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Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter 9 Piece Kit & Echo Dot 3rd Gen - $199.12 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The Nanoleaf kit has just dropped in price today from $295 to $203.90

Add in an Echo Dot for $36 and you then get a 20% discount on the Nanoleaf.

Brings the total to less than the original cost @ $199.12

If you want the 4 piece Expansion kit, now would be the time to do it as that is also discounted from $99 to $68, but adding it to this deal means you only pay an extra $54 because of the 20% additional discount.

If you want an Echo Show 5 bundled in, it'll only cost an extra $63 using code 99ECHO.

Don't forget ShopBack for an extra 8% discount or Cashrewards @ 7%.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • The regular triangle type is also included in this promo:

    • Triangle version are larger panels I believe, but don't have the touch controls on the panels and limited to 30max per set.

      The 3 add on panels and the controller are also on sale.

      • Yeah, I've got the triangle ones. Not touch screen, but wandering whether this 'smarter' series now allows you to that? Doesn't mention it on the Amazon description.

        • +1

          Nah, it doesn't. Canvas only.

          • +1

            @kwchaz: I think the touch feature is a gimmick they had to add for the new square panels to make them different from the original triangle version.

            • +1

              @Melb69: Yeah, so I've ordered more of the triangles to extend my current setup… :O

              • @kwchaz: I'm counting 28 on your current set up, thought the limit was 30?

                Edit, nvm, that's the other guy.

                • @gooddealmate: Limit for triangles 30. I think the squares can connect a lot more in 1 set.

  • And what is that nano thingies?

    • What are they you mean?

    • +3

      Light panels to fix to your wall. I use them as ambient lighting in the evening. Creates a nice soothing atmosphere.

      Or, if you're having a party, then use the app to link it to your music and it'll light up like a mobile disco.

      I love mine, use it daily.

      Check out this on youtube to see what I mean

  • +2 For inspiration. How we have it set up at our place.

    • Looks awesome mate. 👍

      Did you just bend the connector chip where it crosses to the ceiling?

      • +1

        Bought the flexible connectors. Recently Djs were selling them for $9 I think for 9 connectors, but normally $27. Might be on sale again through Amazon. You can go 90 degrees around a corner.

    • +1

      No offence intended but there is a giant slug sliding up your wall.

      • -1

        Never use no offence ever again. I hate it when ppl use those words. That was an old pattern. The slugs gone and now its a snake. That's the good thing about these panels. You can change it.

        • You find they come off your wall ok without any damage?

          • @gooddealmate: No problems. Mind you once they are on the 3M tape is fairly strong. You just have to pull off 1 tab and panel at a time.

            Spotlight have the small 3m tabs. Not cheap, so you don't want to be changing the pattern all the time.

        • I'll keep my virtual mouth shut because I do not want to start a debate over the styling and usage of language.

          • -1

            @alvian: Thanks. It just irks me when that phrase is used in the context of justifying a racist slur. Ie No offence, but all blacks look the same. Not to say it was used in that manor here. I take your reference in kind.

            • +4

              @Melb69: Wow, comments about personal preference electronic lighting devices turns into general comments on racism.
              Didn’t see that coming. Only on Ozbargain…

              • +2

                @dansozb: Given it's a common turn of phrase just before a racist comment, it's no wonder some members of minorities get a little sensitive about it.

                "No offense, but…"
                "I'm not racist, but…"

                Honestly, the "but" just negates everything said before, and the speaker quite honestly intends to offend and wants to pretend they're not a jerk ("I'm not a meanie, I said no offense, so why are you being so sensitive that I called you ugly??").

                TL;DR It's one of the oldest gaslighting phrases ever

              • +2

                @dansozb: Personal opinion. I digress from the OPs topic. Please ignore.

                To help get it back on topic. Panels in the sons room


          • @alvian: picks virtual fight about something I couldn't care about in any normal sense anyway… just because… internet

    • the lights look white but the whole room is glowing blue …

      do you have additional lights? or is that blue just from the tiles?

      • I think it is just the picture. I was probably going through a colour sequence. Your whole room will reflect the light it gives out. Very cool ambient lighting effect for a room.

  • +1

    Bought the triangle ones. Cheers. The spiral thing looks too weird on the square ones.

  • Would this be any good for an 18 month year old that likes to flick switches / lights? Could they touch the panels to make things happen?

    • +2

      Yes. The Canvas ones are touch sensitive. Also if you have google home you can tell it to turn on a certain pattern, on or off etc. turn on a certain time with a certain theme. Like turn on to wake up with your google alarm to some music. Create your own light pattern sequence and colour.

      • Can echo dot do this too or it's only limited to Google home?

        • +1

          Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple home, & Google assist for the triangle ones

  • Adding the Echodot doesn’t get me a 20% discount?

    • Reply below.

      • Thanks. Just read the t&c. I was doing it wrong.

  • +1

    Add just the Nanoleaf should be just $203.90, add the Echo Dot for $36, them on the last page just before you checkout, the discount will show automatically.

  • +1

    Always been interested in these but quite brave enough to get them…the pics in this thread have convinced me, ordered a set of the triangle ones 😊

  • Note that the 3 panel expansion kits are only the panels no power source. Already had a previous thread poster awhile ago complaining about how the 3pack doesn't work. You need to have the 9 panel starter sets as it hss the controller and power adapter.

  • Just to confirm, the only triangle Nanoleafs that are part of this deal are the 3pk expansion kit?
    Can't see a discounted price on the other triangle kits.

    • +1

      Yeah the starter kit has sold out by the looks of it.

  • Bugger looks like it's gone back to full price - was going to buy some more 😭

    • Yeah that was a very brief sale.

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