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Walnut Wood Headphone Stand Holder Earphone Hanger Headset Display Rack $28.08 Delivered @ eBay AU


After seeing this recent deal for $29 for a headphone stand, I thought to share something similar in price, but a bit more good looking.

- Link to $28.08 (99.9% seller)

- Link to $28.50 (99.7% seller)

Budget alternative options below.

- $17.93 - Rubbermaid Fasttrack Garage Storage System Hose Hook @ Amazon US via AU (Free delivery with Prime)

Simply place the hook part on the table so it stands on-its-own and hang your headphones on the metal part which is meant to hook onto the wall / bracket.
(I actually think this form-factor is better for stability when taking the headphones on & off since the pillar is out of the way.)
Note: Height of product is listed as 21.5cm, please measure your headphones height (top to bottom) to ensure the stand is tall enough.

- $7.95 - Command™ White Adhesive Broom Gripper - 1 Pack @ Bunnings

(Ideal for hanging headphones on a wall or cabinet. Simply fix the gripper horizontally, turned 90 degrees from the product picture. Where your headphones headband goes will be is slightly angled, so your headphones stay put when hanged.)
(You could also put the headband in the gripper if it is thin enough, but I recommend hanging them as it is very secure.)
Note: These used to be available in twin-packs.

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