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7x Regular Fit Crew T-Shirts $101.70 ($14.52 Each - Were $54.95 Ea) Delivered @ Tommy Hilfiger (Free Membership Signup Required)


Greetings everyone, I just spotted on Price Hipster that these shirts have just dropped to $19, from their original price of $59.95.

You can stack with $20 off $100 spend for new users, and a 10% VIP coupon to get 7 shirts for $101.60 ($14.51 each), which is an awesome price :)

Follow the steps to get this price:

  1. Create a new Tommy account here.
  2. Go to Newsletter Preferences and tick the box and continue. (This will trigger the 10% VIP discount).
  3. Add 7 T-Shirts to cart, you can mix and match 4 different colours if you'd like.
  4. Go to the checkout and apply the coupon "WELCOME20" to get a further $20 off.
  5. Checkout and enjoy a $40 discount per shirt off the RRP :)

As always, enjoy!

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  • +2

    Wow nice work grabbed 7 in mixed colours

  • +1

    amazing deal - ty

  • Wow amazing work OP. Loving these deal "hacks".

  • +2

    How’s the quality on these? Anyone has experience?

    • +16

      I'd like to know too. I'm of the opinion the price is to do with the logo that is on these shirts rather than actual quality.

      • +5

        Yeah, I specifically am curious how they stack up against the uniqlo Supima Cotton T shirts ($10 when on sale). Both are %100 cotton, look like normal t shirts, just one has a logo and the other doesnt.

        • +1

          I stopped buying the Uniqlo ones a little while back. They dont last as long as they used to. always seem to rip where the label is on rear….little holes appear. I do however have ones from 2 years ago that are sill in good nick hence all the newer ones are of much poorer quality and dont even get a season out of them. Shame as i used to like them. I suspect Uniglo quality has gone downhill. Am basing this on 6 Suprima cotton Teees purchased within last year so not a one off.

      • +4

        I have 6 of these plain tees. They're average quality, but for $14.51 each, they're good enough value.
        Keep in mind, they're about the same quality (or lower) as a $5 Kmart tee.

        The more expensive tees with larger branding are far better quality, but of course, they're more expensive.

        • +2

          Same quality as Kmart. Cmon be reasonable

          • @Tuffstuff80: 100% serious unfortunately :(

          • +2

            @Tuffstuff80: Not at all comparable. Kmart stuff lasts 2 washes before they start falling apart. These shirts are prob similar to uniqlo or cotton on

        • +1

          Haven't convinced me to buy over Uniqlo though, sorry

  • Most XS are gone - which by and large seems to be the 'average' size :(

    • Damn. Was hoping to buy some for the kids

  • +1

    thanks OP grabbed 7 XL because of the holiday bulk but hopefully going on a diet as my new year's res

    • +21

      That's one big shirt!

      • +1

        Mind if I ask your dimensions? Weight/Height, I think I made a mistake and ordered a shirt to big.

        • 190cm 110kg

          • @Terra Australis: Doesn't the size guide state that a XL would be for someone who wears size 44 jeans? (aka you'd weigh much more than 110kg). Ah well, hopefully my MD are correct, I weigh 84kg and I'm 183cm.

            • @AjsGuns: dunno currently i wear a size xl from h&m so i just went with that

            • @AjsGuns: Guess I’m contacting support to cancel my 7x XLs, usually wear L (95kg, wear size 36 jeans) so XL appears to be too big.

              • @GReeeeN: so you're the reason i cannot get XL size?

            • @AjsGuns:

              XL would be for someone who wears size 44 jeans?

              but then the cm measurements don't seem to match up with this
              the joys of online clothes shopping

              at least returns free via paypal at least if need be

              • @SBOB: Eh see what happens I guess, lots of people ordering XS (which apparently lines up with 34 jeans). I personally wear 36 jeans and went for a L.

            • @AjsGuns: No, it says it's a US Size 44 top which is different to pant sizes. According to the size guide the XL is for someone with a 107cm / 39" waist and 114-128cm / 45-50" chest

    • Then U should have bought a M..otherwise waste of money or resolution fail..

    • +5

      Oh I read this as 7XL not 7x XL 🤭

    • I got XL's as well, i'm 194cm, 100kg. I think we'll be fine. I have Tommy Hilfiger linen button up shirts and polos which are all XL's and literally couldn't fit in the Large size for those shirts. I doubt these Tshirts will be sized much differently.

  • Thanks OP!
    I had to activate the 10% newsletter discount via the email link they sent - I couldn't find the box to tick (as per your instructions). Otherwise, worked a treat!

    • I ticked the checkbox for vip at sign up and 10% discount applied straight away at checkout.

      Great deal OP, good timing as I was looking for some high quality basic Ts.

      Some of the prints on Ts these days are a bit much (for me anyway).

  • Blue and black large all gone, was trying to pay but stock all gone

    • Yeah, I keept trying to check out and every time it wouldn't process a shirt was going OOS. Seems I (profanity) up the sizing also, I should of got SM not MD. Very weird sizing?

  • Noice, missed the majority of colours in XS but managed to snag a few grey ones. Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks op, never seen them any cheaper

  • +2

    Bought some of these recently from Kogan when they were $11. Sizing iS very large. I am usually am XL but these in XL were way too big. Check sizing before purchasing.

    • How's the quality?

      • Haven't worn them or washed them, tried them on an as I say too big. The quality seems okay based on just trying them on. Certainly good for the price.

    • +1

      I found that the Tommy Shirts I bought from Catch were very different quality to those bought directly from Tommy Australia. Different stitching & length. They didn't last as long as the ones bought from store as well.

    • +1

      The Hilfiger tees from catch/Kogan are COMPLETELY different from these ones sold by Tommy Hilfiger official website.

      • are they similar to ones in Myer? My kogan ones and Myer ones are COMPLETELY different sizing :(

        • The ones from Myer should be the same as these ones at tommy store.
          Catch/Kogan have the exact same supplier (not official Tommy supplier) as it seems like as both their tommy tees are made bigger.

          • @bargainhunter5800: Yep can confirm that Myer and David Jones are the same quality as the Tommy supplier whereas kogan and catch seem to be from outlet quality or seconds

  • +1

    Deal acquired, thanks.

  • "Our model is 1.86m and wears size M"


  • +4

    I am surprised ozbargainers- XS,S,M,L sold out but XL and XXL still available.

    • +11

      ozbargainers are skinny nerds. they don't eat. mere seconds away from the screen could mean missing out on a bunnings drone or $5 amazon ps4 game.

  • +1

    Stellar (profanity) deal m8

  • Thanks OP! Great deal!

  • i found i have never 'saving money' by visiting ozb web…
    damn….another 7 shirts……:(.

    am i going to waer them…

  • +1

    Good price, pity about the logo though. I'll stick with the next level shirts I currently buy.

  • I’m going to write Monday to Sunday on every shirt, just in case

    • +11

      Can I suggest instead writing a different day of the week on every t-shirt?

  • Cheers OP

  • Bought 7 small white t-shirts as others were sold out! Look the same everyday!

    • +1

      gang colours homie.

      • White is for KKK.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed myself 7 XLs in white. New OzBargain uniform!

  • Xmas presents sorted. Thanks.

  • These shirts are OK fit, some size/fit variation between colours and not all that long lasting.

  • All good sizes sold out :(

  • Are there only 2 colours? i cant see any other colours besides white and black iris

    • Other 2 colors sold out.

      • Makes sense. thanks.

  • +3

    Right, $55 for a basic t-shirt with a 1*1cm logo…

  • +3

    Prefer the Tommy Hilfiger tees. These Tommy jeans ones are super thin and not great quality - essentially same as Kmart shirts.

  • +2

    Seems like everything has sold out except for XXL white

  • Great t-shirts for casual use.

    I prefer slim fit though

  • Mine just arrived and I was expecting it to be oversized but it's perfect

    • +1

      same! perfect fit and length for me! Quality of the cotton is good too.

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