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[BF] Free Burrito for All RFS Volunteers and Emergency Workers, and Their Families at Guzman Y Gomez 18-19 January 2020


Taken from the Facebook page.

Not all heroes wear capes. Our RFS and emergency workers in Australia are our heroes. Like everyone we have been devastated watching the bushfires destroy so many of our beautiful communities in Australia. GYG would like to invite all RFS volunteers and emergency workers, and their families to any GYG nationally on 18-19 January to have a burrito on us. Simply come in uniform or show your ID and your family is our family for the day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The world all over are watching you and are in awe of you all. We hope and pray the bushfires have calmed down a little by then. 💛💛💛#thankyou #australianfires #vicrfs #sarfs #nswfires #rfs

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  • Shame it doesn't seem to include Ambulance, could already taste that free ritto

  • This is just a shameless marketing ploy riding on the current tragedy. Seriously, majority of RFS volunteers and their family are the victims of bush fire themselves, they are evacuating and by 18-19 January hopefully the fires is dying down they will be busy getting back home, and gyg expect them to come to to their store on that specific date to pick up their free buritto? That’s insulting. There are many ways for company to get involved, marketing during tragedy is cheap move. Guess who shamelessly running political ads right now?

    • The other option is they do nothing. Would that be preferable?

      • Pretty much. They get all the PR for free without giving out much at all.

        • stupid ass dates

        • They are giving something away for free and still people find reasons to complain…Have you donated hundreds of items of food? Isn't it ok that they get PR out of it? Or should they do a highly targeting marketing campaign to those affected that in and of it self would take many hours and dollars to set up just so those high and mightly people of the world don't call it a pure PR campaign? Get a grip and find something else to complain about…

          • @SelfMade: It's disingenuous - an empty gesture that very few of those they're supposedly supporting will be able to access that's seemingly more about gaining exposure than actually doing anything.

      • +10 votes

        They could donate the amount they expect this campaign to cost them. A large company donating about $150 would be quite pathetic.

      • +12 votes

        As above - it's just free marketing. Exploiting a horrific situation for free publicity? They should be helping now. What do they expect, the volunteers and those who are affected just to stop what they are doing to go to their local GYG for food?

        If they really wanted to help, I'm sure they could find a way to get a van to delivery burritos to those assisting in the heart of the terror. Or give them a coupon which they can redeem at a time where they are not helping others.

      • The other better option would be ‘do more’. Who cares about a stupid burrito?

        • Why are they obliged to do more though? They can choose to do nothing and it just doesn't feel right that them doing nothing would result in less criticism than them doing this.

          I totally get how it feels like a cheap marketing ploy (and it probably is), but it's a business making a business decision… As opposed to a business being a charity?

      • The other option is them estimating the cost of this promo and donating it in some form or allowing volunteer employees to get paid days off for volunteering that is equivalent to this cost. I really hate this trend of only doing charity for the camera/media.

        • An enormous proportion of charity is done for the camera/media - the vast majority of people are inherently somewhat selfish.

          I don't think the millions of people in need who benefit from that really care too much about whether you hate it or not…

    • Couldn't agree with you more. This is just a marketing ploy. If they really cared there would be a free burrito now. Unfortunately I can't neg this deal

    • What would you do at a time like this if you were CEO of a national franchise?

      • FInd a way to use the loyalty program to give them the burrito instead of making it a specific day.

        Organize a portable Guzman Y Gomez portable / mobile food truck (or more) and go INTO the regions to distribute food (once it's safe of course)

        Commit to opening a G&G in a regional area that was affected (e.g. Eden or Nowra or Albury or.. ) where you didn't have one earlier

        Make a donation on behalf of the company (and create a program within your company to collection donations and donate personally into it) for RFS support specifically

        There's a lot of things a CEO could do that would get positive marketing and would be 'real' and meaningful

        • +7 votes

          I have sent a link to this comment to their contact email :)

          • @sep1: Do you know how helpful that is? Had a similar email sent to me that I did act upon without notifying the user. You're message will be read and hopefully going to the staffer it needs to.

        • I reckon the mobile\pop-up GYG is the best option if they really want to have a go.
          A limited menu of product to keep process cost down, and get suppliers to donate ingredients to minimise impact.

          And only advertise it locally, all these companies doing the "we'll donate $X if you buy X product" are simply looking for publicity. I would NEVER contribute to such.

          Just donate privately, no need to advertise it for commercial gain.

    • How many of their stores are in the rural areas? How many hours of the day do you need to travel to get to your closest store? Hats off to them for offering, but it is a tax right off and marketing ploy. Better to say for every meal you buy we give 20% to the various charities who need the money.

    • +10 votes

      +ve vote from me

      There's obviously a PR angle. AND there is some community goodwill being extended. I get a sense that most of the OzB hate, here, is from people who cannot take advantage of the offer. So….out goes the baby with with bathwater.

      I can see some logic for forward-dating the offer AND the benefit to those who might benefit.

      The company I work for has many staff currently on paid leave to do volunteer fire-fighting. Most of them are still deployed in fire zones OR are now at home recovering and/or taking some extra leave to catch-up with family. These people live in rural/semi-rural towns around Sydney and Melbourne (less than an hour from the CBD) and will probably get a kick from taking their kids out for a feed at GYG's expense when they can relax a little.

      Look at the numbers here…

      • 70,000 NSW RFS volunteers
      • 4,500 NSW ambo staff
      • 20,000 NSW police staff
      • 12,000 NSW Fire and Rescue cardholders
      • 10,000 NSW State Emergency Service

      ….with 47 GYG stores in NSW. If only 20% of these people take up the offer and bring just one person along with them, that's more than 23,000 items they will need to stock-up for and to have sufficient staff on hand to meet demand. The logistics of making that happen via a network of small franchisees shouldn't be under-estimated.

      So is the new norm here on OzBargain to downvote anything with brand/PR upside associated with a deal? Game on.

      • How many stores are near a fire

        • Feel free to do this analysis yourself.

          My point was that they have stores where thousands of emergency services staff/volunteers live and work. Not all of these people live in/adjacent to the firegrounds.

          I live and work in inner-city Sydney. My next door neighbour spent more than two weeks doing volunteer RFS work up on the NSW mid-morth coast. He will be able to choose from half a dozen GYG stores withing a 5km radius of home. Same for plenty of my work colleagues who live in/around metro Sydney who have were called-up by SES and RFS over the last six weeks.

    • Sounds more like your salty because your not getting a free burrito. Seriously how did this comment get so many + vote Tightasses

  • Thought Dick Smith was making a comeback for a minute there.

  • Hopefully they go easy on the rice and be less stingy on the meat. Doubt it though..

    • This is why every time I order from there I say less rice more meat. Otherwise you'll just get a mouthful of (profanity) rice

  • And bonus offer! Don't forget to post a selfie of you eating your Guzman Y Gomez burrito in front of a house on fire and we put you in the running to win a voucher for a free serving of corn chips with the purchase of any burrito and drink combo. Voucher must be redeemed within 7 days.

  • Who can say not free 🌮?

  • +11 votes

    Shameless. Perhaps they could simply donate the funds? No way to up-sell a drink then.

  • organising buritto vans to areas in need seems like it would be a better solution

  • I'm in two minds about this.
    It's a nice gesture yes. But why have it only for those two days?

  • Gyg buritos are only worth a starter Sim.

  • I won't neg it and give them benefit of the doubt, but boy oh boy the conditions for a specific date smell like a half baked marketing stunt.

    • +3 votes

      a half baked marketing stunt.

      It is… otherwise they’d just donate money.

      • It is… otherwise they’d just donate money.

        Not sure about that. There can be more money in their burritos if the cash donation goes back to food stores. Suppose each burrito costs $5 to make and sells for $10. A $10 cash donation buys you one burrito (or one meal elsewhere) whilst a food donation costing them $10 gives you two burritos.

  • -1 vote

    Do they have to pay full price for drinks?

  • Please donate to fire fighters or any org supporting the rescue mission.

    This appears to be a cheap PR ploy which is even more insulting.

    If you wanna serve free food, go to their place and offer - that will get you my thumbs up.

    • it's a pretty standard stunt or goodwill gesture being blown up because it is on ozbargain. Nothing wrong with it….lots n lots of businesses doing it. Maybe it's a stunt but it is also showing some appreciation. I'm in 'watch n act' zone, half the town evacuated yet many businesses staying open and offering free food to emergency staff but the main purpose is to show solidarity for those in the community despite the lack of customers.

  • I would consider upvoting this but they have to go down to the store dressed in uniform???? Kind of 'hey what a cool publicity stunt. Get people dressed in RFS uniforms eating at our store and we will give them a burrito worth $1"

    I reckon by this date if the fires are under control you'd need to be offering me a carton of Bollinger champagne to put my uniform back on again…..certainly not for a frikking burrito

  • Celebrities offering 1/2 mil and a tin pot biz a burrito.

    Isn’t it both offering what they can afford to the cause ?

    BTW both made sure they got publicity!

  • estúpidas fechas de culo

  • Well Emergency workers and others can easily afford burritos. Load of freshly made burritos in a Van go to the affected site and help people there. No one is going to drive to your freaking store for a free burrito.

  • As mentioned above - cheap PR ploy

  • +3 votes

    Ugh…shameless marketing attempt.

  • ive been an RFS member for 2 year sand never had a ID card to prove it. How can I prove I am one besides photos of me on the fire ground?

  • Nice of them to offer something to the community. If you don't like the deal, just ignore it and move on

  • Only for fire fighters what about all the 100s of poor buggers that have just lost everything having the entirety of their possessions destroyed, sadly they are not eligible for this deal.

    Imagine attempting to fight as fire engulfs your house but you are fighting a losing battle the wind is too strong and the flames too ferocious you end up losing everything but escaping with your life. The RFS couldn't come this time they where to busy elsewhere sadly though you are not an RFS volunteer or emergency worker and therefore are not eligible for a free burrito. Meanwhile Tony Abbott being an RFS volunteer is able to take his Mrs and 3 daughters out for a free burrito.

    Imo if they are really trying to make a positive impact they should just donate a percentage of the profits for a day to the overall bushfire effort. And make sure the money gets where it needs too the communities that have been destroyed as well as the fire fighters out in the field.