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PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership for $59.95 @ PlayStation Store


I know other retailers are doing the same deal but buying it directly from Sony will be quicker and more lazier than physically buying it from a store :)

Buy it, binge it, play it - harder better faster stronger

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    Nah, i got the sock from EBgames

    • Same

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        Put them together and you’ll have a pair!

  • Does it stack?

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      Yes which is particularly useful in winter to be wearing two pairs.

      • I felt it last night, so cold that I stacked for sure.

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    cheaper if you can get EB games giftcard at a discount (eg suncorp 8%) and you get free socks.

    • Free sox didn't fit my big feet

    • Could you use an E-Gift card? Like from RACQ?

  • Just be careful, for some reason the last time I bought a PlayStation Plus membership through PSN, my bank (NAB) charged an international transaction fee because the transaction took place in the UK or something ridiculous? I’m definitely in the AU store.

    • Did the transaction (from PSN Store) show up as AUD on your statement?

      • Yeah. It said "Playstation Network London" -$59.95 then a separate $0.60 International Transaction Fee.

        • Yeah it always does that. Been hit by it a few times when buying FIFA Points. Thankfully not falling for that waste of money ever again.

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          So it was in AUD? If that was the case then it is not an “International Transaction” as it was paid for with Australian Money not overseas money.

          • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: I only am relaying what I see - I do not know why it did what it did.

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              @astroe: You should take it up with the bank as the transaction was made in AUD and not an overseas currency.

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                @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: It doesn’t work like that. Its based on where the transaction is processed.
                “ We charge you an international transaction fee when you make a purchase or obtain a cash advance (whether in a foreign currency or Australian dollars):

                While overseas; or
                In Australia (for example online) where there is an overseas connection, as the merchant, or the financial institution or entity processing the transaction, is located overseas.”

                • @matt15: This is correct, not your bank's fault but the merchant's. Many multi-national companies do this where they may charge you in AUD but process the Payment outside of Australia. There's unfortunately no way of knowing if the merchant does this, but there are ways of avoiding it like using Paypal or using a credit card with no international transaction fees.

                  I've been disappointingly hit with this fee before by Airbnb :(

    • Always buy PS Store with domestic gift cards. Unlink your cards. I’ve had a purchase made (Fallout 4) before which I didn’t make. Already own the disc. Had to send photos of the disc to get a refund. Since then I unlinked all cards.

  • This is expired now. The 12 month has gone back to $79.95

    • Any other stores still doing it for 60?

      • Yes if you can get to Big W today.

        • I literally went to BigW today. it's $80…

          • @nuttapillar: That sucks. The catalogue says it ends today, normally that means until the end of the day.

            • @loveyoulooongtime: yeah that's what i assumed. The lady I asked had no idea about a sale for it. she even scanned it, and said it's $80

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