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50% off The Coffee Club VIP Membership $12.50 (New & Existing Members)


Received the code this morning for 50% off VIP membership renewal at the Coffee Club.

Hopefully not targeted.


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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club

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  • Thanks OP. Worked for me. My email this morning was for $17.50 renewal.

  • Works for new memberships as well.

  • What are the main benefits and worth?

    • Never mind I found it.

      VIP Club - Terms & Conditions
      1. By completing the Members Application Form you confirm you have reviewed, understood and agree to these The Coffee Club VIP Club Program terms.

      1. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time, and you agree that each time you use the VIP Club Card you accept the terms as existing at that time on http://www.coffeeclub.com.au/vip-club.

      2. Participation in the VIP Club Program is open only to individuals (including employees of The Coffee Club Stores and The Coffee Club). Participation is offered at the discretion of The Coffee Club, who has the right to accept or reject any application to participate at its sole discretion.

      3. Membership to The Coffee Club VIP Club Program entails an annual $25.00 administration fee and Membership continues for 12 months.

      4. The Coffee Club VIP Club Cards are not debit, credit or charge cards, are not transferable and remain the property of The Coffee Club.

      5. The Coffee Club VIP Club Card is a reward card only and benefits can only be applied upon presentation and swiping of the physical VIP Club Card by the relevant VIP Club Card Member.

      6. VIP Club Card is only valid at The Coffee Club Stores within Australia and New Zealand and is not valid with any other coupons, vouchers, discounts or in-store offers, nor can the VIP Club Card be used on public holidays.

      7. The VIP CLUB BENEFITS provided are:

      (a) buy one hot beverage get one hot beverage free of equal or lesser value, this benefit being valid for the Member only, the free beverage excludes any promotional (limited time only) beverage or beverages including liqueur, syrups or added extras and is limited to 2 free beverages per visit, the free beverage to be provided at the time as the provision of the paid beverage.

      (b) the 10% discount off all other food and cold beverages purchases benefit applies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the relevant Member’s total bill, excluding any alcohol and retail merchandise, specials/discounted goods, promotional items from the value range (“full on flavour, light on price” range), free beverages given in the buy one beverage get one free benefit; and

      (c) such other VIP Benefits as listed on www.coffeeclub.com.au from time to time

      • T&Cs aren't very helpful. Just click in "Go to Deal"

        Members Benefits

        Buy one, get one FREE (for all hot drinks) all day, every day. See Terms and Conditions.

        10% off the price of all food and other drinks on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. See Terms and Conditions.

        The chance to win amazing prizes every month. Every time you swipe your card in store you receive one entry into the prize draw. You could win up to $1,000 including shopping vouchers, Eftpos cards, Coffee Club cash, experiences, and more.

        Discounts and special offers from your local store.

    • Click where is says "Go to Deal"

  • Personalised message suggestions anyone?

  • The food at Coffee Club is pretty average at best and overpriced imo. 10% off still doesn't make it any cheaper.
    Probably worth it for the buy one, get one free coffee if you don't mind their coffee.

    • from my experience, it's a hit-and-miss - the brand would have to work on this IMO. Some Coffee Clubs consistently make good coffee, others just put bad/cheap baristas who make terrible ones. most of the times I take a walk around the shop looking at how things are going near the coffee machine before buying it.

    • It makes it 10% cheaper

  • Good deal. Not mentioned above, but B1G1F is not available on public holidays.

  • Me and wife picking up kiddo from childcare, then going for a relaxing afternoon coffee:
    - regular places: 2 x 4.50 + 2 (babyccino) = $11
    - coffee club vip: 1 x 4.50 (2nd coffee free) + free babyccino = $4.50
    It really helps to make these moments a lot Ozbargain-pleasant :)

    • Is the babyccino free with a VIP card?

      • I think that it is free for everyone purchasing a regular coffee and, quite importantly, they understand how to make one (not burning hot because, surprise, it's for a child)
        All Coffee Clubs I've been to make free babyccino. Most places will charge about $1.50, but I've seen cafes charge the full coffee price for it.

    • 2 free babyccinos ?

      • I can't see why they wouldn't do it. I'm planning to be able to answer this question properly in 2021 :)

    • Something Similar here. I go there on weekend mornings and some weekdays, spend good time in solace planning and reading stuff. And get a takeaway for my wife on the way back. This ritual has provided immense value to me, and I had never gone to the Coffee club before getting the VIP card.
      I just renewed last month, but I dont mind not getting a deal on it :)
      Also I use the rewards app on the phone, so in addition to the free coffee everytime, you get two more free coffees from the reward points after every 10 paid coffees.

      • THIS! The rewards! I forgot to mention it! It's amazing how much it pays back. I took some friends for sandwiches and coffee once at a Coffee Club (about 6 people) and that generated credit for coffee + muffin later for me. And rewards is free membership if I am correct.

      • I've just signed up, do we have to swipe the card that gets sent in the mail for the free coffee, and scan our barcode in the app for the reward points?

        • Apparently (TCC employee told me), if you use the same email address for both the VIP card and the app, the two get linked. This means you only need to scan the barcode in the app to get both the points and the free coffee and discount food. I now only use the app.

          • @BigBirdy: Good info. Thank you

            I've done exactly that.
            I signed up for a new membership yesterday and signed up in the app using the same email address.
            However it is not working for me. I cannot see my VIP card in the app

            • @ashdays: I had the same issue, and hence consulted TCC staff who told me as I said re email. My app does not show any VIP card info, I searched high and low for how to add it, but I notice it says VIP next to “Hello (my name)!”. I don’t know if this is evidence of VIP membership, or has no meaning.
              Try making a purchase using just the app and see if you get the deal.

              • @BigBirdy: The VIP in the top right corner indicates that your VIP membership has been linked with your app.

                Sometimes it doesn't link immediately, but if you used the same email to register for both accounts, it should link within 30 minutes.

                Also, if you want to use the VIP discount immediately and get points with the app, but it hasn't linked it yet, ask the cashier to swipe your card first, then delete the card's number, and then scan the app.
                This way, you can get both VIP benefits and points as you wait for it to link.

    • Yeah we always do this too. I get 2 coffees and 2 babyccinos free. I'll usually order some hot chips as well. Great place for parents with kids.

  • surprisingly the membership benefits are valid in NZ too, have used the BOGOF hot drink no issues there

  • Brisbane just lost its Albert Street store in December 2019.

    • yep i've seen a fair few shut down over the past few years, still enough around to make this worth it though..

      • Only if a store is on your most direct route (usually to work) or you don't mind going out of your way for it.

        Regrettably, I'll probably seldom use my VIP card now my 'local' store has closed. I don't have the time in the morning and don't really consider their coffee anything special to go out of my way for.

  • are the cards transferable? can i get to a family member to use if i am not using it?

    • Yeah I've never had them check ID, the easiest way is to just get them to download the app and then log in.

  • Thanks OP. Signed up to this deal

  • Does it extend your membership for a year or restart it from today when you use the code?

  • I am a coffee nut, I got a free bday coffee here last year. This place does not deserve to be called the coffee club. Even for free I felt ripped off. awful stuff.

  • When does this code end.

  • Thanks OP. I purchased this same deal on Boxing Day 2018. Renewing it now for $12.50.

    My local Coffee Club would let me get my free coffee 20 minutes after my first when I would do some work at the cafe (i.e. didn't have to get two coffees at the same time for the freebie).

  • +6 votes

    Anyone want to meet up every weekday morning in the CBD sydney to split the cost of the coffee? $4.50 per coffee, buy one get one, $2.25 each per coffee :)

    Saving of $2.25 per coffee each, $11.25 saving weekly -> $540 saving per year for 48 weeks taking into account 4 weeks annual leave.

  • Wish this would just get you half priced coffee instead . Still a great deal though.

  • Thanks OP, my membership expires on 5th :)

  • When will this code end for people?

  • Thanks, I just now renewed my membership which had expired mid last year for $12.50.

  • Fell for the deal last year, the service and food was crap. coffee is horrible too. They have to close soon

  • Got an email that gave extra 2 months free if I renewed, and worked with this code too! Check your emails if you're due to renew soon (and you want to).