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12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscripton $59.95 (Was $79.95) @ Big W


Happy new year everyone :) This great offer is back again from tomorrow to the 15th of Jan.

As always, enjoy!

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    Can I stack ? I have 11months left.

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      Yeah you can have at least 3 years worth stacked

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    Happy New Year, will definitely get one as my new year resolution to play as much games in 2020 as possible.

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      not a bad resolution

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        Depends if he has the Pro with a 4k TV :)

    • Haha, good resolution!

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    Not a bad price, could be better. I'll just wait for the next PS Plus "price error" to stacks more. ;)

    • Wasn't the last price error this price though?

    • Yeah I missed out on that. I had it in the cart and everything. But I thought “I’ll get it later” thinking it was a deal they had going on

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    I thought maybe I could save a little more by using discounted Wish gift cards, but I just read that other ozbargain users couldn't buy PS+ cards with Wish cards. Just a heads up in case anyone was thinking the same thing.

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      Can't buy any gift cards with Wish cards. The system automatically declines the transaction - same result at Woollies and Big W.

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    Can you buy these from their online store as I can’t seem to find it online ?

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    Just in time. Thanks!

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    Shattered my ankle on Christmas. Need to stack up on games for a while 😂

    Great offer

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      Staying home sick & gaming just go hand in hand my friend.

  • Will jb hifi price match?

    • Don't know but EB might.

    • Can confirm. Jb Hifi at Westfield Carousel Perth price matched. Just showed the link from above.

    • Just went to JB Hi-Fi at Rundle Mall Adelaide and they couldn’t price match because they said they are just a “medium” between consumer and Sony…

      • Guess i got lucky

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    Region restriction? My ps+ is USA.

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    I've stopped playing my PS4 since Game Pass Ultimate has arrived, it is such a great price and cross platform games nearly always run and look better on One X.

    Need a new awesome PlayStation game but Death Stranding and Bikers vs Zombies don't look that great to me.

    • Not looking too hard if you can't find a few ps4 exclusives worth playing or to look forward to.

      PS4 VS xbox one x, sure.
      But I'm more than happy with the Pro performance.

      • Any suggestions?

        I have completed many of the exclusives from 2018 and earlier, just nothing in the past year has interested me, I mentioned I'm not interested in Death Stranding and Days Gone. The superior graphics and performance of the XBox One X over the PS4 Pro is noticeable, might as well play a game that has a better experience if I have both of the consoles. Since I have a gaming PC, I might as well play on that if I can, such as Detroit: Become Human.

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          Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are just 3 starring out from my gaming shelf right now without me even having to think about it.
          A number of good exclusives coming up in the new year as well, google will guide you on those.

          • @Spiderboy: Got and completed all of those before the end of 2018, great games, but nothing for me in 2019.

            • @FabMan: I don't even think there was other '19 exclusives besides Days Gone and Death Stranding
              Medievil remake and Judgement(yakuza spin off)

              • @damontyler: Medievil Remake… I might check that out. Never played a Yakuza game, seems like they have some hard core fans out there.

  • I bought this today and it scanned at full price so make sure you’re not overcharged.

  • Just bought and was a bit of a headache. Scanned full price and even a manager couldn't fix it. Paid full price and got refunded $20. Worked in the end

  • What happens to the downloaded free ps plus games when the subscription expires?

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      You lose the ability to play them. But whenever you renew ps+ you get all previously redeemed games again.

      • Hmm so it's essentially a rental service.

        • Originally it was paying to access online multiplayer, the games are just a 'bonus' to most.

  • Manager could not amend the price error and was advised to come back tomorrow

  • Any idea if you can lay-buy or afterpay this?.
    I have the money, but this months 'free' games don't interest me. So I wanna hold off till next month in the hopes it's better

    • I believe you can just purchase this and redeem in the future, no need to redeem it straight away :)

      • Correct.

  • This wasn't marked on the shelf but it scanned in at 59.95

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Grabbed 3,thanks poster.

  • JB have now dropped their price down to $59.95 as well.


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    PlayStation Store Australia dropped the price now $59.95. Until 13 of January 2020.

  • "to the 15th of Jan"
    It's still the 15th, but BigW is now charging $80..

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