This was posted 3 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan $75 + Shipping @ Kogan


Long time lurker but first post so please correct me if im wrong.

Give your office and bedroom an upgrade with the new and improved version of the popular Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan, now adjustable to three different heights to fit any space!

  • 3 Adjustable heights – doubles as a desk fan and stand fan
  • Ultra quiet and energy efficient DC monitor fan
  • Uses up to 65% less energy than traditional AC fans
  • 12 Versatile speeds with oscillation function
  • 8 Hour timer and auto shut-off after 12 hours
  • Blue LED display and remote control

This fan seems pretty popular in the OZB community and was looking out for one for summer and hoping for a boxing day deal.

Not as good as this deal ( but OZB has trained me to never pay full price.

Enjoy! :)

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    Any discount for the xiaomi?


      Nope. Only for selected cooling appliances as per t&c. Would have bought the smartmi dc fan 2 if it was the same price.

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    Ozbargainer feedback fron last thread:

    redpen on 14/11/2019 - 22:03
    Reading the description of this one.. I'd cancel the order.

    This one:
    + 12 Versatile speeds with oscillation function

    Previous version:
    + Standard Mode: air speed is constant, as set by the wind level. 01-26 levels are standard.
    + Natural Mode: the fan will simulate natural winds, with windspeed changes which will create the feeling of being out in nature.
    + Sleep Mode: the fan will blow slowly and quietly, suitable for use during sleep.
    + Intelligent Mode: based on the temperature and wind speed when this mode is started, the speed will change according to the temperature. When the temperature is below 20°C, the fan will stop. If the temperature then rises above 20°C, the fan will start again.
    + Silent Mode : fan blows in silent mode; it has a total of nine levels for adjustment.


    lostincanberra on 23/11/2019 - 16:56 new
    OK. It has arrived and is assembled. Working.


    Nowhere near as nice as build quality as the version I purchased a year ago.

    Getting the guard to line-up and lock in place was not joyful.

    Good to see that the Kogan logo is even bigger. But! It doesn't strobe OR flash. Be thankful.

    Height adjustment seem to involve removing/adding sections of threaded tube. Very tasteful. Could have been cardboard. Again. Be thankful.

    'Loss' of additional speed steps is no issue. Bottom speed seems silent to my ear…

    Seems to remember the last speed used - which is a (rare) plus.

    Overall, fan seems decent. A pity that they saw fit to piggyback on the good reviews for the essentially unrelated earlier model (yes they are both fans - but qualitatively quite different in terms of build).

    So. I'll keep it and mark down the review based on marginally ethical promotion of the product.

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      A pity that they saw fit to piggyback on the good reviews for the essentially unrelated earlier model

      This is pure deception on the part of Kogan.

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    Also from another thread:

    Choice Top 10
    Goldair 45cm Black Chrome Pedestal Fan GCPF265
    Kambrook 40cm DC Motor Pedestal Fan KPF849
    Ronson 45cm High Velocity Fan - Antique Grey RHVFFG16
    Excelair High Velocity Fan EHVP4590
    Sunbeam Infinity Oscillating Pedestal Fan FA8900
    Gold air sleepsmart
    Mitsubishi Electric Pedestal Fan 16" (40 cm) LV16S-RU-P
    Goldair 46cm Pedestal Fan GCPF120
    Kmart Anko 40cm Wi-Fi Pedestal Fan HEGSM40
    Heller 45cm Chrome Metal Pedestal Fan MPF45C

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    Kogan and premium in same sentence?

    must be xmas for sure

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    I bought this fan about a month ago when my old fan broke. It's just an ok fan.

    The silent mode works on fan speed 1 and 2, and maybe 3. At 4 it starts to be a normal loud ac fan. I don't like the inability to change the speed up or down quickly. I need to cycle through from speed 1 to 12 to get back to speed 1. On the remote, it beeps loudly on each click as you go through the speed change, very annoying. Although I can bypass by holding down the speed button on the fan and it'll quickly go through the speed cycle, this does not happen on the remote.

    My fan makes an audible rattling noise (sounds like a fly caught in the glass of the windows) as it changes direction when oscillating in silent mode. Didn't like it.

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    This is no longer the "Premium" fan that it once was. It is misleading and deceptive to use the feedback from a different model to sell this fan. Judging by the feedback, this model isn't as well made as the previous one.

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    Got this last week with the free delivery offer ( total was $2 more for me ) and at time of ordering thought this was the OzBargain well received good value fan. Later started reading reviews and realized this to be a new/different model. After receiving and setting up found it ok, and saw it's a rebadged Hyundai model or both same maker, but Kogan fan has only 12 speeds and remote speed cycles up and around, the Hyundai has both plus and minus. Feels and looks like an ok fan for now, not sure if it will get noisy with rattles in few weeks/months time.

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      Thanks for your comment. Do you think it would be worth getting the Hyundai model? It's only an additional $5 after the discount is applied as it includes free shipping. Is the display lit constantly or does it time out to dark?

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        Yes, go for the Hyundai model as having both up and down speed control on remoteas well as extra 12 speeds is worth easily the extra $5, maybe even $10 or more. The white led display on fan goes off after a few seconds, but it does beep and can't seem to turn that sound off. Speed memory/power off function is a nice improvement on the older model, but just noticed looking at the pictures of the Hyundai the fan blades themselves are different with smaller ones in between to possibly reduce noise or improve air flow which is different to the Kogan one which has just 5 normal blades.

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          I received the Hyundai version and really like it. Easy to put together tooless apart from one small locking screw. It is good having the up and down button, I don't mind the beep either as I'm seldom changing the setting, but can do it over my shoulder without looking to see if its changed setting. It does have the 10 fin blade, I don't know if that helps with buffering the air more naturally but it is very quiet and comfortable air movement. Styling wise the plastic is a bit cheap but from afar it looks good and better style than the Kogan branded version. Only negative is it comes with a black cable which stands out in contrast to the stand. Thanks for your recommendation.


            @m1tch: Sounds good ( reverse pun as hopefully not much sound from fan lol ).

            Glad your happy with it. Was at Bunnings last week and had a look at their DC fan and saw it was reduced to around $80+- I think the Altec brand smart dc fan, was reduced by $20 but looks similar and lighter build than both the Kogan and Hyundai models. I would not use the smartphone functions anyway, so will put my Kogan DC fan to use and be happy with that.

            Keep Cool :-)

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