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JB Hi-Fi 160GB PlayStation 3 with 2 Games + HDMI Cable for $349 from 22/08/11


much better than EBgames' $2 off rrp
since you get a couple of extra stuff worth about $40 or so

anyway unless you really want the game
buy a 160GB one and upgrade the HDD with the extra money.

You should be able to upgrade your HDD up to 1TB if you need it (but make sure it's 9.5mm in thickness not 12mm and it is 2.5" HDD)

There might be better deals coming out after a little while. But this is the best one so far

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    Ill be waiting for the $299 Deal ;)


    I just bought the 320G in JB Hi Fi for $599 on 07/08/11, less than 2 weeks~~~
    Dear all, is it possible to get the difference refund from JB? I know when the ipad decrease the price, people can get the difference back~~~
    Really upset~~~

    • -1 vote

      probably not, i know dick smith have a 14day policy + the Good guys have 21days i think. but i dont think JB would, there rip-offs all-round

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      What's the term and condition on the receipt?
      If you haven't open I think you can return within 30 days.

      Also find this from their online store.

      Please choose carefully as JB Hi-Fi will not provide you with a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind.

      So best don't give that reason when you return. Maybe a gift for brother already had? I'm sure other Ozbargainers can come up with a better one.


        Thanks guys~ I dont think i can get the refund Just bad luck~~
        Need to do fully research before buying those electronic stuff in the future~~~
        Price down is common, but $150 is not expected by me~~~
        But anyway, it is a good news for people who have not got ps3~~


          u have the 320GB, this price is for the 160GB, did ur bundle come with games and accs… ?


          Can't you buy another from whereever is cheap and then refund the new one with the old receipt?

    • +1 vote

      Hi guys thanks for your ideas.I have got the difference refunded by JB.. I did not make any excuse or doggy thing, just tell them the truth of the unfairness of the price suddenly dropped down. Luckily i met a nice manager and he refund me straight away.

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    Mel - did you pay with a gold or platinum credit card? you might be able to claim difference from mastercard/visa for the price drop. its purchase protection feature of gold/platinum cards. standard cards usually dont come with this though.


    so I guess xbox will go down now

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      i hope so too, waiting on a good xbox deal so i can play their exclusives. Currently have a phat ps3 that i bought for $700 2 years ago!!


    I really wish we could make our own bundles. I mean; most everyone is going to want the 160G but with Infamous 1/2 and a second controller. Why do they force us to have garbage we're not going to play/use.

    Me: Guy waiting for PS3 and XBOX 360 to both go down or get a really good bundle.


      I disagree with your choice of games, but I did note tha JBs 320gb bundle includes Infamous 2. I already own a PS3 and have many of the old games already so i've not seen a bundle that grabs my fancy as yet, so being able to tailor a bundle would be ideal. I wonder how many current PS3 owners will be tempted to buy a 2nd due to this price cut. Bundling GT5 ought to tempt quite a few of us.


    Seems like a pretty good deal. I got a 250gb from the eBay Big Deal about a year ago for $449.


    this seems to be one of the better deals. i was just in jb hifi getting a wii for my neice and saw the 160gb for $328, but i think that was standalone, no extras. so $20 more for a few extras is ok, but i would be trading them. and hdmi cables are $7 or so, well the ones i use between devices to my receiver, so good if you dont have hdmi, but most of us most likely do.


    Buy the 320 gb, sell the games on ebay, pre order arkham city. Sounds like a good bundle there.


    Why such a huge regional price difference?

    or Why does Sony hate Australians so much? or

    Why does Sony think Australians are so stupid?

    According to http://kotaku.com/5831417/ps3-price-drops-to-249-effective-n...

    the us dollar price for a 320gb is now 299!

    So why is $400+ a good deal exactly for a 320gb ps3 now?


    Wow thats a big drop in price so cheap, I'm going to purchase a second PS3


    $298 @ Big W w/o games/cable.

    $284 with staff discount

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