cylinders, I'm not ready to swap to a battery scooter just yet.

          • +1 vote

            @Click_It: I had a v8 once and disconnected. 4 spark plugs as didn’t need a v8

            A V8 was ridiculous , was far better as a v4

    • I'm going to assume you have never had to wash your boat motor from the hose in your back yard. Good luck with 18 metres.

      However it was about a quality one dying writhing few years. Would expect 5 yrs plus on them. And that's a big nope…

  • I've got a fancy hose head with lots of different spray functions. Anyone know if you can add your own fittings to these reels?

  • I have one of these, picked it up for $26, very happy for the price. It won’t compete with a more expensive unit but the value proposition is excellent.

  • anyone have measurement of the hose reel?
    I'm after a small one for a unit.

  • So I ordered this from my local store to Click and collect but they called me this morning to say they didn't have stock.
    No solution provided. I suggested they order one in from their other stores

    • I was too slow off the mark to get mine in store yesterday. My local just ordered two in from another store for me, had to charge 7 bucks freight for both. Winning. But I guess I shouldn't count my chickens until they hatch.

  • Word of caution, this is not the usual Machpro reel that Repco usually sells. The hose is skinnier and none of your normal accessories will fit. I was also unlucky to buy one with internal water leaks. Waste of $20.

  • Link stays product is no longer available.