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[BF] Free Step One Underwear for Bushfire Victims and Firefighters


Free underwear for Bushfire victims and firefighters (mentioned in one of the comments in the post)

Copy from facebook post:

Step One wants to Step up and help as many victims impacted by the current Bush Fires as soon as possible by supplying some new Step Ones.

We know that many people are in need of items and fresh underwear is one of them. We'd like to donate cartons of Step Ones to refuge or community centres across >affected areas.

If you, or someone you know is affected, and have a contact in one of these centres please get in touch with us as below:

  1. EMAIL [email protected]
  2. Include

- Your full name
- Name/Town of affected
- Approx # of people in need
- Refuge or Community Centre address
- Refuge/Community Centre -Contact mobile number & email

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected and hope that we can help ease some distress.


The Step One Team - Greg, Blythe, Andrew, Zac & Milan

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  • +11 votes

    Righteous comments incoming…

  • inb4 the idiots that say this should be "Targetted"

  • I dont have facespace so i cant, but if someone was to tell them to google donations, or relief and the name of one of the regions they would get heaps of groups capable of distributing within that region, or get good contacts wider afield.

    Eden, Batemans Bay, Ulladulla, Gippsland, Mallacoota… Seems Bega Valley is kicking off now…

  • Added to the Disaster Relief wiki page.

  • Actually wouldnt mind trying a pair of these, the chaffing on the fire ground walking up and down the hills is really F***ing annoying.

    • I bought a pair last year to try their like it or it's free offer, now I only wear their long trunks - I find them really comfortable. They'll definitely still ride up depending on your shape but I'm a big guy with fat legs and by far they're the best I've used.

    • Actually wouldnt mind trying a pair of these…

      Marketing Campaign: SUCCESSFUL!

    • i've got a couple of pairs, they're pretty bloody great actually. Expensive, but definitely worth it imo

    • I bought their 15 pairs for 45% off deal a while back.. They're brilliant. I'd happily recommend them to anyone.

  • Hmmmmm… can’t help but feel this is more of a marketing ploy using the bushfires as an excuse for karma, rather than a genuine offer. It’d be more meaningful to provide money from their proceeds as a donation to bushfire fighting efforts/victims who need to rebuild their lives.

    Having firies walking around in Step One undies (the company would love an Insta pic of that I’m sure) is more valuable to their brand than a quiet financial donation (which would actually be more useful to everyone).

    Using the bushfires to capitalise on their brand is in poor taste, and it’s starting to happen now disappointingly.

    • I wonder, do they get to claim the RRP of the underwear when they donate it for tax purposes?

      • You wouldn't think so. Would be a dodgy way to make a tax deduction, say the goods cost $100 and had a RRP of $1000, they would get a $275 back (27.5% company tax rate) and make money from the tax office.

        NB I'm not an accountant and not impying that StepOne sell their undies at that markup.

    • Would probably be cheaper for them to provide the underwear than a money donation equivalent of the underwear. I’d assume it would be more worthwhile if they did bulk donations to the local charities and get them to distribute them.

      1. You’re assuming they haven’t made a quite donation, because they didn’t tell you about it.
      2. The idea that these companies can only do good without being judged if it’s completely altruistic is stupid. If they’re willing to give thousands of dollars worth of their product to firefighters and firefighters can use them… why discourage them by complaining that money would be better?

      The fire fighters I’ve talked to while delivering food, water and toiletries were washing themselves with hand sanitiser because they didn’t have anything else.. I imagine they’d be pretty happy about getting some fresh undies to throw into the rotation. People that have lost everting but the clothes on their backs, even more so.

  • +4 votes

    I have wanted to buy step ones lately, I sweat wayyy too much down there. This is making me pull the trigger. What legends.

    • They're a great product.. These and the 5.11 boxer briefs are about the best options I've found.

  • bought a 10 pack of these over a year ago and been wearing them daily. They are ridiculously over-priced for what you get. And the fact that they say their brand of trunks/boxers never ride up is a pure lie and false marketing, my trouser legs have been riding up day one from just normal walking, sitting, driving etc. Just think about it, to have them not ride up, how tight they have to be to not do that, you'll probs lose blood circulation to your legs in the process. But what I
    can say is they're leaps and bounds better than all the normal cotton/fabric based underwear you buy from shops due to the slick feel, they're basically glorified lycras, nothing more.

    • Just buy some compression tesla underwear. Shit's great.

    • All 10 pairs of undies daily? I knew I was wearing 'em wrong.

    • bought a 10 pack of these over a year ago and been wearing them daily.

      well there's your first problem mate. You're only supposed to wear one pair at a time. I wear only one pair at a time and they never ride up at all. I hate how much they cost, but credit where credit's due, they're fantastic.

    • I've never had these ride up personally. They've been a great product so far. I do think that the price I got them at in the 15 pair deal is closer to what their normal price should be.

  • i have about 20+ pairs of these. excellent product and way better than anything else ive used. if you get the sizing bang on these are excellent regarding ride up etc. not perfect but way better than other brands. do have to say though that i think paying about $15 each is about what they are worth so its worth getting the bulk/sale pack.

    customer service is A+. i had an issue with 2 pairs 6 months after use and they were replaced with no hassles. i wouldnt use another brand now, only these.

  • All I can say its a good initiative by the company, not their fault that they sell undergarments. Thats what they can provide, unless someone wants something else which cannot be a deal breaker.

  • +2 votes

    There is a company in Thailand who must manufacturer these underwear for them

    They have 60% off sales often and the undies are identical to the stepone… Same factory … Only difference was the size tag I was large in step one and xl in perfect underwear.

    I paid 11aud per pair (6 pairs) last month .

    Stepone are terrible in customer service and full of poop.

    • Ive found step ones customer service to be great. Although I'm always interested in where the supplier is based. How do you know it's the same factory?

      By the looks of it, unless you get 60% plus off, they're more than step ones, with limited colours.

    • Why could you possibly need their customer service when buying their Underwear online? lol
      I love Step One's Underwear.

      • “I bought a 15 pack and tried each and every one of them on. They’re a little snug, and I’d like to swap them for three sizes bigger”. :p

    • Cheers will give it a try, WELCOME50 for 50% off


  • Interestingly if they were serious about this..given they need money they'd just make an anonymous monetary donation…or even donate the items anonymously.

    Funny how some companies get grilled for using disasters as marketing…but these guys haven't.

    • Maybe hey have made a donation .. and being anonymous we would not know.

      Of course it would be easy to send the items without the need to email etc, but where would they send them to, how many of what sizes etc?
      It makes sense they are doing it that way, it 1. stops people who are not entitled from ripping them off (hence getting the refuge/centre details) and 2. allows them to send only what is needed.

      People getting up in arms about this being a marketing promotion and using disasters as an excuse are seen as pathetic this end, they could have sat back and not done anything (as most companies, and no judgement this end for not getting involved) but here they are helping out with the product they have, and it could as easily be that the owners are effected by what they see and want to help, and (most) people need underwear, so hey why not get it out to them with a product they stock.

      What I find sad is so many people complain when someone does something, yet possibly have not given a cent themselves.

      It has really encouraged me to see so many businesses get behind helping those who need it during these disasters, its the true Aussie spirit. (unlike questioning motivations rather than being excited when seeing more people and companies are out there giving a helping hand)

    • Lucky there’s always someone around to complain about free items going to people in need. It’s important that we discourage any altruism that doesn’t meet our specific requirements.

  • bought like 6 pairs of these the other week. Amazing! Cant wear any other undies now.
    Good on them.

  • I have respect for Step One after the founder of the company responded very professionally to a hack discovered on their website.