This was posted 2 years 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Boost $150 12 Month Prepaid Sim Card for $130 @ Xtremeonline (Price Beat @ OW for $123.50)



Credit/big thanks to @Genaus in the other thread.

This sim deal is slightly cheaper, but also in stock so it's available for price beat at Officeworks (ends up being $123.50).

Managed to order 3 myself from Officeworks head office, although the max is usually 2 for price beat so worth trying your luck depending on how many you want.

80GB Data
Unlimited Calls & Text to standard numbers
Unlimited international calls & text to 25 selected countries + 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected >>destinations
Stream Apple Music Data Free

Also thank you to Tightarse for the product description layout.

EDIT: Out of stock, keep an eye out over the next few days in case it comes back in at the cheaper price

EDIT: Zukefoz mentioned below that Officeworks is out of stock of the $150 Sim Cards over the phone. Still worth a check as availability may fluctuate over the next few days or so, but just a heads up

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  • If I am to purchase from this site, will it only start the 365 period once activated (currently away for 2 weeks)

    • Yes it's 365 Days from activation

      • Another question, is this a reliable seller? Never purchased or heard from the site before - thanks!

        • just call up Officeworks and get them to Pricebeat

        • I haven't bought/heard of them either but they're Australian based, so might be okay.

          I personally just purchased the SIM cards over the phone at Officeworks for the price beat.

      • What's the expire date on this Prepaid Sim Card . If I buy it now can I activate it in October 2020 ?

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          It says 360 Days validity on their site, but I saw people in the other thread say they got a 2021 expiry on their one, though that was from the Boost site.

          I assume these will be somewhat similar.

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    Thanks got it price beat @ officeworks over the phone :)

    • when price beat over the phone, do you pay immediately and OW will send you the items, or you go and collect from store?

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        I was asked if I wanted to C&C or get it delivered for free tomorrow. Opted for delivery so I paid over the phone :)

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        I did the same as currentfad, and had the same result

  • out of stock at xtremeonline

  • Can you port your own number with these?

  • If I’m already with Boost, do I have to port out and back in for this?

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      You should be looking out for the Boost recharge voucher deals instead - I.e. This

    • For this one yes, as it's not a recharge.

      But for recharges then yeah do what @currentfad said.

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      I just spoke with Boost people and here is their reply "You have nothing to worry and this is what we will do, you will still use the old sim and once the sim card arrives , just chat us back again to activate it and we will just transfer the credits from the new sim with $150 credits to your old and current one." So you can still use this offer to your old number. However they are now out of stock.

      • Thank you

      • Hi, I just had a chat with them and they told me that their system wont allow to do this.

      • I bought this and contacted boost support pretending that what they told you was told to me the day before but the guy said there was no way to do that and said I would have to buy a different sim and port to that, then to the new sim.

        • It is definitely hard to get this done.. first I received the same response that "My apologies, for that one, you cannot transfer a Boost number to a new Boost starter KIT Dharmin, because you can only transfer there a number from a different provider". When I said to her that last time agent promised me otherwise she then checked my previous chat history since I couldn't provide her any reference and she found what I was promised earlier.. and after all chat her last response was "I have saw it on your old chat Dharmin, let me process it here now, can I have the SIM serial number of the new SIM" and her confirmation "Great news, you can use your old SIM now, the $150 credits was already there, please check it now".. but now I am struggeling to get my wife's existing sim to roll over.. and finally it got approved after a lot of discussion..

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    Can't believe how short a time this deal lasts before its OOS

    • It seems to be back in stock now, so either order one now or call officeworks first thing in the morning :)

  • Hello Guys,
    Quick question, how late can i activate this? Have my current contract uptil march 2020, so was wondering if i can buy and store until the contract expires?

    • Some people in one of the other threads claimed they received sims that expired sometime in 2021, so you'll be more than fine

    • I ordered 240 gb one from OW and expiry is april 2021. Thinking of getting refund and get this deal instead as I don't use that much data.

      Anyone know if OW will let you get refund on boost sim card? I read their T&C and it didn't mention any exclusion with sim card.

      • T&C's mentioned mobile recharges can't be returned, so not sure if this classifies as it's technically not a recharge. Might be worth just phoning them up to double check

        • Called my local OW, they said should be ok but once there the system rejected the refund so I guess it's considered a recharge.

          Guess I'll have more data to burn for the next 12 months.

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    Would be helpful if we can hold off making this OOS until office work number open again tomorrow morning. :P

  • Thank you. Just did price beat at OW in store this morning.

  • Thanks price matched at ow online

  • +2

    Awesome deal…thanks for posting mangobango!

    Just got off the phone from Officeworks, ordered two delivered for $247

    Happy days 😀

  • got two of them too for $247 from OW online :) very happy!

  • Bought 1 Thanks OP

  • +1

    All these people saving a further $6.50 by price matching…..

    For the sake of knowingly getting shot down… I would still buy from the first business who lowered to $130… why shop with the guy that will lower the price only when they are forced too….

    • +1

      This is OzB mate!

      I ordered two so that's a $13 saving.

      • +1

        Until there is no competition and OW dont have to PM anyone and you pay full price next time =)

        • To be fair there'll still be people buying directly from the site.

          For instance, when I posted this yesterday, it was sold out from the site within an hour.

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    Just got mine from Office Works ordered around 2pm yesterday… The OW staff were really helpful on the phone too… Great service!

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    Just got 2 from OW, call this number 1300 OFFICE (633 423), mention price match and the Product Code: BO103349, and they know what to do 😀 from there

  • Tried ringing OW, there's a long delay due to their system being down.

  • thanks mate. get two over the phone and pick up in store.

  • ordered one via OW price match

  • +1

    Picked up two of these bad boys this morning in store. Top Deal…thanks for alerting us they were back in stock.

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    Thanks Op, got 3 in-store at OW ($123.50) and now have a happy mum, sister and niece!

  • +1

    This trumps Kogan Mobile by a mile.

    • Yep, easily.

      I was with Kogan for a couple of years and was convinced that was as cheap and good as it gets.

      But this is somehow even cheaper AND on telstra's full network, so it (hopefully) won't drop out as much as Kogan.

  • got on the phone with office works yesterday got 1 got it delivered to my door (free of charge) this morning very very fast service !

  • I ordered 2 of those by price beating with OW. Can't believe I was paying heaps more to Vodafone. Barely use 5 gb a month as I am connected to Wifi for most of the time anyway - so 80gb should still be enough for us. This comes to a little over 10$ a month while I was paying 40$+ to Vodafone every month.

  • How do you guys manage 80gb data? That's less than 10gb per month.

    • I am connected to wifi for most part of the day as I work from home more or less. When I am on the go, I use my office provided Telstra 5g mobile broadband - so more or less I am on wifi. I rarely use data. So car is the only place where my data kicks in. TBH 5g is super over estimation. I am between 2-3 gigs a month in general.

  • Thanks OP, phoned OW head office and got 2 delivered free. The lady didn't even ask me which store to price match from and straight up quoted $123.50 each - clearly I wasn't her first.

    • +2

      Had a great laugh with OW guy, he has been getting calls about it all morning

  • After I bought it and have chat with boost online chat, Can’t use it as recharge, can only use it as new service or port out and then port in, so isn’t good for me, Anyone in Malvern area want it? The expiry date is 28/Apr/2021.

    • could always just grab a $2 sim card from coles and port out/in

      • I guess that’s only way, or keep try with their customers service and see what happen.

  • Dilemma, my past 2 months data usage has been around 5gb. I was about to do the $20 for 20gb but thats way over my needs, 80gb a year is 6.6gb a month so I should be able to sneak my usage under this total. And save $105 bucks.

    But what happens if I go over?

    • it's 80gb for the entire year. Go over that data limit and i can only assume you will have to top up with more data.

      • hmm i reckon I can keep under that. Think I will go with this.

  • Two for me! Thanks OP.

  • Thanks op, bought from the store. They come up with the deal proactively, they deserve support to stay in business. Whereas OW is just reactive with price beat. I know I fail the OB's motto of getting the cheapest deal by any mean, but think about it, if the store is no longer in business, OW will sell at any price they want as they do not have to price beat competitors…

    • I tend to agree with your sentiments but as not heard or used these guys before it I preferred to buy from OW. Of course I was happy to save a few $$$ but would’ve been almost as happy to have just paid $150 upfront.

  • A good deal but a bit of a data overkill for me since I have Wi-Fi at work and at home. Prior years I've always paid around the $100 mark for about 40GB total for 12 months, which is plenty for me. I'm currently with Catch connect and it is about to expire. Can't seem to find the lesser options this year? Both Catch and Kogan seem to have done away with their XS plans.

    • Boost have 60gb for $100. You could also look at aldi, I'm pretty sure they have low data amount plans too

    • There's that Aldi plan like AlmightyBeing mentioned, $99 for the year and you get 15GB total.

      But I guess if you're looking at the $100 mark, this one is only an extra $20 or so with the price beat for the whole year, plus you get the extra headspace with the data.

  • +2

    Thanks OP!

    Too easy, Still in stock so priced matched with OW just now and also getting free same day delivery (local store was oos for click n collect).

  • +1

    Thanks for this find! Price matched from OW. Bump!

  • Got 2x at officeworks price guarantee. Time to renew but Kogan has no deals and value no longer there.

  • Thanks for sharing. Got it price beat @ OW FIVE DOCKS

  • I purchased the $2 sim a while back and ported my number across. Can I still buy this to recharge?

    • No, this is for new services only.

      Only thing you could do is grab another $2 sim for another telco and port out/back in

  • Grabbed one at my local officeworks. They just asked if the store has a physical location then instantly price matched it. Took 5 mins tops from walking into the store to walking out with 2 sims.

  • +2

    Just got off the phone with OW. They no longer have stock over the phone so i ended up getting the $300 sim for $228 which still had plenty.

    • Thank you Zukefoz, just edited the post to mention that.

  • I got 2 over the phone from OW, with click & collect from Richmond. There were 4 there at that time.

    I was told it would take up to 14 days for new stock to arrive. So, if you're prepared to collect, it worth checking if there's any stock still in the stores.

  • +3

    I just got OW to price match the $228 deal (20 gig is all I need anyway on the go). Number was ported within the hour. Could not be happier getting off shitty ass Kogan with their shit coverage.

  • +1

    hey mangobango looks like xtreme are no longer offering discount. Back to $150.
    Again thanks for post, has helped many grab a great deal!

  • FYI, ordered from Xtreme 1/1. Did not get dispatch update after a few days so contacted them 3/1. They said they are dispatching on Monday 6/1. In hindsight, if I want the SIM soonest, I should have got a price match at OW to get it the next business day…

    • +1

      Exactly my problem - I ordered 3 - If I had of known I would have to wait for a week before they even dispatch them there's no way I would have ordered from these guys! Getting punished for supporting the original vendor - not cool!!

      • Same here thinking I should support original vendor. Ordered on the 2/2 and still waiting for a dispatch update.

        • Same here thought I would support this business thinking in stock mean they had them on hand. Turns out after calling them they don't actually have them in stock and they are waiting for delivery. They advised me I should receive it next week. Pretty poor effort really.

          • @tomfool: Thanks for the update, had emailed them with no response.

  • For those of you who successfully port to Telstra, can you tell us exactly how did you do it?

    Our Telstra is PostPaid and Boost told us that we need to contact Telstra first, to switch to Prepaid, and call Boost again….

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