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Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 36 Pack $16.49 C&C @ Chemist Warehouse


Shopback is offering 50% cashback @ CW, 12-2pm today, capped at $7.50
and cashback excludes taxes
In other words, we need to find something handy that costs $7.5 X2 X1.1=$16.50 to maximize our benefit

Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 36 Pack $16.49
Bingo! Cashback brings it down to $8.99
Note C&C only, otherwise, free shipping over $50 spend
Wish you a good toilet time on Boxing day :)

REMINDER: 12-2pm today ONLY

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • Good work OP 👍

  • Thanks OP.

  • -1

    It’s one cent off as per your calculation. Will it still work for cashback?

    • +2

      Yes. She's just saying buy something for $16.50 to maximise cashback. Anything less is ok, anything more isn't getting any further benefit.

      • How much CB are we missing out on coz of that 1c deficit? ;)

  • what's the cheapest for 3 ply and 4ply. I ran out of 150 rolls in half a year( commercial) so I'm desperate for another haul.

    • +1

      Maybe should invest in a Bum Gun?

  • Careful some shops cancel orders as they are too busy. I would add something extra or increase the price the ensure victory

  • +2

    The 45 pack is only $1 more than this on Amazon ($17.50)


    • -2

      Was about to post the same thing. Way better than CW! $17.50 + 12% SB. Or Kleenex equivalent $17.10 + 12% SB.

      Update: For delivery only, this CW promo for C&C wins for those who can.

    • +2

      Isn't it better to take advantage of the OP's deal with the 50% cashback to bring it down to $8.99/36 = $0.25 per roll vs Amazon of $15.40 (post cashback) /45 = $0.34 per roll?

      • It's a fair point, and you're right for C&C this is better.

      • Yes. Too much packaging waste for some toilet paper rolls.
        Save the planet by C&C!

    • And it gets delivered to you!

  • +2

    Hmm..my understanding is $16.49 with SB 50% cash back (capped at $7.50) so $16.49(you pay this now )-$7.50 (cashback later)=$8.99?

    So $8.99/36=0.24/roll

    • 8.99/36 is approximately 0.25

    • +1

      Calc per sheet is better. Rolls are different sizes!

  • Just saw this from CW website " Available via Click & Collect
    Out of Stock Online. Available for Click & Collect and in-store"

    So you need to pickup from store only now, no delivery option available

  • OP…"In other words, we need to find something handy that costs $7.5 X2 X1.1"… why x1.1

    • +3

      10% tax I guess

  • CW 50% cashback already appears on Shopback website without any time limits. Does it mean that it's valid even before 12pm?

    • May as well wait a few mins to avoid any issues.

  • Bought 1 - thx OP

  • ordered :)

  • All done - thanks OP

  • Boxing day sorted. Thanks OP

  • My bum says thank you ;)

  • Thanks OP! Ordered.

  • hi, how soon will you received the cashback after the purchase? do you have to activate offer first or as long as you shop via the shopback link the offer will be automated?

  • is it live yet ?

  • Thanks for doing the maths OP! Bought one :)

  • it was unavialable for click and collect.

    any other items worth buying?

  • can't add it to the cart even tho my local store shows they have stock for C&C :\

  • I prefer Coles brand Soft 24.

    But the calculations deserve a vote

  • How many times of bowel movement do everyone have?

  • Got one through click and collect. Cheers OP!

  • Got an order cancelled call. OOS.

  • Got a ready for collection message. Thanks OP

  • Bought two and just picked up from local store.
    Thanks OP.

  • Did you guys get notification from ShopBack for the cash back already?

    • Not yet. Not sure how long it takes.

      • An update. The tracking confirmation email from Shopback was received on 27/12.

  • -2

    You know this deal is still available in store for $16.49. I just went to Chemist Warehouse Castle Hill NSW and bought it.

    • I see.. and do they give 50% off (or cashback) like Shopback.com.au did as part of Boxing day offer (hence this post)?

  • Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue
    3 ply virgin paper

  • Cashback not tracked yet. Where as Myer and Catch were within 1-2hrs of making a purchase. What gives ?

  • Yep it still hasn't tracked for me either…

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