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Arsenal Home Waterproof Poncho $4.95 (Was $75) C&C /+ Delivery @ Ultra Football


Size available at XS,L,XL.

Unique officially licensed Arsenal branded multi-use waterproof poncho designed in the style of the team's current home jersey.

Poncho comes complete with a hood and is rain resistant whilst remaining flexible and breathable.

An ideal gift for any fan standing on the sidelines who wants to support the team and remain dry.

Lightweight poncho comes complete with a rain resistant carry bag.


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  • +106

    So I don't soak my clothes in tears after every game?

  • Delivery is $20

  • Chemist warehouse sells the AFL tissues so I don’t see why they can’t start selling EPL tissues

  • +1

    Do they got a fireproof one?

  • +6

    They've been struggling to sell these for ages. Been $4.95 for a while now.

    I got one on a free shipping day randomly and it's not really worth the money. It's like one of those $2 ponchos.
    So to pay $4.95 + shipping would be a bit steep.

    But I guess, if you want to support Arsenal it's the cheapest way? Lol

    • -2

      but but…you can cry in style after game? lol

  • +3

    Poncho cost = $4.95
    Delivery cost = $10.00

    Total = $24.95

    I'm confused…

  • Just beware of the sizing. XS is for ages 5-10, S for 10-15. So I reccomend you go 1 or 2 sizes up from what you wear normally

  • Damn it is sold out, missed it

  • +3

    I'm so confused.
    Sits in their store for like 2 years untouched.
    Numerous free shipping days go by.
    Gets posted to Ozbargain and sells out in less than an hour.

    I hope all those orders were C&C because there's no way in hell it's worth $25 lol

    • really, how do we find if an item has sold out for years

      • how do we find if an item has sold out for years

        Umm.. well the s/m has been sold out for a long time. But I'd recommend rereading my comment :D

  • where's the PUMA?

    • +1

      In the jungle?

      • +1

        The mighty jungle

  • Presume it leaks like their defence anyway.

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