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PlayStation 3 160GB Console $298 at BigW from Today (22/08/2011)


hi!ps3 160GB console $298 at bigw from today.much better offer than elsewhere.if you are so busy to visit bigw you can order it from online as well.delivery charge is $7 Australia-wide.have a good day and happy shopping my fellow ozbargainers.

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  • +15

    :O Ozbargainers predictions were spot on! It did come down to <$300

    • Were there any guesses on matching XBOX 360 drops?

      I'm also a bit conflicted about whether to buy now or wait until Xmas, when I want to upgrade to a Sony HDTV; in case they do a bundle like last year.

    • wait til xmas for this price it will budle with 2 games… that's my prediction :D

    • Shame Blu-ray is still such a bag of hurt.

  • I'm most certain Harvey Norman are doing this price too, it's such a good price if you don't already have one.

    • yeah, just saw it on a t.v advertisement @$299

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        and playtv is only $78…

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    Try to find somebody that works at bigw/woolies/dicksmith for an extra 5% off using their staff discount cards.

    • +15

      use force choke if you have to

    • Also if you can pick up the gift cards at 5% off you are laughing.

      Very cheap price - 5% staff discount - 5% for paying with gift card = win

    • 10% staff discount this weekend folks!

      • +1

        too bad it starts tomorrow.

  • What firmware would these most likely have?

    • +38

      Not the one you're looking for

      • This isn't the firmware you're looking for.

  • Holy dooley thats a good buy.

  • +3

    An additional 5% off if you price match at Dick Smith using their "Price Beat Promise Guarantee" policy.

    • Can u link to where it says anything about beating by 5%
      All i can find on their site is this: http://www.tandy.com.au/help/price-matching-content
      Which just says they will match the better price.

    • -1

      Dick Smith don't do price beat!

      • +2

        They sure do!

        Just take a look at the many advert posters hanging on the ceiling around their stores OR you check by looking at the brochures at the registers.

        Here's a link which was cleverly hidden on their site:


        • If they do they only beat it by 1c or maybe $1 if you're lucky.
          Where does it say 5%?

        • They have a pamphlet in store which says exactly 5% (or was it 10%… not 100% sure).

      • DSE do price match but they will beat it buy 5% of the price diffrence so if its $300 at bigw and $350 there you would get 5% of $50 so an extra $2.50 off

    • Hirokuro is right, and from memory Dick Smith beats a deal by 10% of the difference between the two prices. However, I don't think all stores abide by this.. Dick Smith Powerhouse Macquarie sure doesn't do this.

  • +3

    EB not happy

    • +21

      Since when have EB been ahead of the pricing curve.

      • +12

        They sent me an email alerting me of a ps3 price crash. Ozbargain just alerted me of a real crash.

        Reminds me, I've got to unsubscribe from the EB email.

        • EB has price matching policy too, however, they cheat by only offering packaged PS3s.. ie PS3 bundle with 2 or 3 games.. so no other shops offers the same package, hence they don't need to price match.

  • +2

    Price match + 5% less at… wait, oh darn, not this time. If only games consoles were a staple part of the office place :-P

    • you can start a trend

  • Just saw this on shack news. but not sure if that is US prices or AU price.

    Maybe wait another month and you'll get it for $250.

    • $250 is the new US retail price. $298 here is a steal!

      • +3

        $298 is not a steal. Its a normal discount. $250 will be closer to a steal. And $200 will be a steal. :p

        • Agreed, not really a bargain because this is just the new retail price I assume. But TY poster for the alert :)

        • $250 is new US price. Australia =/ US, I rather pay the extra $50 to remain debt free

        • +3

          Also official EU price is €250, which according to a .72 exchange rate comes to about $347. Seeing how we are in the same bluray region as Europe, I would say that our pricing should be similar to that of Euro countries rather than the US, where everything is subsidized and everything is generally cheaper due to a variety of reasons

        • It will be interesting to watch some eBay listings to see what used ones will go for now.

  • +4

    5% Price match discount + 5% staff discount + $50 AMEX rebate from Harveys = $218.95
    Now that's what I'm talking about.

    • can you pls provide more details

    • +2

      5% Price match discount

      HOW? or you just dreaming?

  • damnit, right when im trying to sell my used 40gb for $300..

    • +9

      You can still do it. I sold my 40GB in January this year for $400 and bought the 160GB from Harvey Norman for $398.

      Ebayers are generally quite stupid, thankfully.

  • Is 160GB adequate? How does this compare to the previous deals which included games?

    • if you need to ask, yes, you can always backup and update later

    • +2

      Yeah, I have heaps of games and the hard drive space has never been a problem for me. I don't think I'm even half full, yet.

    • +1

      I filled up my 120gb after about a year by which time I had downloaded loads of PSN demos, several PSN games, and had dozens of games installed.

      I have movies and MP3s on an external hard drive, plugged into the PS3.

      I installed a 500gb hard drive about 6 months ago, because I kept having to delete game installs and demo downloads, and I've not had any issues so far, after having continued to install dozens more games.

      So I'd say 160gb is perfectly fine for a good while, and by the time you get to fill it you'll be able to buy a 500gb, or higher, for not too much money. I wouldn't get a 320gb one myself, don't see the point.

      Do we know if GAME and or EB will price match this? GAME woudn't price match the DSE 3DS $199 price, but EB would after calling in to a manager - so I think it depends on who you speak to and how helpful they want to be. It'd be handy if GAME were to match this one.

    • Kmeaw cough no

    • It is probably quite adequate for most purposes EXCEPT if you use it a lot with Play TV and record Full-HD programs - I find even the 320GB isn't enough for me :)

  • Maybe wait for $250? Or go for it tomorrow?

    • -1

      It won't go below $298. I'm not in retail but I'd say that $298 is the cost price, or perhaps 5% or so below cost. At the retail $349 the retailers will be making some margin, but not much. You can see there's room for movement because of the JB bundle. But there's definitely not more than $50 being made here. So I'd be quite sure that $298 is the lowest we'll see, and that that is most likely a loss leader so BigW can pull some punters in store.

      • Flash back to a year ago and people were saying the same thing about the $500 price tag.

      • +2

        i think thats where ur wrong. The proce drop is from sony. So they have obviously reduced the retailers cost price too. Remember the PS3 is a 5 year old PC. Cost of production have dropped. Would you still buy a 5 yr old PC? The most expensive part of the PS# used to be the bluray drive. these days thats not much. Also sony tries to make their profits off the games not the actual console. so they sell it to retailers at near cost price.

        • i understasnd what youre trying to say and its right logic. but the cost of production hasnt fallen. merely the highly inflated price has been reduced. it's highly priced at the beginning to recoup all their r&d and justified but as time goes on….

        • PS4 is due anytime soon according to a little birdie. Each playstation has had 5 to 6 years to be superceded, and with high end PC graphics leaving consoles in the dust, you can figure the inflated value of the PS3 has very little time left indeed.

    • I don't know why my previous comments were negged so much. Perhaps they were misunderstood. Sure, the PS3 will fall in price again in the future, in the same manner that all technology products fall in price over time, but not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, probably not next year.

      The price drop has reduced the retail price to $349. That's a significamt price drop and one that will probably result in the intended upturn in sales. It will not drop further in the short term.

      My point to the person asking the question is yes, go buy it tomorrow unless you want to wait 18 months or so.

      • I agree, I think you're completely right that Big W would be making little to no money on this.

        Fact is if someone posted a deal for 249 someone would come in and say 'I'm waiting for it to be $199!'

        Best anyone could hope for I think is maybe some $299 bundles around xmas.

        But hey, I've been wrong before.

  • Does this come with a wireless controller included?

    • +1

      Of course it does. Standard package includes console, wireless controller, av cables and manual.

      • Didn't the 360 come with a wired controller at one point.

        • +1

          yes, BUT… so what?

    • +16

      no. they give you a game console with no way to play the games.

      • +5

        Read the fineprint: console not included.

  • +1

    Yeah I knew it would come with a controller I just wasn't sure if the wireless controller is standard. Shows how much I know about consoles. I mainly want it to use as a 3d bluray player.

  • How does this compare to JB Hifi's deal? Obviously 50 bucks cheaper but no games or hdmi cable?

  • +2

    ALL you YLOD…..bugger repair time to buy new or just have backup lying around……Big question is whats the FIRMWARE on it? ;)

    • +2

      Wildesy 2 hours 27 min ago

      Not the one you're looking for

  • +1

    HN have just matched the deal on TV, nothing on the web as yet.

    PS3 160g @ $299
    Play TV @ $78

    • +4

      still $1 cheaper at BW :)

      • Does anyone have a full copy of that page or the catalog as I cant find it online and want to know the other specials in it and on that page

        • should be in your junk mails letter box as I got it today.

  • With this new pricing scheme, I might as well not get a bluray player anymore!

    • can you explain? I am yet to see your logic about this?

      • Think he means it's cheaper to just get a PS3 rather than a standalone Bluray player.

    • +18

      congrats mate.. take it to a forum that cares.

        • insert the 70s show burn comment* lol
    • cool story bro

  • +2

    Officeworks Y U no sell PS3?

    • -2

      Maybe Google Officeworks.

  • -1

    i have a feeling the ps3 is gonna be outdated soon.
    then ps4 will come around

    agree with a post above about this being 5 yrs old

    most of the new games are struggling to play on ps3.
    alot of the details have been turned down.
    portal2/crysis/black ops

    prob a good deal for those who want to play some games on the platform now though

    • absolutely right, however your comment will most likely not get much support outside of an audience knowledgable on where PC graphics are at now.
      To illustrate this perhaps a link to a graphics card comparison image and pointing out what the PS3 FPS performance is equivelent to ie 9800.

  • +6

    I guess Sony can now start airing these U.S. TV commercials in Australia now :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV8QM04Cg_U

  • +3

    It looks like this is the new standard price - no need to rush out and buy one. May as well wait and see what competition brings in terms of bundles.

  • My 40gb got ylod…does the 160gb / all new ps3s still get this problem or has Sony solved it/new design not affected?

    • Different models, different problems, take care of your gear and ylod shouldn't be an issue, but anyone can get it

  • bundles should be rolling off soon..

  • Anyone noticed that this ad actually comes from Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria) as from the top left hand corner? Wondering if this deal is valid in NSW ?

    • Yes, it was in the Sunday Telegraph today - page 24

  • Would Xbox 360 Prices drop or would they remain the same?

    • they did drop on the 4gb kinect bundles to $249 on certain locations in Australia.

      this would be the expected price by christmas.

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