expired EKKA 2011 - Discount Entry Save 20% off Entry


First post for me. After scouring the net for hours looking for ekka discounts for myself i thought i'd share having benefitted from the posts of others in the past.
I can confirm first hand that using purchase option 3 will result in valid 20% discounted EKKA tickets for general public.


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    Excellent! Thanks buffsta. I did not know discounts for the EKKA existed either!

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    There are cheaper ways to get the flu but this is probably the most effective ;-)


    omfg it works awesome! cheers buddy! :)

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    Awesome effort. I'm going to put the extra $5 towards:

    (A) 1/2 a dagwood dog,
    (B) 1/8 of a showbag, or
    (C) Codral.

    [pins ribbon on buffsta] Best in show! :)


    …so EKKA in QLD is like NSW's royal easter show?

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      yes. Royal Exhibition, or Ekka for short


    Thanks mate! Thought I'd make the effort and go this year since I live down the road from the RNA :P


    Doesn't work for students :(


    Thanks for the post was looking for this everywhere….

    Yipee now I can go….


    Entry is free after 8pm as well, I believe


    Thank you.. saved me $15


    Thanx heaps…i have been checking for a fews days hoping someone would have a code to make them a bit cheaper…