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[VIC] HOYTS Rewards - Free Plus Membership Upgrade @ Chadstone or Forest Hill


Saw this in my Hoyts account today, similar to this previous deal but extended time and to Hoyts Forest Hill as well.
Also, Hoyts is offering 10% discount applied to E-Gift Cards from 26/12/19 at 12:00am and ends 31/12/19 at 11:59pm.

Save $12 by visiting HOYTS Chadstone or HOYTS Forest Hill and upgrading to a Free Plus Membership. Offer can only be redeemed in cinema at HOYTS Chadstone and HOYTS Forest Hill.

This offer is available for a limited time only: 20/12/2019 - 29/01/2020

You'll get access to:
• 2 Qantas Points for every $1 spent on all eligible purchases
• Double HOYTS Points for every visit
• Discounted HOYTS LUX tickets*

Plus, all the amazing benefits from the HOYTS Rewards program from free popcorn refills, access to Saver and Super Saver tickets, Birthday Rewards and more!

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  • Apology for my ignorance:
    1. Did I get this right? You register Basic membership for free (i.e. Saving $12)and upgrade to Plus Membership for free, correct?

    2.Previous post stated 3 QP per $ spent. This post only 2 QP?

    3.We only earn QP when purchasing tickets directly from Hoyts, correct? Do people do this (Ozbargainers at least)? Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy discounted tix, e.g. Via Optus Perks?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1: The standard tier membership is always free. You save $12 by not having to pay the upgrade fee to the Plus tier
      2: This offer is for the Plus tier, which gives 2 QFF points per dollar. Standard tier gives 0.5, Premium tier gives 3.
      3: Optus Perks tickets are purchased through the Hoyts website. You sign in to Optus Perks first which then transfers you to the Hoyts site.

  • +6 votes

    All these deals and promotions at cinema chains nowadays. Points, competitions and complicated candy bar combos.

    Just bring back a standard, constant priced movie ticket at a fair price and a candy bar with a simple and reasonable price structure.

    Not the current minefield of discounting and candy bar price obfuscation.
    Where you can end up paying $22 for a small popcorn, soft drink and ice cream.

    • $25 for 2 small popcorns and 2 small drinks

      $30 for 2 medium popcorns and 2 medium drinks

      @ Event cinemas.


  • Chadstone, at this time of year, are you mad? Maybe OK outside standard hours.

  • What’s the point? Extra QFF points? Big deal.

    Cheaper to get villages tickets via Telstra.

    • $12.50 tickets via Optus isn't bad. And the cinemas are way better.

      • Can you actually only pay $12.50? or is it always $14. Is there any way to avoid the booking fee for Optus?

        • I reckon you can book at the counter (with Optus perk) to avoid the fee.

        • I just checked Optus perks site, you can avoid the fee by booking at the counter

          • @ltvo3: Doesn’t work at chadstone. Hoyts staff doesn’t know how to do it and Optus chat confirmed it.

            • @tinx: There is a code that comes up on or near the session times screens. I think it was six digits, I saw it at Watergardens when I was there. It was noticeable if you were looking for it. Apparently it disappears at times, but I felt like it was there even when the screen changed, in the top left somewhere. It may be different at other cinemas.

              You still book it online, but put in the code to avoid the booking fee.

              • @Miss B: Good info. Will check if i go there again. Thanks! I did mentioned to the hoyts staff about the required 6 digits code but she didn’t know about it. But maybe as usual, some staff do know some don’t😀

      • Cinemas for hoyts are definitely better with the inclusion of recliner chairs, depends on the cinema's though.

        With some of the newer movies, I've found that booking with hoyts, you have to book quite early in order to get an optus ticket.
        Optus has an allocation of tickets per movie I believe. As I've gotten the message "Allocation exhausted" when trying to book Star Wars for example.

        With telstra tickets, haven't had this issue.

  • Thanks for posting! Had no issues upgrading, just showed the page and my membership to staff at the ticket counter and they upgraded.

    • Decided to brave the parking, we ended up on the roof of the car park. It was very easy to upgrade, the guy was really helpful.

  • Popcorn refills? So people will be leaving the cinema mid movie to get a refill? Hmmm will love the interruptions to the watching the movie.

    • With the ads and trailers going for 20-30 minutes, a good opportunity to refill before the actual movie begins.

      • I'll add to this by recommending the use of the Runpee app, which tells you the best times during the movie to use the toilet, or in this case, refill your popcorn!

    • Mate, you're not a true OZB!
      You can refill after the movie to have more popcorn at home and then bring the bucket back to another session to refill them before the movie.

  • considering village is free and offer way better deals than hoyts it should be free for all members anywhere.