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ASUS Radeon RX 5700 TUF Gaming X3 8GB for $459 + $16 Shipping (Normally $629) @ Mwave


Been scouring the world for a cheap RX 5700, and alas - here it is at $459. Shipping looks to be around $16. The deal seems to have started today (8/01) and runs through til the 12th.

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    This is ment to be the worst 5700xt on the market.
    Would do a google search on card. Cooling issues


    • its not an XT .. is the non XT the same?

      • No there is a performance difference between both of these cards. You can view in game FPS on youtube between different cards for probably the best IRL comparison.

        • I think he means in terms of cooling issues is this one the same

        • oh i meant in terms of the cooling issue's .. sorry should have been cleared :) i know the difference between the cards

          • @scud70: The cooler design is exactly the same as the XT, so yes the memory cooling issue is still there.

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              @KARMAAA: yep found a review, posted it below, not as BAD as the XT but pretty crap lol

      • its the DDR6 that's not cooled the GPU itself ok.

      • The non xt is worse afaik. Instead of minimal vram cooling, it has none (iirc)

    • Well OP did say alas…

      Video shows the XT version which is a pretty different card, though extrapolate what you will from it being the same brand/series.

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        seems to be a theme with the 5700 series … so far only the Sapphire brand of the cards have ok out of the box cooling from what i've read/seen… this is beside the AMD driver issue's which is also another thing to be mindful of… wish AMD would get something going at high-end of the market these Nvidia prices are insane specially here in Aus :(

        • It's not quite that awful. Powercolor and Gigabyte are also decent and the XFX cards have some issues but not as dire. Even the MSI gaming X card is fine. But this TUF is probably one of a few cards which should be avoided

        • Nah this is an Asus issue.
          They did it with the 1660ti TUF as well. Saved themselves about $5 in metal for temps that are 15-20 degrees higher…

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      Yes, people please avoid this TUF cooler from Asus, regardless of XT or Non XT version, this has one of the worse cooler performance, hands down.

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    I would watch some of the reviews on this particular before buying it. it is probably the worst non-reference 5700 xt there, unless youre binning the cooler and putting an AIO on it and get some active cooling for the VRM

    Edit: I was thinking the 5700xt. This isnt the XT so maybe it isnt so bad.

    • Afaik it's the worst period. Even the reference runs better.

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    Supposedly the worst 5700 XT model, wouldn't risk. It's a really good price but I wouldn't risk it since theres many reports of the cards failing due to overheating memory.

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    Here is a specific review for this NON XT version link seems to display similar thermal issue's.

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    That HUB review must have really tanked the sales of this stinker.


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    This thing runs hotter than a GTX 480 in darwin.

    • lol nice analogy

  • this card does not have very good reviews :( but good find OP

  • As awesome as that price is, the card is a model I'd strongly recommend avoiding. It's VRAM cooling ranges from minimal to no existent and odds are it ends up like the vega gigabyte cards.

    Even if you're lucky enough for that not to happen, it'll run at boiling point as loud as a jet engine. And, mind, a card that hot and loud in Aus is an awful combo. I wouldn't be suprised if you saw thermal throttling.

    • 20% off means the price puts it at a similar level to (checks MSY) a 1660Ti
      would you still get it at that price, or just get the Ti?

      • I'd really wait for sales if possible. Should be able to get a reference for this price with a decent sale.

        Just between those 2 it's rough. The 5700 is way better, but when the model is awful I'd be disinclined to recommend it.

        Might just have to check the reviews on it amd see if the negatives outweigh the positives for you.

  • Almost all 5700/5700xt models have 'serious problems' according to tech reviewers and community. Even the strix 5700xt which is supposed to be the premium model. Don't know why people bother with these cards when they still have serious driver issues.

  • Yeah this card has serious design flaws. This is because the mounting screws for the over-sized heat-sink is inadequate, resulting in a loose heat-sink contact.

    Besides the 5700 XT runs hot to begin.

  • Is it strictly just the cooler that is the issue? Have a spare NZXT Kraken X61 AIO and G12 bracket I can re-use.

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