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SLI HB Bridge $3, Silicon Power 1TB $129, RX 5700 XT 8G $569 and More + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart

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  • Phew, I almost picked up the SLI bridge for my computer just in case thinking it was compatible.

    While researching it, I found out how terribly inconsistent the definition of "pcie spacing" amongst vendors.

    According to Gigabyte my mobo would require a 1 spacing SLI bridge, according to Asrock (my motherboard brand) I need a 2 spaced bridge and according nvidia I need a 3 spaced bridge…

    • What cards are you trying to SLi or NVLink?

      • I haven't made up my mind, but just in case i decide to sli a 1070. 3 bucks is pretty damn cheap to have it there in case.

        • Reference 1070's? Like which model 1070's specifically?

          • @KARMAAA: 1070 ftw, so one of those opened air ones

            • @Butt Scratcher: Since the 1070 FTW is a Dual Slot card. This should be compatible with the spacing, as it's a 2 slot SLI bridge.

              PCI-E spacing is the same on all mobos since it's a standard size.

              That being said, I'm not sure what mobo you have. Some mobos only have two or one PCI-E slot if they are for example an mATX mobo. So you might not be able to do three slot spacing even if you wanted.

              Do you have the second card already? If so, just plug them into your mobo and check the spacing by measuring. If there's no gap in between them, then you should be able to fit these on a 2 slot SLi bridge. If there's a bit of a gap then it should be a three slot bridge.

              This picture may help a bit: https://i.stack.imgur.com/XJneg.png

              However, with open fan cards I always recommend at least a gap of 3 slot SLi, as it's really bad for open fan cards to be right up next to each other in a 2 slot configuration. The open fan cards need a gap to breathe a bit otherwise the first card will just suck up all the hot air from the backplate of the second card and then both cards down clock.

              • @KARMAAA: Thanks for the pointer, in the end I just did it the old fashioned way and just whipped out a ruler and measured the distance between the slots.

                However, with open fan cards I always recommend at least a gap of 3 slot SLi, as it's really bad for open fan cards to be right up next to each other in a 2 slot configuration.

                Yeah I definitely agree with that, in the past I ran crossfire and was seeing between 5-10c difference at load between the gpu's (with open air gpu's). I was initially thinking of getting a 1070ti for the top card so that it could hopefully even things out, but after a quick google search (just then). I realised you can't combine different GPU's even from the same architecture with nvidia.

                I probably will be unlikely to SLI it.

                • @Butt Scratcher: There are some hacks to have different cards in SLi across the same architecture.

                  DifferentSLIAuto is the program that does this on the TechPowerUp forums. A cool nifty little tool.

                  However, it's not worth it as usually the scaling isn't as great as officially supported SLi. Not to mention that you can't play certain games with EasyAntiCheat or Battleye Anti Cheat, Fortnite or PUBG are good examples, as you're using the test driver mode and these anti-cheats block you from playing online like that. There some hacks around this anti-cheat blocking, but they're really messy and I only recommend people who are willing to tinker every driver update to do this, as well as having the experience and risking a possible ban from Fortnite or whatever.

                  In the end, if I were you, I'd just sit and wait for the 30 series which should drop in the next 6 months. A single card like a 3060 should give you the same performance as two SLi'd 1070s and maybe more, so, you're better off waiting it out.

  • didn't umart used to have a VIC store?


      Hey Venomx2

      Unfortunately, pick up and walk-in sales are no longer available at the Mt Waverley Store as it is under renovations.

      By default our website offers delivery/post when the Mt Waverley store is selected as this is currently the only available option. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for its reopening.

  • Silicon 1TB for $130 or Samsung evo for $150 ?

    • Entirely depends on your usage? They're different types of drives. The samsung is much much faster but small in storage.

  • They also have the Silicon Power 1TB NVME for $177, which looks alright.