This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men's 5-Blade Cordless Wet/Dry, ES-LV65-S $160.39 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Best price for the top end foil shaver from Panasonic. Shaver Shop has it for $499.95.
Not sure when it is going to expire. Lowest price as per CamelCamelCamel

Mod Note: Available again, just a bit more expensive.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Do you think American 110V is a problem?

  • How is this compared to Braun Series 7 7840s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver?

    • Better than Braun Series 7. It is usually compared with Series 9

    • I have this and the series 9 (got that for my dad, he doesn't use it), I prefer this one as it gives a shave that is just as close and is less irritating to skin.

    • I ordered the Braun and haven't received it yet. I am wondering if I should cancel and order this one

  • Many Times at this around price point…

  • Considering it is $90 for new blades, this is a very good deal for full shaver. Had this and the LSV61 for the past 8 years and wouldn’t buy anything else.

  • I've got this AU charger. It works fine. Better than using an adapter.

    Old Braun were good but this is far better than recent Braun. Battery life is excellent too.

  • thanks, brought one.

  • So amazon US will charge GST on top of this price? Also warranty is international or do we need to send it back to US?

  • I hope they've improved the blades. I had two similar models a couple of years ago. Was good initially but the blades/cutter started become blunt after less than 6 months. Same deal on the second one I bought after the first one just stopped working for no reason.
    Contacted Panasonic who gave some lame generic reply which didn't help. According to their website at the time, blades need changing every 12 months. No way would they last that long. Bought a Braun Series 5 and problem solved. Went a year before needing replacing

  • I bought this couple of weeks ago and it’s amazingly good shaver. I used Norelco 3D for the past 8 years and this one is just the next level. Really happy with the shave each time and in fact, I look forward to using it everyday.

    Cleaning it is also super easy without any cleaning system, just put a drop of hand wash on the blade and turn it on for 30 seconds and rinse it off.

    I will highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for electric shaver.

  • I've had this shaver for the last 3.5 years and I find it provides the closest shave compared to any Philips or Braun unit I have used in the past. The blades do need replacing once a year though and they cost around $90, making this quite a good deal.


    Would shaver shop match this price 😳

    • No, I tried the same and they said as this is getting shipped from overseas. We can’t price match

  • I bought a Panasonic shaver from the US as that model wasn't sold here,just before they started the GST on imports. Cost $140. Best shaver I've ever had. Made in Japan, great battery life, very close shave. Panasonic's shavers cut at a 30 degree angle, where Braun have a 45 degree angle. Makes a big difference.

  • I got this a year ago. Replacing an older noisier panasonic 4 blade. Then a couple of months later this one became noisy too. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  • I saw that there is also one that comes with the cleaning station? Is this a good deal? Can you buy the station separate? Do I need it?

    • Even i was wondering the same. I read some reviews, Q/A sections. Seems like it is not required to clean the shaver. You can clean it manually with soap and water. Cleaning everyday is not required, just do it when it shows up on the LCD display. To use the cleaning station you need to use the soap packet that comes with it and later keep buying them. Each soap packet once poured into the cleaner will last a month and will also lubricate the blade. 6 packets of these cost 25 USD shipped to US or 51 AUD from amazon AU. You can also use the station to only Charge OR Dry and Charge OR Clean, Dry and Charge. Or you can bypass the station and connect the power adapter directly to the shaver when travelling. Seems like a convenient thing to have - at a cost.

      And it is one of the best shavers on the planet. Or as per reviews the best. Somebody please correct me if I misunderstood anything.

      Hope that helps.

      Edit: I ended up buying the one with the station just now. Thanks OP.

  • Bought one. Thanks op

  • This will be my 4th Panasonic after more than 10years. Seems almost cheaper to get a new one than new blades! Almost like buying printers

  • Thanks you community for all the information, i just bought one.

  • Been using this for over 4 years and change the blades/foil together every 1.5-2 years since it's cheap to buy them together ($87 for both from Amazon US vs $90 for the foil alone from Shaver Shop). Main problem with it is even though it shaves really close there are some spots that never shave properly that I need to use the trimmer for. I don't want to spend $300 on a Braun to see if they do any better though so I'm just sticking with it.

    • Don't worry, Braun and Philips are definitely not better. This is as good as it gets, I've tried them :) I'm sure if you have finer hair any brand would be acceptable so people's experiences vary

      • Braun shits on the Panasonic. Blades last much longer.

        • It all depends. Braun blades usually last longer but don't shave as close. Then again, most people don't bother to clean or maintain their blades anyway so the point often ends up moot.

          This model Panasonic is usually compared to the Braun Series 9 but the price is comparable to a Series 5.

          • @TogTogTogTog: I always looked after my blades in the Panasonic. I had the cleaning dock on 2 different models and one other without the dock. All 3 had blades that didn't last long. At first it may have cut a tad closer than the Braun but only last half the time.

  • Price is $175.67 now

  • Once you receive the shaver, you can contact Amazon AU and they will give you credit to purchase US -> AU adapter plug.